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Update #42

Everything Finalized and Tayler Coins

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Good evening one and all. 

  After a good long wait for the manufacturer to provide the next batch of dice, I've packed up all the missing promos that went missing in the post.   The dice are shipping this weekend along with the remaining Dice Cups, bags, wood tokens.  The dice shipping bags can be seen in the picture below.

  Also, for those whose names were missed in the rulebook (and for those who get copies of 1955: The War of Espionage), the 1955 games are packed and shipping this weekend as well.  The remaining 'I'm Sorry I missed your name' items are at the printer (extra character sticker sheets and printed out copy of a promotional scenario).  Once they are in, they'll be shipped as well.

If you are missing any components from the punchboards (A few individuals mentioned that a punchboard token from one of the promo punchboards came loose), please let me know and I'll get you replacements.

So, all that is left is the printer and we'll be complete.

Howard has come up with a great project that he is running (and I'm backing of course) that are some excellent looking Challenge Coins based on the Schlock Universe.  If you don't know what a challenge coin is, I recommend heading over to Howard's posts (Click here) and checking them out.

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Update #41

Conventions, New Game, Web Scenario Draft



This weekend is Board Game Geek Convention. This is an approximately 2,000 person convention with the sole dedication to play board games and see what is coming for the future. It is held yearly in Dallas, Texas and this year(like last year), we have a booth where we will be demo'ing games (including the prototype version of the future Antagonist expansion including the new characters and scenarios). We'll also be giving out some free copies of our first game, 1955: The War of Espionage, and will be demoing our newest game, Data Fortress. Stop by and say hello, help us shoot some stuff in Schlock and have a great time if you are already heading to the convention.

Experimental Build of first Web Scenario:

We are working diligently to get the first web scenario created and balanced around its premise (Telemarketer fighting arena). I am posting the experimental build of the scenario. You can download the PDF here. Note, this is a high ink version due to the background. When we release the final version, there will be both a full color version and a low-ink version to be friendly to people's printers. The title of the scenario is Hold the Muzak. I think it is fitting due to how the equipment is being handled. Note, this is a rough version. We don't have the NPC names in, it doesn't have the map section complete and it isn't fully formatted. I wanted to provide this so you have an idea of the different scenarios we are working on through the remainder of this year and the next.

For Those That Promos were not shipped to:

This weekend, I will be emailing each of you individually with information related to the shipping of your promotional items (The Dice Bag/Cup set that was lost into the ether of the USPS). Since the dice are taking a bit (overseas work is never speedy), I'm going to ship everything but the dice. So, right around the end of Thanksgiving holidays, you'll receive the missing promos (except the dice) and then when the manufacturer provides a second batch of dice, I'll ship those out as well. Thank you for your patience.

Schlock Mercenary Calender:

Our favorite webcomicer (that's a word, I promise) has released his 2013 Calender regarding Schlock Mercenary and it includes some great Maxims and looks fabulous. Click on this link and pick up a great addition to your office, home or other. 12 fabulously flashy full colored fun fan-favorite pieces of pristine artwork are ready to be delivered directly to you. You can, if you haven't already, pick up a copy of Schlock Mercenary: Capital Offensive board game to go with it. Just saying.

Newest Game:

We are currently funding our newest game, Data Fortress, through KickStarter. Data Fortress is a two-player tile manipulation game with a nice hacker cyberpunk theme behind it. Hacker vs Admin, can you crash the Data Fortress? This is our third published game and we are offering, with included shipping in the US and reduced shipping world wide, for $25 USD. Stop by the KickStarter page here and check out the game.

More Update Information after the convention!

Update #40

Winners and Wings and Things


Shipping is Complete. Shipping was completed previously and you should have your games in hand. If you haven't received your copies, email (our fulfillment house) and (us), so we can get it straightened out. There should be no reason they aren't in your hands at this time. Also, supporters from Canada received a treat in the form of a second shipment. Errors with the shipping can be beneficial for supporters. For our Lifetime supporters, your copies of 1955: The War of Espionage is shipping out this weekend.

