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And here are some for Peter Bergting

Posted by RiotMinds (Creator)

We reached out to Peter Bergting, the lead artist in Carta Monstrorum and asked a few questions. Here goes!

Hi Peter,

RM. You’ve been working with RiotMinds on LexOccultum (previous Götterdämmerung) from the very start. In fact, you helped RiotMinds set the tone, and universe from the very start. What do you think is the most interesting part with the universe?

PB. I think the fact that it was so dark, and that a lot of what we consider modern mythology was spawned in that era. We can still connect mentally to being there and put ourselves in the shoes of the characters.

I can recommend the book Man and his Superstitionsby Carveth Read for instance, it’s a great read. This sense of paranoia and that demons, ghosts and witches lurked around every corner. I just found out today that one of my ancestors, a priest no less, was accused of witchcraft for having made a farmer split an oak so that he could drag his sick firstborn son through the trunk several times to cure him.

RM. You’ve done tons and tons of stuff. You’ve done your own things as well as working with Hellboy-stuff, and a lot of other things, and now back to LexOccultum again illustrating Carta Monstrorum. What’s your take, what do you envision?

PB. It’s been a long time since I worked on ”Götter” and as you say, I ‘ve worked on a lot of stuff in the meantime, and I hope I can bring that experience to LexOccultum. Certainly the game has grown up as well and it feels more “mature” now, more like a universe of its own. 

RM. Speaking about monsters. What’s your favorite monster in all categories? 

PB. There are too many, really. From the book I would say zombie. I know its a boring choice but it has always been one of my favorite monsters, the dead coming back. A close second would be the ghost, and again for the same reason but perhaps a bit more tragic than a zombie.


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