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Comic creators get free tools to design rich and interactive stories; readers get more quality and economical comics.

Comic creators get free tools to design rich and interactive stories; readers get more quality and economical comics. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 26, 2014.

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About this project

The Comin Project was designed for comic creators and readers, but it is not limited to only those two audiences; this platform is for ANYONE that enjoys telling or reading stories.

The project consists of two apps: the Comin Reader and Comin Writer. The Comin Reader is for readers to download and digest both traditional and interactive comics on their mobile devices or personal computers. The Comin Writer is for both hobbyists and professionals to write, layout, and publish interactive comics or convert and publish traditional comics in a way that is easily viewable within the Comin Reader.

The Comin Writer will be available on any device that has access to a web browser and can run the Unity Web Player plug-in. The Comin Reader will be available on Android (including Kindle), iOS, and web browsers on launch with more to follow.

The Comin Reader has been in development for over a year and a half, and it is mostly complete. The Comin Writer development began earlier this year, but there is still much left to be done. With Kickstarter funding, both apps will be scheduled to launch by the end of this year. 

Our dream is to build a platform in which anyone who has a story to tell can tell it, and tell it in a way that is as creative and unique as they are! The Comin Project is packed with interactive features that can be used to make visually stunning and engaging media, but simple enough that anyone can use!  

Did we mention the tools are free?

Comin Reader Demo: This video provides a sneak peak of the store and demonstrates how tags work.  It also shows an example of what an interactive comic could look like as well as what a converted traditional comic could look like while using the gyrometers to detect device rotation and adjust the view accordingly.

Cloud Sync: The Comin Reader app will be available to readers around the world on multiple mobile platforms as well as personal computers. Each registered device will automatically sync the current story position in the cloud allowing the reader to easily migrate from one device to another. 

The Big List: Any series or comin can be found in the big list.  Readers can use pinch-to-zoom gestures to increase or decrease the number of tiles displayed on the screen.

Tag System: Readers can easily discover new content by filtering with multiple tag criteria. For example, a reader might be interested in viewing a story in the Adventure genre, but only published by Banana LLC, and then only released after 2014.  The reader can also search the tag database for quicker results, or press "Shuffle" if feeling lucky.

Series: When exploring a comin series, the reader is privy to a wide selection of data accumulated from each comin in the series.  The subscribe button will flag the series and notify the reader when a new comin is available for purchase, or download it automaticallyif it is free.

Company Info: For creators who need to drive customers to their website or social page, there is an entire section dedicated solely for your company!  Readers can skip to this section at any time by pressing the "Publisher" button in the footer.

Trial: The trial feature allows publishers to give readers a taste of what their story is all about without giving it away for free by setting a trial flag on scenes for fans to preview.

The "Big List" is quickly filling with indie publishers that we reached out to before our Kickstarter began, and it will continue to grow as more and more backers come in!

Our Stuff

We have several stories in the works that will be available on or around the release date, and each one takes full advantage of the interactive features of the platform.

Rono, Pain: The first comin ever, named after its main character, "Rono, Pain" tells the story of a boy while his city is once again haunted by a malevolent host intent on destruction.  Help Rono, as he is forced to make decisions that are far beyond his limited adolescent experience.

Rono, Loyalty: Rono continues his journey as he deals with the consequences of his decisions from the first story.  What will be the outcome, where will his loyalty lie?  Journey with Rono as he is faced with hard choices that will impact his life and the world that he lives in.

Tub Stories: What does a duck, shark, tug boat, life-saver, and a gang of foam letters have in common?  They're all stuck in the tub, but they're never bored.  Tub stories is a 3d-rendered story packed full of fun and interactive adventures that kids will love!

More From Our Friends

This list of comics was built by indie publishers who are already showing their support for the Comin Project; if you have a comic or story and you would like to join this list, you can pledge for the "STUFF FOR CREATORS" tier and we will add you while the campaign is still live!

And More!