Shortage Update. A select number of individuals, as mentioned in a previous update, were not shipped the Dice Cup/Bag combos due to a shortage caused by shipping (amazing what happens when one out of 30 packages goes missing in the post). As such, we've assembled replacement combos and they are ready to send out. They are complete with the exception of the Tagon / Drone dice. These dice are being manufactured and I'm waiting on the new samples to come in to check the status of the dice molds (they have a limited life span). I want to make sure the molds still produce a fine product before they pour the material and send in a huge batch of dice.

And the Winner is.... Don King. Don has won the original line art, done by the esteemed Howard Tayler, for the front cover of Schlock Mercenary: Capital Offensive. As a thanks to our backers and those who pre-ordered, Don's name was drawn out of a hat (not literally a hat) to receive the artwork. Thank you to all who participated and supported our project. The artwork will be shipping out shortly. Congratulations.

More to Come. The extra scenarios are coming coming along and the first will be released very shortly. Though not open ended, if people have an idea or two for a map tile, sketch up the location of the walls and power-ups and we can see about putting together a tile for people to print out. Also, now that all the games have been delivered, they'll be appearing in gaming stores via ACD and Alliance over the next few weeks and in the lead up for the holidays.

Update #39

Schlock Shipped & Scenarios & Sheets

Schlock has shipped:

  Schlock has officially shipped, last copies out the door, finished shipping the games.  There is a nice little banner at the bottom that explains it better.   It also has the email address if anything of the below occurs:

  • Game isn't delivered by 9/28 (US) or 10/12 (International)
  • Game / Promos Damaged
  • Items are missing (Caveat below)

Shipping Caveat:  If you are missing the Dice Bag / Cup combo (It has the dice, discs and patch inside), we have you on the list as noted previously.  We'll be shipping out the next batch soon.  Check out Update #38 for more information on why.


  Web Scenarios are being developed.  Three of the ones that I'm working on in Vicksburg, Mississippi includes:

  • Thurl's Last Stand:  Thurl vs Others, Armories and TeraPort Gates
  • The Great Fall: Characters are falling through a shaft, pushing and shoving on the way down.
  • Arena Combat: Mad Max Thunderdome style combat, steal weapons from civilians, 1:1.

Expansion - Antagonist:

  The first expansion is currently being heavily played, over and over.  The first main scenario is solidifying into a comprehensive and balanced whole, so that is great news.  Currently Pranger is stomping the Toughs a little bit too hard in the scenario based on the comic where everyone dies and only Heads and Bits return. It is currently too close to the comic for my comfort so it is being tweaked.  When it is complete, let us see how well your Tagon survives.

  Gate Keepers, they are coming in this expansion.  More than likely, 3 different kinds based on the scenarios I'm seeing.

  Oh, and a bloke whose name starts with an X.  I hear he's a right bad guy.  More to come regarding him.

Reference Sheets:

   I created 2 quick reference sheets for players.  If you can access, the links are below.  If not, I'll be posting them on later this week.  FAQ / Errata ( which.. appears twice on the box, oh brother) are coming as well.

Equipment Reference Sheet

Token Reference Sheet - Base Game

That's all for now.

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Update #38

Shipping, Promos and More

Good evening friends and supporters,


As some people will have noticed, games are arriving all over the US and very very shortly, the world (I'm looking at you small Reunion island, your's is coming).  The first word that the game has started to arrive occurred on September 6th.  It turned out to be the best birthday present I received, so I had a fabulous day.

I haven't announced that the shipping is complete because at 1,500 games, it is a long process and isn't done yet.  The warehouse has asked that I not post that games are shipped yet, since they want to focus on shipping games, not answer requests as to the status of if someone's game has shipped  yet.  So, to that end, the next line is very important:

Important: Games are still shipping.  Not all are shipped yet.  Please be patient.  Once the last game ships, I'll post that all games are shipped.

However, as you can tell, they are shipping so your copy will be arriving very Soon<tm> (and unlike Eve Online universe, Soon here means soon).   Your copy will arrive shortly.

