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Schlock Mercenary:The Board Game is based on the popular web comic by Howard Tayler. A fast shooter board game with funtastic art.
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Dates and a little extra

Posted by Nicholas Vitek (Creator)

We have received word that the game will be shipping out from the manufacturer come Jun 15th. We have a case of games being flown in for demo purposes. The games will be shipped out of the New Hampshire warehouse immediately upon arrival. The promotional items are sorted and are being prepped for shipping to the warehouse so they are there when the games arrive.

The one promo that isn't complete: Printing of the bonus scenario. We had a choice, single sided print or double sided.
If double sided, I could provide a mini map, a sort of ThunderDome if you will. It'll be a self contained map that is roughly 5 spaces by 8 spaces.  We decided it would be best to make this promo double sided.

Over the next 2 weeks, while the game is assembled and placed on the boat, the designer and Playtesters will be working on this mini Thunder Dome for people to play. Hopefully it'll be fantastic. If you have any ideas for our mini map, let's hear them. 

*Ideas:  We have a 5 space x 8 space map area.  We have walls, infrastructure, Power Ups, Teraport Gates, Armories, computers, pools, etc.  We can do some sort of weird set up with this mini map.  One idea we are tossing around is that the this mini map is the center fighting area, full of powerups and Teraport Gates allowing PCs to jump all over the small map while fighting and using other tiles as secondary levels.


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    1. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      @turkishproverb: My apologies for missing this one. Yes, they shipped from the manufacturer and are in transit. They will be shipping out from the warehouse, as soon as they arrive, prior to GenCon is the plan.

    2. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Not rushing but...did they ship from the manufacturer?