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Schlock Mercenary:The Board Game is based on the popular web comic by Howard Tayler. A fast shooter board game with funtastic art.
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Updated PnP File, Promo Pictures

Posted by Nicholas Vitek (Creator)

Good evening,

    Today has been glorious.  Outside of some time spent at work, I watched Avengers for the second time, I listened to a lot of music, took the dog for a walk, updated the Schlock Mercenary Learning Game Print and Play files, worked on two upcoming releases for Living Worlds Games, posted some pictures of promos and took a nap.

Print and Play Files:

  The original link to the file has been updated.  I've included the following items in the print out:

  • 3 Teraport Lock tokens
  • 3 Turn Order Marker backs (for flipping the turn order tokens over when you take a turn with that Tough)
  • 2 Epaulet Grenade Tokens

Promo Pictures:

  I also uploaded a number of pictures to the Schlock Mercenary Facebook page.  You don't need a Facebook account, you should be able to go straight to it through the link above to view them.  

  The green Drone die picture didn't come out that well.  There is some packing dust that settled into the pips.  I'll be posting a picture later to show what the dice look like fully cleaned and with the black pips deep black like the pit of Schlock's belly.  The 6 face is the drone tie over a brief case.  The 6 face for the Tagon die is easily recognizable (Story on the artwork for this later).

Status of Game Parts and Promos:

  • Patches: In Hand, collated into Dice Bag
  • Wood Discs: In Hand, collated into Dice bag
  • Wood Disc Stickers for Characters: In Hand, collated into paper package
  • Tagon Dice: In Hand, collated into Dice cup
  • Drone Dice: In Transit, collated into Dice cup
  • Dice Bag: In Hand, collated with Patches, discs
  • Dice Cup: In Hand, collated with Tagon and Drone Dice
  • Blank Character Sheet: In Hand, collated into paper package
  • Character Sheets (2) - Promo: In Hand, collated into paper package
  • Punch Boards (2) - Promo: Printed, assembling and shipping from Germany
  • Scenario Sheet (1) - In Transit, to be collated into paper package
  • Box: Printed, assembling and shipping from Germany
  • Rulebook: Printed, assembling and shipping from Germany
  • Punch Boards: Printed, assembly and shipping from Germany
  • Normal Dice: Acquired, assembly and shipping from Germany
  • Box Insert: punched, assembly and shipping from Germany
  • Character Sheets: Printed, assembly and shipping from Germany

Proof Pictures:

  I need to take pictures of the high quality proof prints that I received a while ago to show you what the various pieces of the game will look like.   These are the printer proofs all laid out.  Those will be coming shortly.

Rulebook Translations:

   If you are fluent in a language other than English, and you wish to either translate the Rulebook or check the translation of the rulebook for accuracy, please contact us at and we'll discuss sending you the rulebook and also getting you some cool compensation for your assistance.  We have a team doing a Dutch translation already, so we are looking for other languages at the moment.

General Game Company Information:

   I want to thank all of our supporters, without who we wouldn't be here, for their support and I look forward to the game being shipped to each individual along with the promos.   Though the game box won't be as large as the Ogre project from Steve Jackson Games (Their box is the size of a small car it seems), this will be a substantially heavier box than initially planned due to the additional promos including 10 extra dice, two extra punch boards, dice bag, cup, scenario, character sheets, etc. 

  I know that people will enjoy the shooting inherent in the base game.  We are hard at work developing extra scenarios for future download and also for future expansions.   These expansions will bring extra characters, extra enemies, extra scenarios and bits and pieces of kit to make your own.  You can listen in the development of these projects via Facebook and when it comes time to pick up a copy, Howard will be announcing it via his stellar website as well.

  Speaking of making your own. The main game that everyone is receiving includes a large number of extra bits and pieces.  I stress large number here because I dislike wasting space on punch boards so while the base game doesn't use them, we hope you will.  Enjoy the bots, civilians, crashed ship, etc.

  Beyond Schlock, we have a number of exciting new games coming later this year including a two player cyberpunk hacking game that uses tile manipulation called Data Fortress and a two to four player rummy style game that uses shifting alliances, DefCon and special events.  We'll announce these games on our Facebook page and on the ever popular website.


Thank you again for your support and please, as always, if you have a question or comment, let us know.


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    1. Nicholas Vitek 4-time creator

      @Raphael & Benjamin: I'm currently compiling a list of the volunteers and the various languages for translation and verification of translation. I'll be emailing everyone this week / weekend.

      Thank you,

    2. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Farcot on

      Hello, I sent you an e-mail about two weeks ago concerning the translation of SMCO into other languages. Should I assume you filled all the needs ?


    3. Raphael

      "shipping from Germany" -- always painful to read.

      That said, I can aid in translating stuff to German.