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We are making it easy for millions to share huge organic, fair-trade, chocolate bars with inspirational words engraved in them!
We are making it easy for millions to share huge organic, fair-trade, chocolate bars with inspirational words engraved in them!
195 backers pledged $12,300 to help bring this project to life.

Congratulations. We Did It!

Dear Team (yes, we're a team!), 

I'm writing to you from Gate 4 of the San Francisco airport. I haven't had much sleep, and I'm facing the prospect - thanks to flights schedules and delays - of a 52 hour travel return to Peru from the United States. Yet I couldn't be happier. Thanks to 195 of us, tonight we officially raised $12,300 for our Placebo Chocolate Project! 

What I want to do is tell you all stories about you. I want to tell you about David and Joni - two US soldiers who didn't know me or anyone else associated with the Placebo Chocolate Project, but who decided that the most important thing in the world was that our project get funded. So they made a huge contribution and would have shouldered even more - at the expense of food on the table or a dress for the Army ball - if I hadn't pleaded with them to trust that more community would come. And I want to tell you about Brooks and Jeff. Two successful businessmen who I reached out to when I was just twenty-two. Their love, support, and mentorship over the last eight years - years of in-the-trenches learning - has been constant and, as usual, poured into this project too. And I want to tell you about my Mom. Sometimes we get lucky in this world and inherit a Mom who just gets it. I got one of those.

I want so much to tell 190 more stories. Just a few sentences about each of you. Even the many of you I don't yet know. Like Lee - the angel who fell out of the sky with two hours to go before our project deadline and brought the Placebo Chocolate Project through the finish line. I don't know Lee. And nobody I know knows Lee (that I know of). But that's what makes this project so special. It lives tonight because 195 community members - who all had their own reasons - joined together and decided we cared enough about a vision that we would choose to let it live. You are that community. You are who I want to honor. Even if I am not telling your story now, please know that I want to.

The final funding amount was $12,300. There's something special about that number. 1, 2, 3 to infiniti (the two zeroes together creating the infiniti sign). 1, 2, 3 represents our humble step-by-step origins and continued practice. Infini represents our potential. Our possibility. The Placebo Chocolate Project - now that we've chosen to let it live - can be whatever we choose it to be. Over the next few weeks and months I'm excited to hear from you and learn how you think we can grow and touch people's lives. I'm excited to deliver to you chocolates that fill you or someone you care about with love, joy, and inspiration. And I'm excited to keep walking with you through the next part of our wonderful journey together.

Congratulations. We did it! 

Warmest, Danny


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    1. Mimi Cross on April 4, 2012

      Congrats! Great feeling, isn't it?

      Best wishes!