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Schlock Mercenary:The Board Game is based on the popular web comic by Howard Tayler. A fast shooter board game with funtastic art.
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    1. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      @All - We are definitely looking at ways to get Schlock onto TableTop (I'd love to see Felicia Day enjoying shooting people with a plasma cannon as Schlock). So, if you know a friend of a friend who may be able to make it happen, that'd be great. Also, if you or someone you know has the contact information for Barnes and Nobles, I've been hunting on how to get it included in their growing game section.

      @Fred: We attempted to do the cartoony face / eyes but it doesn't look like it does in the comics. I'll post the earlier version of it soon (hopefully before the hurricane bearing down on us hits). We went with the more realistic version based on what Howard envisions (Snake Pliskins's eyes/look) for Tagon. I believe the current look more adequate hits the intent then the cartoony face does. Also, when we get a Schlock miniature done, it'll be interesting. My plan is to have a second individual produce a Tagon sculpture and review the two works against each other.

      @Seth: I haven't read a KotDT in years. I'll definitely add them to the list of people to contact for reviews. Thank you.

    2. Seth Brower

      Not sure if it fits the request, but I know that the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine likes to have reviews of boards games in their magazine portion of the book. For those who haven't read it, it's half comicbook and half rpg magazine.

    3. Fred Kiesche on

      While I am very interested in miniatures (as well as the other expansions/add-ons/doo-dads), I hope the miniatures look more like the characters in the comic. I don't see, for example, that sample as looking like Tagon **at all**.

    4. BattleFalcon on

      I was just about to suggest what Joellen already did. Getting this on TableTop would be a real coup. Get yourself and Howard invited as guests for it. :)

    5. Glint on

      @ Nicholas Cheers!

    6. Joellen Foster on

      I would love to see this reviewed and played on Tabletop with Wil Wheaton, the Geek & Sundry web series. They have a lot of fun with the games they demonstrate. And ditto James on the mailing list and Tagon minis.

    7. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      I am working on putting a mailing list together. It is on my agenda for when I arrive in Mississippi. I'll make sure to announce it here.

    8. Glint on

      Arrrgh! plastic Tagon minis?! I am warning you, I might need to throw my wallet at you again when these eventuate.
      Would it be possible to sign up to a mailing list for notifications like this that you do not (understandably) want to post here in Kickstarter (I don't use facebook and will most likely forget to visit