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From the Ground Up: The Denver Green School Community Farm's video poster

The Denver Green School Community Farm, run by Sprout City Farms, is a 1 acre organic farm on the grounds of a public school in Denver. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 30, 2011.

The Denver Green School Community Farm, run by Sprout City Farms, is a 1 acre organic farm on the grounds of a public school in Denver.

Denver, CO Food
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About this project

Note: We are over 100% of our goal, but we can continue to receive pledges of any amount until 9pm on Friday the 30th!  Every dollar pledged will directly support our farm and farmers.  There are still over 1,000 hours of labor that have gone uncompensated, and many outlying infrastructural needs that go well beyond the budget of $15,000 (this is just one third of our total budget for 2012).  THANK YOU!!!

Also, check out our new video!

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We are a non-profit organization: All donations to this project are tax-deductible!

The Denver Green School Community Farm

Sprout City Farms, in partnership with the Denver Green School, Denver Urban Gardens, and Denver Public Schools, is building a one-acre vegetable farm in a corner of the schoolyard at the Denver Green School (DGS). 

The Denver Green School

DGS is a public elementary and middle school (pre-K to 8th grade) focused on environmental and social sustainability through a "hands-on, brains-on," project-based approach to learning.  The Denver Green School Community Farm aligns perfectly with the values of the school, providing opportunities for students to engage in the natural world, food production, and interaction with the local community.  It also gives them space to run around outside chasing grasshoppers.

Where does the food go?

CSA Program

All produce grown on the farm serves the school and surrounding community.  During the summer this season, (our first year, 2011), we are growing for a 40-family CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, where members purchase shares of the harvest and come to the farm once a week to pick up their produce.  Participating CSA shareholders are parents of DGS kids, DGS teachers, and neighbors of the school.  In addition, several low-income and refugee families benefit from sponsored CSA shares. 

Farm to Cafeteria Program

During the school year, we are selling produce directly to the school cafeteria so students can follow it all the way from the field and enjoy it in the lunch room. 50% of students at DGS participate in the Free/Reduced Price Lunch program and may not have access to fresh, organic produce at home.

Education & Training

Sprout City Farms is offering a summer internship program (4 interns this year), volunteer days and community events, and is also developing farm-based educational programs for youth and adults alike in conjunction with DGS and Denver Urban Gardens (DUG).  Just over the fence from the farm is a school and community garden managed by DGS and DUG, where students and neighbors tend their own plots.

Nice Farm.  Why do you need our help?

Sprout City Farms is currently a volunteer-based organization, relying on income from CSA shares and grassroots fundraising to convert the former grass field to an acre of organic vegetables and herbs this spring (2011).  We are still building the farm, and need further funding to complete the project. 

Where does the money go?

The funds raised from Kickstarter will go towards:

Paying our farmers a living wage;

Constructing structures such as compost area, wash station, tool storage and drying shed, outdoor classroom/greenhouse and other season extension structures;

Purchasing tools, soil amendments, seeds for 2012, and other material needs;

Purchasing a truck (every farm needs a pickup truck!);

Finalizing the installation of our drip irrigation system;

Building a fence around the farm perimeter;

Covering the cost of sponsored CSA shares;

Supporting our Farm-to-Cafeteria program;

Supporting our community events and educational programs.

Continuing to have a thriving farm for next year!

The first of its kind--many more to follow!

Our goal is for the Denver Green School Community Farm to be a pilot project--the first of many school and neighborhood farms--and with your help we can complete construction of the farm, grow our staff and programs, and continue to work towards making this goal a reality. 

Developing this school farm model will help us replicate it successfully around town, and spread the word to other school districts in other cities.  Please support us in rooting farmers in the city and bringing good food to schools and neighborhoods!


  • The Denver Green School Community Farm is a production-based market garden with a primary focus on food production and a secondary focus on education, whereas most school gardens focus on education first.
    Sprout City Farms provides the large-scale volume of produce that is grown to a CSA and Farm-to-Cafeteria program. The DGSCF is managed by one entity--Sprout City Farms--whereas most community gardens consist of many plots of land tended by different gardeners who are each responsible for harvesting their own produce.

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  • The Denver Green School is a Neighborhood Innovation School under Denver Public Schools, meaning that it is funded by the public school district and remains a neighborhood public school, but enjoys some of the freedoms of a charter school. See their website for more information (

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  • SCF is a volunteer-based, non-profit, charitable organization. We have signed a Land Use Agreement with Denver Public Schools allowing us to use the land (one acre of the DGS schoolyard) and water for the purposes of growing food for the school cafeteria and for the surrounding community. We are not charged for the land and water, and sell produce to the cafeteria at the current distributor prices at no extra cost to the school. We also provide services to the school and neighborhood through educational programs and community events.

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    Seed packets from local Colorado seed purveyors!

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    Recipes for farm-fresh veggie dishes from our community!

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    Trendy tote bag! (Organic cotton, made in the good ol' US of A, sporting the Sprout City logo)

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    One of our favorite farm/garden/cook/books!

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    Invitation to tour the farm with SCF farmers and DGS students, and a fruit tree named in your honor (to be planted on the farm in Spring 2012)!

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    Invitation to tour the farm with SCF farmers and DGS students, a fruit tree named in your honor (to be planted on the farm in Spring 2012), and complimentary VIP entry to all of our events in 2012!

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