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She put up a shower curtain...bad idea.
She put up a shower curtain...bad idea.
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Posted by Jash Pictures Inc. (Creator)

HELLO BACKERS! 500 days ago you helped Curtain cross the finish line! Since our last update we've been racing to prepare for our world premiere at FILM4 FrightFest in London's Leicester Square! But we're gonna make a pit stop and fill you in with these magnificent updates!


After literally years, Curtain is finally complete!!! The final step was to transfer the movie to a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) which is essentially a hard drive that the movie lives on. We then hand it over to festivals for their projectionists to plug in and play the movie in the theatre. The DCP has now been shipped to London where the FrightFest organizers will make sure it works properly and doesn't explode.


Check out the awesome design that graphics wizard Andy Butler whipped up for our t-shirts! We've been talking with a printing company just around the corner from Curtain headquarters that'll hopefully be schlepping these babies out in the coming months to all of our Level 3 backers and higher! T-shirts will be available in Small, Medium, Large and Large Marge.


Lead actors Danni Smith and Martin Monahan as well as crew members Adam Skerritt (composer), Carys Edwards (Quint-lover) and Jaron Henrie-McCrea (walrus) will be at Curtain's world premiere in London. 

Tickets are still available so if you or anyone you know has a hankering for a cinematic shower curtain odyssey then check out this easy to remember link:


We are eagerly awaiting news of our North American premiere. We have consulted a shaman and after performing the sacred film festival dance of the movie gods he only managed to turn the pale man's eyes back to normal. So we're leaving it to the festival programmers to decide. But rest assured we'll let you know the moment we hear anything!

That's all for now Curtain-eers! We'll be cooking up another mega-update highlighting our world premiere at FrightFest and the celebratory beef wellington that will follow.

Stay tuned!!!

Jaron & The Curtain Team


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