Shipping Issues #1:

After the last package goes out, and I make a post saying so, based on your customs department, it may take upwards of 2 weeks.  In the post saying all games have shipped (they haven't yet), I'll provide the contact information for inquiring as to the status of your specific shipment so that if there is a delay or an issue, you have a contact to get it sorted out.

I've provided the warehouse with all 300+ requests for address changes over the last few months in such a way that they never saw the original addresses, so there shouldn't be an issue with address changes and boxes going to the wrong location (unless you changed it super last minute after the cutoff).  If, as per the previous paragraph, you don't have you game after the designated time past the post that I'll make in the future, please contact the warehouse using the contact information that I'll be providing and we'll get your game + promos shipped out to you at once.

Shipping Issue #2:

  150 games are going to ship without the promos (Dice Bag, Cup, Patch, Dice, wooden discs).  These games will be going to US based people.  Do not fear, you will be getting your promos (Bag, Cup, Patch, Discs, Dice) just as soon as we get the next shipment in of these items.

  We originally packed enough of these sets to supply everyone who KSed and have approximately 50 left over.  In transit, the box was lost and disappeared into the Ether. Just poof, gone.  The agency I used to ship the package can't find it.  So we were short approximately 150 sets.  We have enough bags and cups at my house, so those are ready.  I've ordered another batch of discs so they'll be arriving next week.  The dice are being sent along with the patches.  Just as soon as they all arrive, I'll be shipping out the 150 sets personally, so you'll get your sets not too much longer later. 

Updates, FAQs, Errata and More:

   Errata: As a heads up, there are some typos that have been caught in the rules and even the back of the box (double word).  We are collecting them all.  Feel free to email me at with any errors you find and we'll add it to the errata.  The biggest one, and most people won't notice, is that the Petey character sheet appears to be missing the black 4 on his Automiss bar.  All it is a white background for the 4. 

   FAQ:  I'm collecting questions people ask so we can release an FAQ in the coming week(s).  Please contact me at the same address or through's forums related to the game with your questions and I'll get them answered right away.

  Reference Card:  I'm putting together a reference card, an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper (low-ink usage) that puts all the weapons on one page for ease of use as well as the turn order summary so people can reference it without needing the entire rulebook.

  Token Sheet: There are 20 wooden discs, there are 63 stickers.  Lots of stickers, too many stickers! This is correct, we had extra room on the sticker sheet and decided to put more printing on it since it didn't change the cost.   Stickering the discs is easy.  9 Tokens get a Toughs's bust on one side and the matching full figure on the other.  At least 8 Drones get the same.  You can use 2 more for the promo Toughs.  That's a total of 19 discs and 38 stickers.  The last disc is for whatever you want and the remaining stickers are for funsies.  Please note that due to the discs being produced at a US based craft wood company, the diameter of the discs seem to vary +/- 2mm.  This is a tolerence that I would have never of expected out of a US based production company (The one I run QA for deals in 0.001 - 0.0001 tolerances).  The discs may be slightly too small for your stickers.  I recommend a pair of scissors and it is alright to complain about me as you trim the stickers.  I can't do much about it at this point.  I've been contacting other wood companies, but most of them have tolerances that are roughly the same as the ones we already have.

    Token Identification Sheet: I'm going to be providing a handy dandy token identification sheet so you know the names of each token and can easily identify them.  It'll take a few days and I hope to have it out by this weekend.

    How to Play Video: We filmed a How To Play Video.  It is on a flash drive in Houston.  I'm in a hotel in Vicksburg, Mississippi.   I won't be heading back to Houston this weekend, but will be the weekend after.  I plan on posting it just as soon as I get back to my house for a day.

   Scenarios: The designer and our awesome Houston crew are hard at work creating both web scenarios and also expansion scenarios.  If you come up with a map using the tiles provided and a good fun scenario that plays great, let me know and we can see about making it official and posting it for people to start playing.


   Games are shipping.

   Shipping isn't complete yet.

   Please don't ask if your copy has shipped yet (stock answer is "It hasn't" until we announce all shipment is complete)

   We are releasing files to assist in game play in the near future.

   Please let us know if you need anything.


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