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A stunning iPhone casing sporting a powerful solar cell, incredibly smart electronics, wrapped in solid aluminum plus one cool iOS app.
427 backers pledged $61,575 to help bring this project to life.

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Finally, the refunds went through the system.


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Important Project Update

Dear SolMate Backers,

We are reaching out to you today to let you know that due to reasons we are unable to disclose, we are canceling our project on Kickstarter. We will be issuing a full refund to all backers within the next few days.
We wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support and evangelism. It was an amazing learning experience and we appreciate YOU and Kickstarter very much.

Thank you for everything folks.

Adam & Jamie

Working towards the end goal. Stay tuned.

Hi all,

Just wanted to say hello and let you all know that we are heads down working on SolMate and racing to the finish line.  We will have new pictures of the product in mid-April and we will share more then.  

Talk later,

Adam & Jamie

We Are Humbled. THANK YOU.

  • $61,575 pledged
  • 205% funded
  • 427 backers
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If there was ever a proof point that we are all human connected by the same DNA that defines our desires, behaviors, appetite for technology and automation, oh and good taste (you all have good taste that’s for sure) this is it.  You are from London, Dallas, Jakarta, Moscow, Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Seattle, Tokyo, Munich, NYC, Los Angeles, Kirkland, Rio, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Sydney, Denver, San Francisco, Hong Kong and even one cool dude from Bali.   The list is much longer.  This is the united nations of innovation backers, a curious bunch that wants to live on the edge of gadgetry madness.   You all deserve one good warm karma.  Go ahead, kiss the screen.  The surface-conduction is emitting positively glowing karma particles right now. 

From Yossi to Punco,  Arnold to Kieran, Reiter, Stephanie, and Antti to Paik, Brown, Brian, Abdul, Green, Misri, Peretz, Czap, Packer, Rodman to Sanders, Rockefeller, Mokodompit,  and Watson, plus another 406 people on the backer list - THANK YOU.  YOU ALL ROCK!!!

What’s next?

February: A lot of heavy lifting.  Jamie is still heads down working on our SolCurve technology, Adam is working with our iOS dev, legal “stuff”, and we are both heavily involved in final components design and selection. 

March: We are building our 3rd and final prototype in early March.  We will make the final design changes and get ready for mass production soon after.    The final build of the production grade model will be ready in April.

April: We are also releasing our technology to manufacturing (techgeeks, yes this means RTM) in April.  This means that our final circuit board, the 100 some pages of code written for the microcontroller and the iOS app are locked.  No more testing, tweaking and fidgeting.  We will also lock in the certifications we need such as RoHS and FC.

April: By early April we will place our first large scale order of components and our packaging.

May: In early May we will contact everybody to inquire about shipping addresses, special customs instructions (we recommend we call SolMate a $0 value gift) and shirt sizes.

May: By mid-May we should have 500 units produced, packed and ready to go. 

Stay tuned.  Regular updates will keep coming on a regular basis. 

Signing off for now,

Two Happy Simians, Adam & Jamie