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The story of a Hawaiian life thru the everyday example of aloha and ohana in the life and music of George Kahumoku Jr. Read more

Kahului, HI Documentary
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The story of a Hawaiian life thru the everyday example of aloha and ohana in the life and music of George Kahumoku Jr.

Kahului, HI Documentary
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My name is David Barry, I am a documentary producer & director, and I have been working in television production for almost 20 years.  Over the past couple years I have gotten to know George Kahumoku Jr thru filming his shows, and working with him on his farm.   

When I think of words like aloha or ohana, they really are the keys to our lives here in Hawaii, and they are the pillars that uncle George lives by.  In everything he does he is a living example of a Hawaiian life, and he is the best example we have of  this for everyone to see.   So, with his approval and participation, I have decided to start a documentary on his Hawaiian life.  This film will tell the story behind the man, and reveal how he became who he is today, and along the way it will shed light on the important life lessons, that  reveal how to live a life like George’s. 

Our goal is to raise $30,000 so we can tell his story in the manner it deserves, with a feature length documentary that we plan on submitting to PBS, A&E, Biography, film festivals, colleges and schools, and of course here in Hawaii locally to our networks. 


There’s a reason he’s been called Hawaii’s Renaissance man: George Kahumoku Jr. is a multiple Grammy Award & Hoku Award winning master slack key guitarist, songwriter, world-traveling performer, high school teacher and college professor, artist and sculptor, storyteller and writer, farmer and entrepreneur.  His music, teaching, art, and influence has reached across the ocean from Hawaii to the mainland USA, and all the way to Europe and Japan. 

George’s life is a harmonious example of how he is a product of  the aina (the land) and the mele (the song), and how the two are connected and work together in a Hawaiian life.

In everything he does, from the watering of his taro and the feeding of his goats, to his performances while on tour, George Kahumoku Jr. exudes aloha, and he treats everyone he meets like ohana instantly.  It is in his everyday activities, and how he goes about them that we will discover the roots of his Hawaiian life, and how it has made him the man he is today, and why he is cherished legend of Hawaiian music and culture.  


To really tell this story we need to put boots to the ground and go to Hawaii island, to where uncle George was raised.  We need to travel to Oahu, and see the places where many of his stories took place, and we need to travel to the mainland to catch up  with many of his contemporaries.  Thru visiting some of these places with George, as a fly on the wall, we will get his unique perspective and put image to the words. 

Along the way we will also interview his family, friends, students, co-workers, fellow teachers, and musical contemporaries to uncover just who George is, and who he is to those in his ever expanding circle of influence.

We estimate this will take 10 days of filming on Hawaii and Oahu, 14 days of filming on Maui, and 7 days filming on the mainland, spread out in at least 3 different locations.

Once the filming is done we will do the editing in our own studio, however a final color enhancement and audio enhancement session will need to be done in a high end edit facility to make the film ready for broadcast and film festivals.


By contributing to this campaign you can help share the values that uncle George has shared with us all, thru the telling of his story.  These values are important to share with future generations, and it is thru the telling of George’s story that we can help ensure that generations to come will be inspired to live lives rooted in ohana, and steeped with aloha.

We have great incentives for anyone that can give to our campaign, and if you want to get involved but do not have the money, then please help out by SPREADING THE WORD, because if the conversation gets big enough, then we will achieve our goal of raising the money needed, and we will be able to tell the story of  George Kahumoku Jr.’s Hawaiian Life.


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