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A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.
19,304 backers pledged $2,810,127 to help bring this project to life.

Whitebox, Blackbox and More!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Collaborator)

Hey everyone,

Rolling Out!

We're starting to roll out the new and updated games! And we'd like to address our timing issue that some of you may have noticed. This morning Myst 3, Myst 4, and updated versions of the other games showed up for sale on It's very exciting, and honestly we are elated to finally see all five games now available! But you Backers may be wondering about the timing -- where are your codes?   

We’re trying really hard to coordinate these things, and as much as we’d prefer this to all synchronize perfectly… well… cat-herding comes to mind. Cyan and Blackbox were working really hard to have the surveys out prior to the release on GOG, but Blackbox needs a little more time. The timing is just a few days off. So sorry, but the surveys will be out early next week. Thank you so much for understanding.

Once you get the surveys you will have a chance to pick GOG or Steam. If you pick GOG we will get the bundle code out to you right away. If you pick Steam, a code will go out in a month or two. Again, thank you for understanding.


And this is cool! We received what we're referring to as our white box sample of the Myst Linking Book Box from Idea planet. It's not final -- but it's a hand assembled version to verify certain elements, and it is awesome! There are only a few minor changes. We are so excited to final version of this on your/our shelf/desk/coffee table.

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Community Rewards

We are releasing two more community achievements today.  It was great to see what the community was doing with the 3D models from Myst. We're fairly new to the 3D printing scene, so we got the models printing with our setup and called it good. It's great to see fans cleaning up and share the models. Thanks!

Check out the new items!


The Cyan Team
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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Fagan on

      The release date for the backers was given as by Kickstarter as November 2018. It's the middle of December and I have not received my "Maintainer" package. Does anyone know what's going on or have I been victimized by a "Porch Pirate"?

    2. Missing avatar

      Kristin Roach on

      I now have my game codes. When can we expect our Linking Book?

    3. Missing avatar

      Marvin E Lick on

      When can we expect the Myst 25th Anniversary edition codes to be available on Steam?

    4. Missing avatar

      Schloss Ritter on

      Disregard my comment, as I should have looked even further down to see this has been addressed.

    5. Missing avatar

      Schloss Ritter on

      Would it be possible to conceal the speaker better or move it further from the LCD? It kinda breaks the illusion of it being an actual linking book with how it is in the preview video.

    6. Missing avatar

      djinnett on

      Still no codes.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jacob41083 on

      I got the survey yesterday, I am just waiting for my codes for

    8. Missing avatar

      Robin Smith on

      wow!! So sweet!! Wish I would have been able to get the led book. I just got the regular book and DVD's. I am so happy for that though and can't wait to play them again!! Thank you for all your hard work and for doing this for us. I so appreciate it.

    9. Martin O

      @John Arnold:
      GOG allows you to download offline installers while with Steam you'd always have to install the Steam client to download games.
      For normal players this may not be much of a difference.

      Note that the games will be released on Steam later (in one or two months). So if you want them NOW you have to get them from GOG.

    10. Missing avatar

      John Arnold on

      Forgive me not knowing the answer - found the link to ask for Steam or GOG version, and I have no clue how to choose. I am not a gamer, just Myst fan who played long ago, and wanted to get whole collection to play on my home PC. With ability if I change home computers I can use the games on another future computer. Any suggestions?

    11. Missing avatar

      djinnett on

      @Jeremy Beach Someone from Cyan support helped me. I never heard anything back from Blackbox. The automated email had such a button as you described, but when I clicked it, I started typing my address inside the button instead of being sent to the survey website -- which obviously didn't look right. I don't know why they couldn't just have a link to the survey website that could be copy/pasted instead of hiding the link under some button. Now it appears I have to wait for Cyan to send me a GOG key -- and wait until November for physical items to be shipped.

    12. Jeremy Beach on

      @djinnett If it's the same email that I got, then the survey is accessed by clicking the "Enter Address" button under step 1. Does your email have such a button?

    13. Missing avatar

      djinnett on

      Received nothing from blackbox until I went to and typed in my email address. They sent an email but it did not include any link to a survey. Tried it twice -- same thing. Email lists what they're going to want, but no link to a survey. Am I supposed to Reply to their email and type in the answers they want manually? I'm so sick of automated garbage that doesn't work correctly.

    14. Cyan Worlds, Inc. 2-time creator on

      @ Arlie DuBois You can look it up by going here -

    15. Cyan Worlds, Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Pyrii Please contact support so I can work with Blackbox, change your country and send you a new survey.

    16. Jeremy Beach on

      @Pyrii I specified my country (Canada) when I made my pledge back in April (it was listed in a pull-down menu), and my survey accordingly allowed me to enter a Canadian address.

    17. Arlie DuBois on

      Just wondering what happens if survey was deleted by accident?

