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The Denver Green School Community Farm, run by Sprout City Farms, is a 1 acre organic farm on the grounds of a public school in Denver.
276 backers pledged $17,588 to help bring this project to life.

Almost 50% funded! And, farm-fresh lunches now a reality at DGS!

Posted by Sprout City Farms (Creator)

Hiya backers,

Thanks to you and the support of this wonderful community, we are now at 49% funded, with 2.5 weeks (19 days) to go!  We know if we keep building the momentum we can reach our goal of $15,000 for the Denver Green School Community Farm!  So please continue to help us spread the word--post our project page to your Facebook and Twitter, (and follow us on FB & Twitter as well), email your friends and family, leave us comments to tell us what inspires you about the strides we're taking in Denver!

This week saw the culmination of one of our biggest goals for the inaugural 2011 season--we delivered almost 150 pounds of farm-fresh produce to the Denver Green School Cafeteria!!  6th grade students helped Farmer Meg carry the overflowing bins of onions, potatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, carrots, beets, green beans, cabbage, kale, hot peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, and basil the 150 yards from the farm to the kitchen.  Instead of their regular distributor, Sprout City Farms will now supply many of the veggies used in the school's meals!  Our fresh-picked, organic vegetables and herbs now grace both the salad bar and cooked menu items like chili and quiche.  The Tomato and Cucumber Salad was a big hit on Friday, and we can't wait to enjoy the Garden Chili with its tasty new additions!

The DGS Community Farm will supply the school kitchen every week until the end of the growing season in October/November, and will begin again in the Spring of 2012.  

This is the FIRST project of its kind in the state of Colorado (and one of the few in the USA) where such a large amount of produce is grown on school grounds to supply the school cafeteria.  

The funds raised on Kickstarter will help support our revolutionary Farm-to-Cafeteria Program.  In order to supply the kitchen with farm-fresh produce at no extra cost to the school, we must sell at current distributor prices.  These prices are significantly lower than the wholesale organic prices we would otherwise use, barely allowing us to cover our costs of production.

Help us reach our goal--$7,608 still needed with 19 days to go--so that we can keep getting kids to eat their veggies!!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone!!

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