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Schlock Mercenary:The Board Game is based on the popular web comic by Howard Tayler.  A fast shooter board game with funtastic art.
Schlock Mercenary:The Board Game is based on the popular web comic by Howard Tayler. A fast shooter board game with funtastic art.
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Shipping, Promos and More

Good evening friends and supporters,


As some people will have noticed, games are arriving all over the US and very very shortly, the world (I'm looking at you small Reunion island, your's is coming).  The first word that the game has started to arrive occurred on September 6th.  It turned out to be the best birthday present I received, so I had a fabulous day.

I haven't announced that the shipping is complete because at 1,500 games, it is a long process and isn't done yet.  The warehouse has asked that I not post that games are shipped yet, since they want to focus on shipping games, not answer requests as to the status of if someone's game has shipped  yet.  So, to that end, the next line is very important:

Important: Games are still shipping.  Not all are shipped yet.  Please be patient.  Once the last game ships, I'll post that all games are shipped.

However, as you can tell, they are shipping so your copy will be arriving very Soon<tm> (and unlike Eve Online universe, Soon here means soon).   Your copy will arrive shortly.

Shipping Issues #1:

After the last package goes out, and I make a post saying so, based on your customs department, it may take upwards of 2 weeks.  In the post saying all games have shipped (they haven't yet), I'll provide the contact information for inquiring as to the status of your specific shipment so that if there is a delay or an issue, you have a contact to get it sorted out.

I've provided the warehouse with all 300+ requests for address changes over the last few months in such a way that they never saw the original addresses, so there shouldn't be an issue with address changes and boxes going to the wrong location (unless you changed it super last minute after the cutoff).  If, as per the previous paragraph, you don't have you game after the designated time past the post that I'll make in the future, please contact the warehouse using the contact information that I'll be providing and we'll get your game + promos shipped out to you at once.

Shipping Issue #2:

  150 games are going to ship without the promos (Dice Bag, Cup, Patch, Dice, wooden discs).  These games will be going to US based people.  Do not fear, you will be getting your promos (Bag, Cup, Patch, Discs, Dice) just as soon as we get the next shipment in of these items.

  We originally packed enough of these sets to supply everyone who KSed and have approximately 50 left over.  In transit, the box was lost and disappeared into the Ether. Just poof, gone.  The agency I used to ship the package can't find it.  So we were short approximately 150 sets.  We have enough bags and cups at my house, so those are ready.  I've ordered another batch of discs so they'll be arriving next week.  The dice are being sent along with the patches.  Just as soon as they all arrive, I'll be shipping out the 150 sets personally, so you'll get your sets not too much longer later. 

Updates, FAQs, Errata and More:

   Errata: As a heads up, there are some typos that have been caught in the rules and even the back of the box (double word).  We are collecting them all.  Feel free to email me at with any errors you find and we'll add it to the errata.  The biggest one, and most people won't notice, is that the Petey character sheet appears to be missing the black 4 on his Automiss bar.  All it is a white background for the 4. 

   FAQ:  I'm collecting questions people ask so we can release an FAQ in the coming week(s).  Please contact me at the same address or through's forums related to the game with your questions and I'll get them answered right away.

  Reference Card:  I'm putting together a reference card, an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper (low-ink usage) that puts all the weapons on one page for ease of use as well as the turn order summary so people can reference it without needing the entire rulebook.

  Token Sheet: There are 20 wooden discs, there are 63 stickers.  Lots of stickers, too many stickers! This is correct, we had extra room on the sticker sheet and decided to put more printing on it since it didn't change the cost.   Stickering the discs is easy.  9 Tokens get a Toughs's bust on one side and the matching full figure on the other.  At least 8 Drones get the same.  You can use 2 more for the promo Toughs.  That's a total of 19 discs and 38 stickers.  The last disc is for whatever you want and the remaining stickers are for funsies.  Please note that due to the discs being produced at a US based craft wood company, the diameter of the discs seem to vary +/- 2mm.  This is a tolerence that I would have never of expected out of a US based production company (The one I run QA for deals in 0.001 - 0.0001 tolerances).  The discs may be slightly too small for your stickers.  I recommend a pair of scissors and it is alright to complain about me as you trim the stickers.  I can't do much about it at this point.  I've been contacting other wood companies, but most of them have tolerances that are roughly the same as the ones we already have.