On launch, the "Big List" will contain over 15,000 public domain comics that we converted to be viewed on mobile devices and PCs with the Comin Reader!

Comin Writer: The Comin Writer is for both hobbyists and professionals to write, layout, and publish interactive comics or convert and publish traditional comics in a way that is easily viewable in the Comin Reader.

Workflow: The user interface is broken down into several panes, most of which can be resized by the user.  Each pane has its own purpose, but the data that is created, edited, and displayed is shared and updated across them all.

Tree Organization: The tree is displayed in the left pane, and it is organized into three sections. The "Stories" section contains all of the series, comin, and revision data. The "Resource" section contains assets such as characters, locations, audio files, images, and fonts, which can be accessed and utilized across any comin in a series.

Revisions: Each comin can have multiple revisions which allow creators to update their story over time; this is especially important for web comic creators who update their stories frequently.  When a comin update is published, readers who have downloaded an older version of the story will be prompted to update to the latest version, similar to how software development works.

Script Writing: The Comin Writer contains a script writing tool that simplifies the design process by mimicking the logic and workflow of a movie script.

Branches And Scenes: The story in a comin is organized with branches and scenes.  A branch is a linear grouping of scenes, and it allows the creator to easily create multiple parallel and forking story lines.  A scene is filled with visible and audible objects that a reader can see, hear, and interact with.

Visibles (Shapes, Images, and Text): Visible objects are what the reader sees when viewing a comin.  A visible can contain one or all three of the different types of elements including a shape (color-filled or invisible), uploaded image, and text.  Visibles are layered on top of each other to provide depth in a scene.

Audibles (Sound FX and Music): Audible objects are what the reader hears when viewing a comin.  An audible can be a short sound effect or a long music file.  When creating a scene, the creator can edit both the duration and speed of the audible while maintaining the integrity of the original file.

Sequences: All of the comin features such as animation, sound effects, touch input, and branching story lines are controlled with sequences.  The Comin Writer has a sequence bar with each sequence acting and viewed independently from each other, to demonstrate how the sequences are laid out and interact with a scene.

Publishing with the Comin Writer is short, sweet, and simple.  Once a creator upgrades to a publisher account (one-time $25 fee applies) they can immediately publish an unlimited number of comins.


  • Instant publishing, available immediately in store
  • Beta to limited audience for testing
  • You own ALL rights to your intellectual property
  • No exclusivity contracts
  • Optional - Save on PC and share instead of publishing in store

We work to earn and earn to live. It is common for people to work in dispassionate careers in order to pay bills and provide for their families. The Comin Project tackles this growing issue head-on by offering a comprehensive monetization strategy that will help creators earn more, which will, in turn, allow them to do what they love.

Sales: Creators deserve to be paid well for their hard work. We offer writers, illustrators, and publishers a much larger cut of the sales revenue than the other guys (Hint: starts with a “C” and ends with an “omixology”).

Advertising: Not all creators want to sell their work; some offer it for freeFor those magnanimous individuals we offer an advertising revenue model to help pay the bills and keep writers and illustrators employed. 

***NOTE: Only free comins may have advertising within them; the advertising revenue model is not an option for paid comins.

We've been working diligently on this project for almost two years now, and we've already invested several thousand dollars on research and development.  We currently forecast that approximately 1,000 more hours are needed to complete the software, but with the current pace of funding we won't be able to finish for another three years; with a successful Kickstarter campaign, we can dramatically accelerate the development process and cut the schedule by almost two and a half years!

Check below to see explore what we have planned over the course of the next month during our Kickstarter campaign!  Make sure you check it daily to get the latest updates.

We have two exclusive tailor-made reward tiers available to backers, or if you like both, you can combine the two and save $10!


Risks and challenges

Every project comes with risks; the primary risk of the Comin Project is to be completed on time. We want to add as many features as possible, and everything needs to just simply work for the platform to be successful. Assuming we are able to do that, which we have been up until this point, the project will be completed on time. Either way, rest assured that this team is devoted to this project, and has been for almost two years now.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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