    18. Missing avatar

      Top Gun on

      Had to go with Steam, since I own fewer things there, but hopefully the rest of the titles will wind up on GOG Connect someday. Heck, I may just wind up buying RealMyst Masterpiece Edition on my own since it's on sale.

    19. Pyrii on

      I got my survey from blackbox but it clearly is designed for US-addresses only as I was not able to specify a country and my phone number got mangled into a US number instead. I'm worried this is going to mess up deliveries to UK backers.

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew C. on

      Looks like surveys are starting to go out now because I just got mine! (Email from Blackbox titled "Myst 25th Anniversary Collection needs some information")

    21. mav6771 on

      How timely, I was just about to ask whether or not surveys went out yet. Came here to comment and you posted just a minute ago! Thank you for the update, I don't want to miss this survey!

    22. Cyan Worlds, Inc. 2-time creator on

      No surveys have gone out to anyone just yet.

      When they do, Cyan (HEY! That's US!) will make a post, and put up An Official Kickstarter Update.

      Thank you for your patience (You wouldn't believe how close you are to getting your surveys, even if we told you!).

    23. Sasha Langford on

      I still haven't received my survey yet. When can I expect to receive it?

    24. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @ Jesse The surveys haven't gone out. When they do Cyan will make a post.
      @ Adrien Nope. If you want them on both, your best best is to choose Steam and then hope they're on GOGConnect some day.

    25. Missing avatar

      Adrien LEBOURQ on

      Is it possible to choose gog first and migrate the key to Steam?

    26. Missing avatar

      jesse carr on

      I never got a survey

    27. Martin O

      @Kryat Lore:
      Thanks for pointing this out. In the meantime you can use some kind of extraction tool to get the full images.
      E.g. this online tool worked for me:

    28. Kryat Lore on

      Nice!! Can't wait!!

      And Cyan... One of the Age PDFs has a problem! On Kadish Tolesa, the puzzle diagrams are cropped. Can't read the whole thing. Can you guys update the file, please?

    29. Cygnata on

      Is it possible to split the bundle? I have a couple of the games on steam already, and one on

    30. Martin O

      Steam doesn't add DRM while installing but developers/publishers decide how they ship their game.
      They can choose to not use any DRM at all, they can use Steamworks which is Steam's built-in DRM (which is at least not obtrusive), or they could use some 3rd party product, like Denuvo (which IMHO is malware).

      @Fuzzy Puffin:
      Yes... and no. In some people's opinion having to use the client is DRM. It's probably not, but I can understand people not wanting to have to install something like a Windows Service running as superuser because of security reasons.
      But I have to give Valve credit that recently when a serious security vulnerability popped up they immediately fixed it.

      This also reminds me of another thing I don't like: Forcing auto-updates of games.
      Normally game developers aren't malicious (e.g. forcing DRM at a later point in time or removing game features). But it also can happen that they break their game, maybe only related to some specific hardware platforms only.
      Forcing the most current version is good for bug reporting, but it's also not very consumer friendly.

    31. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @Martin Agreed, Steam DRM-free games should be labeled as such. It's such a common misconception that Steam is DRM by default.
      @gijobarts Yes, you need the client to install, but I like it better than dealing with downloading, installing, then deleting installers. Some games (usually AAA) have another third-party DRM. Most indies are DRM-free.
      @Inkworks IMO GOG's graphic design is more polished than Steam's. Even Valve's new chat redesign still looks outdated. But perhaps you meant features, and in that respect I'd agree. But GOG is catching up.

    32. InkWorks Productions on

      Given a choice, I will grab a game from GoG before I'll get it from Steam. It may not be as polished an interface, but I don't get nagged about being online, their support has always been helpful to me, the community less ...fraught... and with some of Valve's choices lately, I feel better about having supported GoG.


    33. Missing avatar

      gijobarts on

      Doesn't Steam require it's client when installing, but then doesn't require the client to run the game later? With GOG, their client is completely optional. You can just download games from their website. Also, while Steam only *adds* DRM while installing, I've heard some Steam games have their own DRM. GOG only sells games that don't have DRM at all. I haven't used Steam myself.

    34. Martin O

      @Fuzzy Puffin:
      Steam also doesn't have a requirement for workshop etc.. Those are just possible features.
      BUT what the Steam shop does not show is which games have which kind of DRM.
      For a digital distribution platform this is IMHO completely ridiculous and the main reason I don't like to touch this platform.

      GOG on the other hand tries to guarantee DRM-free products.

    35. Dana on

      From the campaign's description of the linking book:

      Dimensions: 7in x 9in x 2.5in (18cm x 25 cm x 6 cm)
      Window cutout: 5in x 2.75in (12cm x 7cm)
      Materials: 1200g grey board & art paper, with Matte Finish
      Embossed & gold foil on Logo & edges of leather art treatments
      Weight: 2.71 pounds (1.23kg)
      1:1 exact scale replica
      800 x 480 IPS high resolution LCD screen (Maintainer tier)
      Speaker (Maintainer tier)

      It's gonna be sweet! I'm sure the book will be close to those dimensions. NOTE the 1:1 exact scale replica. So as long nothing is overly disproportionate, (screen, book size, etc.) I'm happy. Cyan wants a masterpiece they can be proud of too. I trust them. Also, all you folks waiting on digital downloads, the Campaign stated August, so getting them in early July is a bonus.

