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Schlock Mercenary:The Board Game is based on the popular web comic by Howard Tayler. A fast shooter board game with funtastic art.
1,111 backers pledged $82,056 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      @Thomas: I'm working on update #40 that will give everyone a heads up for the dice bag/cup combo sets. I have a full list of everyone who didn't receive them (you'll be receiving an email right after update #40) so we can make sure you get your items (Mainly, we're waiting on the manufacturer to provide the samples of the molds to make sure they don't need to be replaced).

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Berezansky on

      Finally got my 5 copies, lacking the Dice Bag, Cup, Patch, Dice, and wooden discs that I believe there was a shortage of. Haven't taken a good look overall (stopped by home to make sure the box was in one piece, then had to head back to work) but yay!

      I had to poke them about the package after I came back from a trip, though. They shipped out a new one (apparently) and it only took a couple days to show up.

      Any word on when the missing goodies get sent out, and if that has happened already, do I need to do anything given the apparent re-send that happened for me?

    3. Glint on

      Oh and lestyn..... same goes for you too!

    4. Glint on

      My 2D6 rolling told me I would get my package on the 4th October (counting weekends).

      Obviously we have just missed that highly scientifically derived delivery date. Although if it arrives this week I'll be happy to put that down to margin-of-error. :)

      Fingers crossed.

      @Peter McAndrew, I SO SO SO hope you live on the east coast, since that would account for you getting the game before me (all international post gets sorted in Melbourne, I believe, before domestic delivery occurs). If you live in Perth like me I think I will have to become very jealous!

    5. Missing avatar

      Seth on

      wanted to thank everyone involved (Nicholas and GameSalute, plus whoever). the second punchboard showed up this week, everything looks great!
      as for no name in the book, stick my name in the expansion manual ;)

    6. Silvan Fricker on

      Arrived in Switzerland yesterday, complete and in excellent condition! :)

    7. Peter McAndrew on

      Got my package in Australia today as well.

    8. Iestyn

      Arrived in Australia today! Yay!

    9. Iestyn

      Arrived in Australia today! Yay!

    10. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      I've emailed the warehouse to find out where the disconnect occurred between being told that they shipped everything but it had not yet left the warehouse.
      Regarding your name on the box bottom, the box bottom most certainly contains your name. The Special Thanks is spread out over two of the box sides. Your name is on the shorter of the two sides, on the second line down and is the 8th name over. It is between Esq and Shaun Donovan.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andy Ellis on

      Nicholas: my package did not leave the warehouse until 9/28, so they were definitely misleading you on that. Also, the box bottom appears to have failed to included my name. That's troubling.

    12. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      @Jason: Your copy should have already have arrived. Please email requesting the status of your package. I was informed on 9/24/2012 that all KickStarter packages had left the warehouse. I also double checked the shipping list that they were provided. Your name / address in Iowa was included as was the special shipping/handling note you added. Please let me know if there is any issue once you contact them in regards to receiving shipping tracking information or if the package hasn't shipped yet.

    13. Jason White on

      It's the 2nd and I am saddened to say my copies still have not arrived here in Iowa. Any news?

    14. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      @Erik: is where you can get more wood discs. Also, let me know if you have any rule questions.
      @Michael: I'm glad your copy arrived safely!
      @Derek: Great that's a good indication that they are touching down across the world.
      @Tiogshi: That is very odd! I'm glad it passed through Canadian customs so very fast. As for the second set, please keep it or give it to another Schlock fan. Error in your favor.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tiogshi Laj on

      Hmm. I've got an oddity for you guys; I received my copy (pledged $55, plus Canadian shipping) about two weeks ago via FedEx, and was thrilled. All the stretch goal items, the cup and tagon-branded dice, the lot.

      There was a package on my doorstep this morning... a second full set, sent via USPS first class international mail... do you need it back?

    16. Derek Beddard on

      Mine arrived today in the UK. Looking forward to giving it a spin. Thanks to everyone for making it happen!

    17. Michael "Tempest" Webster on

      My copies just arrived about an hour ago. Mmmmmm New Game Aroma!!!

    18. Erik on

      I will either be demoing the game tonight or next weekend at my local game store.

    19. Erik on

      Everything looks great, I would love to know where to get more of these wooden discs so I can use the rest of the stickers. My only problem was the same one Ross has so I will be sending off that email shortly.