    Token Identification Sheet: I'm going to be providing a handy dandy token identification sheet so you know the names of each token and can easily identify them.  It'll take a few days and I hope to have it out by this weekend.

    How to Play Video: We filmed a How To Play Video.  It is on a flash drive in Houston.  I'm in a hotel in Vicksburg, Mississippi.   I won't be heading back to Houston this weekend, but will be the weekend after.  I plan on posting it just as soon as I get back to my house for a day.

   Scenarios: The designer and our awesome Houston crew are hard at work creating both web scenarios and also expansion scenarios.  If you come up with a map using the tiles provided and a good fun scenario that plays great, let me know and we can see about making it official and posting it for people to start playing.


   Games are shipping.

   Shipping isn't complete yet.

   Please don't ask if your copy has shipped yet (stock answer is "It hasn't" until we announce all shipment is complete)

   We are releasing files to assist in game play in the near future.

   Please let us know if you need anything.



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    1. Phil Stracchino on May 1, 2016

      Wait a minute, wait a minute ........
      I think I detect confusion here. Error on my part, I think. I'm confusing Schlock Mercenary Capital Offensive, the board game, which I received long ago, with Planet Mercenary, which hasn't shipped yet because it's still being finished. When I got an update on Capital Offensive so long after getting it, I crossed it up in my mind with Planet Mercenary.

      Panic over. Apologies for muddying the waters.

    2. Phil Stracchino on May 1, 2016

      (Correction, I just found my original receipt, make that $75 backer.)

    3. Phil Stracchino on May 1, 2016

      HELP! In response to the most recent email update, I'm a $60 backer and haven't' received my shipment, and I'm *trying* to find the backerkit survey to make certain I filled it out (I'm 99.9% certain I did), but I can't find a link for it anywhere.

    4. Skipper Harris on September 20, 2012

      Got mine and it looks great. I noticed there's a fair bit of variation in the size of the wooden tokens. Mine aren't even all exactly the same size. Though it is clearly too late for us KS folk, I would certainly recommend that the token ID sheet and reference card be included in the box with future copies of the game. There are a lot of tokens and map bits (which is good) but little to no explanation of what it all is (not so good). There needs to be a good ID sheet of everything in the game and (where needed) some rules for each bit. As this KS fades into the history of the game, new buyers will greatly appreciate having that info from the beginning.

    5. Fred Kiesche on September 18, 2012

      Please post an update when the games are all shipped. I've been awaiting arrival in New Jersey, so just want to know when I should contact you all to see if it is lost. Thanks for all your work!

    6. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator
      on September 16, 2012

      I just finished uploading a Learning Game instructional video to YouTube:…

      It was filmed and recorded in my hotel room in a Mississippi country location, so fun! Ignore a bit of the graininess of the images, old iPhones still only work so well for photos.

      This video, coupled with the rulebook, should make learning the Learning Game easy. A Token Reference Sheet and an Equipment Reference Sheet are coming shortly.

    7. Eddie Quinto on September 13, 2012

      I got mine today, minus the promos. Oh well, I'm excitedly unpacking it right now, and can't wait for the promo items to come in.

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Neely on September 12, 2012

      @Wolfshead: If you find a suitable replacement source, please post a link to it. I've set the sticker/token mess aside since trying to cut them down is almost certain to end up somewhat messy.

    9. Wolfshead
      on September 12, 2012

      Mine was waiting when I got home today. First glance looks very nice, other than the noted wooden disk issue. I will have to see what I can find for replacements.

    10. William P. Hassinger on September 12, 2012

      I got mine and I love it! I tried the Learning Game and I had a great time. Getting all the tokens and board pieces out and sorted took a while, but it's totally worth it. The little baggies that come with the game were so handy and worked so well I was almost more excited about that than the game its self. I'm looking forward to roping people into playing with me.

    11. Marilyn Gerber on September 12, 2012

      Mine arrived today. Lovely

    12. Missing avatar

      JDWarner on September 12, 2012

      Awesome! Got mine today, and I was confused by the overabundance of stickers. I figured I'd wait and it would be clarified, and I wasn't disappointed!

    13. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator
      on September 11, 2012

      Thank you Walter for being the catalyst. If you have any further such abilities, let us know!

    14. Walter H. Hunt on September 11, 2012

      Thanks to Kevin and Howard (and APE) for the dedication. I did the easy part by introducing you two; you guys did the hard part.

      It's a beautiful production. Glad to have had a small part in it.