    36. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @Martin Steam doesn’t have a DRM requirement. RealMyst Masterpiece works just fine without the client running.

      @Tom RealMyst Masterpiece has achievements, the GOG version doesn’t.

    37. Tom on

      Hi @Cyan, Ryan, I see your comment "The book has increased size ... I actually think the display is the same or larger. We upgraded the quality of the LCD at some point. Initially, I (Ryan) was skeptical on the large size, but it really feels like something special... "

      Sounds fantastic. While it's not final, acknowledged, but would it be possible to get some measurement of the white box? I get that the screen in there might be smaller or the bookbox larger, and I am happy for whatever comes out (having all faith in the Cyan team and Idea Planet). I have been collecting very rare and collectible books in last few years and this is just the latest. Best wishes. :)

    38. Martin O

      @Tom: I might add:
      If you prefer features over DRM-free then generally you always have to pick Steam because that's where developers are more likely to invest their time into (e.g. Obduction doesn't support achievements on GOG).
      But if devs are willing they can support a lot of Steam-like features on GOG like achievements and multiplayer (even with crossplay).

      Features which are Steam-only for the time being are especially: trading cards, workshop, and of course: DRM.

    39. Martin O

      GOG supports cloud saves for many games (even older ones) out of the box when you are using their client. They do have cloud support for Myst 3 and Myst 4.
      (@Cyan: the other Myst games don't show up having cloud saves support at the moment, but this should be easy to fix)
      Auto update is also automatically supported.

      Otherwise you don't have any special features except that GOG is always DRM-free, you get offline-installers, you can rollback versions and it doesn't have the requirement to be logged in with some client.

      Note that it's unlikely they will add any other features to the older games (like achievements), neither on GOG nor on Steam.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Is there a difference between getting the GoG or Steam version? Cloud saves or something? I like gog, but I know they don't always have the same features as steam versions..

    41. Matt Giuca on

      I skimmed the Uru design docs: what a treasure trove indeed. Really looking forward to digging into these!

    42. Olivier Doriath on

      Why do Steam users have to wait for so much longer? :/

    43. Martin O

      If Steam-Link works it's probably the easiest solution.
      But otherwise you can download ResidualVM from

    44. Mario Kinastowski on

      @ Martin O

      Thank you.

      Unfortunately, the #Myst25-EXILE is not the ResidualVM version. At least not according to GOG.
      It had no sound over my Asus ROG (Intel HD 530 / NVidia GTX 960m Hybrid) on TV.
      This bug can be avoided by using Steam-Link (LAN).

      I am very excited. Link automatically uses the NVidia GPU.
      Maybe my worries are unfounded.

      I am especially looking forward to this game.
      ALL others works on Win10.

    45. Martin O

      @Mario Kinastowski:
      Those games supported by ScummVM and ResidualVM (Myst 3) probably work fine on Intel GPUs.

    46. Dana on

      I hope Cyan sends Prison Books to some here. (The speaker holes are air vents for them. Ours won't have them.)

      @Cyan Worlds Inc. This is one awesome project--take all the time you need to get it right.

      And to whom it may concern below: Autocorrect is one word.

    47. Chris Houlberg on

      The Myst book is awesome. I'm sure there will be some sort of cover paper over those speaker holes. Most likely it will look like old paper with some D'ni writing on it.
      This 25th anniversary Kick-starter is fantastic. It is a great gift to all your fans. I can't wait for your 50th anniversary. Maybe you will have that Myst book teleportation really working.

    48. Cthulhu on

      MYST Book - AWESOME!!!! Really looking forward to the rest too. Thanks a million, Cyan, Rand, Robin and crew; you lot are awesome too!
      Hope to see a few more avatars on Myst Live - sometimes I feel like I'm the only one there!
      Joining stories are available written by myself. If you would like to see how the various games fit together, give me a call -
      Once again thanks to all.

    49. Erik Ammerlaan on

      As I also said in the general comments, Cyan, thank you so much for the URU design documents!!! It's a real treasure trove.

      Great to read more of the backstory of the Ages and the extensive ideas that were there originally, for instance, much more multi-player interactions. And a boat on Ahnonay?! What I liked most were all the original ideas for the Laki Age, which eventually made it into Myst V as we know. Such a shame the original Uru vision for Laki'ahn couldn't be realized. What fun would it be to solve the Age together... and to raise some Laki creatures!

      I'm soon planning a return visit to Myst Online to visit the Ages again, I'm sure I'll look at them differently now.

    50. SinKillerJ Tachikawa on

      As others have said the screen is definitely too small. I hope the issue can be addressed this late into development.