    20. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      @Mike: I recommend the Toughs and Drones to go on the discs.
      @Mark: Thanks. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Two web scenarios are going great in design, the first expansion is being put together with gusto and we're refining the TacDice system's more advanced rules.
      @Ross: Please simple contact Game Salute that they missed a set of the punch boards so they can ship you new ones. I'm glad to hear about the assessment of the production quality. We normally print in Germany to ensure the highest possible quality.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ross Rice on

      I just got my two copies, and only received one set of Punch Boards. Multiple copies of the game make for a lot of extra goodies, so it's not surprising if a few errors slip through. Production quality is first-rate.

      I'll send a proper CS email tomorrow when I have access to the address.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Sneddon on

      Wooo! Got my game and it looks awesome! :)

    23. Mike Woelk on

      Just got mine in Canada. Looks good :D just trying to figure out which stickers to put on the wooden disc.

    24. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      @James: Good luck with the 2d6
      @Raphael: Responding shortly
      @Chris Karabats: I'm emailing you shortly. You should contact Game Salute about the missing token so they can send you a replacement.
      @Mike Schlueter & Evan Paterson: I hope you both enjoy the game.
      @Seth: I've received a few reports regarding the issue. I've emailed them to make sure that this isn't a vast mistake across all multiple copies. Also, I'm sorry to say that the computer doesn't like you, or rather, the shortcut key combo SHIFT-CTRL-Down doesn't. It highlighted everyone on the list when we were compiling a comprehensive list of names for the rulebook due to KS providing each pledge level as a separate spreadsheet. It didn't pick up the names of 44 individuals (22 pledges) for inclusion in the rulebook from the backers at your level. An email will be going out regarding the oversight. Not sure how to rectify the situation, but we can figure something out (Maybe a 2am phone call to apologize).

      Also, every game should come with the following (This is straight from the instructions sent in):
      1 Dice Bag/Cup Combo (Sent via USPS from Texas)
      2 Blank Character Sheets (5" x 7") (Sent via USPS from Texas)
      1 Parkata Urbatsu Aerialist Character Sheet (5" x 7") (Sent via USPS from Texas)
      1 Label Sheet (8.5" x 11") (Sent via USPS from Texas)
      1 Andy Character Sheet (5" x 7") (Sent from Germany)
      1 Rocket Mode Schlock Character Sheet (5" x 7") (Sent from Germany)
      2 Punch Boards (There are 2 different punchboards, each copy gets one of each)

    25. Missing avatar

      Seth on

      so i ordered two sets and only received one set of promo boards (think that's short; notified the warehouse email listed above), but i mostly wondered how i got left out of the rulebook thank you list. was it something i said?
      seth gilbert

    26. Missing avatar

      Thunder3 on

      Just got my game, it looks gorgeous :D

    27. Mike Schlueter on

      My game arrived last week. It looks good, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet.

    28. Chris Karabats on

      Just got my games. They look great. Looks like I misunderstood when the survey said "First Name, Second name, Third Name" to put in the rule book. So now my First Name, Middle name and Last name are split up in the rule book. Oh well. Its correct on the box. Also looks like one of the punch extra boards is missing one of the pieces, but I got three, so one copy of the game won't have a complete extra set. Hopefully that doesn't affect anything long term.

    29. Raphael

      Wow, shipping sure took a while. Have to send you a message...

    30. Glint on

      Excellent news, re-rolling the 2D6 :-)

    31. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      @Gary: That is awesome. I'm glad to hear it arrived and in good condition.
      @James: Gary just received his in New Zealand, there is hope for your copy arriving soon. Also, yes, the mailing list is still on the table. My time table is pushed back a little bit on working on game business items due to work travel (I've been in Mississippi for almost 2 months now with only a short vacation for GenCon). The mailing list will be created and posted here for everyone.

    32. Glint on

      I'm rolling my 2D6 right now to find out when it will arrive. :-) (I'm in Australia though, so I'm thinking a 6d6 throw might be more accurate).

      On a slightly different note, there was talk of a mailing list we could go on when things like plastic minis etc are considered/released.

      Is this still happening?

    33. Gary Henson on

      My copy arrived in New Zealand today. In good condition despite something happening to the box, which didn't look too good when it arrived. Thankfully it was well packed, and none of the contents suffered. :-)