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Orgasmo de la Boca Smoked Olives's video poster

A quest to become the international Queen of the "OO" Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 19, 2012.

A quest to become the international Queen of the "OO"

At 4k with 2 days to go!

Once again, thank you to all who have donated thus far. I have finally stopped biting my nails and feel that this is going to happen. Some of you I know well, some of you I don't know at all and either way, it feels great! 

The kickstarter just passed the 4k mark and I am confident that I can make the last 1k in the next 2 days. I can't do it without your help though. The last 48 hours are huge in a kickstarter campaign and every little bit helps, not just the $$. If you can take a moment to Tweet, post on Facebook, personally email friends or family that either..

1) love olives  2) love to support a small local biz 3) have met me and love me 4) all of the above.  Don't forget to include the link to the Paper mag article too! 

Thanks so much!