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A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.
19,304 backers pledged $2,810,127 to help bring this project to life.

1000% Achieved! 24 Hours Left! (...and Compatibility and Localization)

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Collaborator)

1000% and more!

Okay, now you've gone and done it. With over a day left you've blown past the 1000% mark! So amazing! The Uru Soundtrack and Russell Brower's original music is officially added to the mix - even at the $1 level! Congratulations to everyone!


And be sure to join us live for the countdown to the end of this amazing Kickstarter campaign here at Cyan! Here's the link for details.


And we know there have been some questions on compatibility and localization. Those things are a work in progress, but we'll tell you what we think so far.

Worried About Compatibility? GeForce Now!

If you are concerned that your system is a bit older and slower, remember the beta to GeForce Now may help. NVIDIA is providing access to the beta for free to 5000 of our Backers. Not only should it ease your fears about running all the Myst games, but it'll allow your older machine to run many newer games you couldn't have considered otherwise. Just sayin'. More info is here.

OS Compatibility

We’re using our resources to test the games on Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). Those are the operating systems we’re shooting for, since the idea is that we need to make the disc versions as up-to-date as possible. With all that said, even though we aren’t officially running the games through verification testing on older OSes, we've heard of some success with many of the games on older Windows versions (64 bit), and we're continuing to investigate. If you think that that sounds very anecdotal, you’re correct. Unfortunately that may be as good as it gets, since we just don’t have the resources for extensive testing on older OSes. But we’re sure you understand that our focus is on making the games more forward compatible vs. backward compatible.

Hardware Requirements

Again, our focus is on trying to move these games forward to more modern systems. With that said, most of the older games won’t have any trouble running on older hardware. The primary exception is realMyst: Masterpiece Edition. GOG has the specs for realMyst: ME here

Bottom line — If you have the specs for playing realMyst:Masterpiece Edition then you’ll be in fine shape for playing the other games. Beyond that, if you have hardware that will run the OSes we're shooting for, you should be in good shape.


The original games that we’re basing the wrapped updated versions on had various levels of localized language support, some with various languages on a unified version and some with separately localized versions. We're still in the process of looking at all the combinations and seeing what all works. But at this point in time, here is what we have to the best of our knowledge...


 Thanks - and here's to the final day! Woot!

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    1. Samuel Buisseret on

      Please, for more than 1000%, you SURRELY can do everything in French. I buy it for my girlfriend, make her a huge surprise, but she dont speak english at all. It could not be possible to get it in english only when for free, in pirate version (yeah I know its bad but its not my point), you can get it in any language.

    2. Missing avatar

      Randall Rigdon Jr. on

      Are we able to claim the soundtrack already?

    3. Missing avatar

      Ted Brunzie on

      @Fuzzy Puffin: That's just what I did... To provide the illusion of the game being a single executable binary file in Linux, I built its Wine environment inside a (loop mounted) disk image file. Now each game is "just a file".

      To run a game, I created a bash script that handles mounting the image file (a "wine bottle") with an available loop device, then launches the game via its Windows Start Menu file. When the game quits, the script unmounts the image file and destroys the loop device.

      To allow a double-clickable icon on the desktop (or in the dock, etc.) for launching, I created a '.desktop' file for each game and have it call the script with the corresponding image file as an argument. Click the icon and the game appears -- just like a native app.

      And finally, to make the script truly generic (so that I can do this with any Windows app), I have a second script *inside* the mounted disk image that gets called when the Wine "bottle" mounts. That generic script reads a ".dat" file that provides all the file paths, names, Wine environment parameters, etc. that the particular app needs to run.

      The scripts are full-featured, with usage hints, error checking & reporting, etc. They also allow you to optionally run winecfg, wineconsole, etc. for the bottle instead of the game app. And you can tell it to just mount/unmount the bottle without running anything (allowing you to browse its contents).

      Why go to the trouble? It's not just a clean installation with consistent, controlled behavior, it also gives me a single file that I can put on a thumb drive and go from desktop to laptop, etc. and have the game & its environment, all its needed files, etc. come with -- including game state and save files.

      So it makes any Windows app (including all the Myst games) not only look & act like native Linux apps, it also makes them portable and independent of which machine I want to run them on. I can easily "take them with me".

    4. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @ Ted Most of the Mac versions are just wine wrappers, so I expect the games will also run in Linux if you make the wrappers yourself.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ted Brunzie on

      @Charles: I expect they will, but via Wine. Cyan doesn't seem have the money/manpower/time to do a Linux port, as they'll have their hands full upgrading/testing for Win10 and now Mac.

      What would be better is to include Win7 in their test/debug efforts, as there are probably many more Win7 users than Linux users. If an app runs in Win7, it will likely run in Wine, and then Linux users like us can be satisfied.

      If not, the question is this: will the Win10 upgrades produced by this Kickstarter run in Wine? Again, I expect so, but it would be nice if they include Wine testing/debug in some of this unexpected funding largesse. (Hint, hint, Cyan...)

      The current releases of RealMyst, RealMyst ME, Riven, End of Ages, and Uru (CC) that you can download from GOG all work *very* well in Linux using Wine. I've had no issues with any features for them (so far). They play just as though they were native ports; you can't tell the difference once they're installed.

      I haven't tried Myst ME from GOG, but the 10th Anniversary disk does NOT work in either Wine or Crossover. (And apparently Cyan/Codeweavers are aware of this and seemed to imply it's to be worked on. Ironically, getting the other games to work in Crossover was hit-or-miss, and I gave up in favor of pure Wine.)

      Both Exile & Revelations installed from Ubisoft disks also work very well in Wine. I'm looking forward to getting these repackaged by Cyan to make Wine installs easier (and provide a robust form of backup).

      Sadly, neither the original Myst on CD, nor the later CD for Windows MPC work in Crossover or Wine. So my hope is to at least get a working Myst ME from this Kickstarter.

      Until then, RealMyst ME running in "classic" mode (point & click through static images) *does* recreate the essence of the original Myst, and that works fine in Wine.

      It's hard to believe that Cyan would degrade this functionality when modding the series to run in Win10. Including Wine in the test cycle would be the love the Linux crowd wants/needs.

      And, Cyan (hint, hint), it would give the love the Chromebook crowd needs, too. (Noodlecake Studios already ported RealMyst & Riven to Android, and they both run great in Android on Chromebooks.)

    6. Missing avatar

      Charles Banas on

      I wish I could convince you guys to give us Linux users some love.

    7. Mike Neimoyer on

      Tom - The main campaign page says that there are 3,873 backers for the Writer level. Hopefully we don't lose too many of those, and we're able to keep above the 3,750 goal level!

    8. Missing avatar

      Tom Livingston on

      Any update on hitting the 3750 Writers backers goal?

    9. Mike Neimoyer on

      Tarra - The campaign's been over for only a little bit. Give them some time, and have some patience.

    10. Tarra Scott

      Update GeForce Now Beta, please and thanks.

    11. Rougetet on

      I play to this game since I am 12 years old, I grow up with these games and these books and I am so happy to see the DVD coming.
      I will can offer them to my little brother. I still have an ISO of the French version of Riven, but I very hope the DVD we will receive will be translated.

    12. Stephanie Potter on

      I have loved these games for 25 years. Can't believe it's been that long! Wish I could do more, but I wanted to support as I could. I think it would be amazing to see vr versions of all of them in the future. Seems like they were always meant for it. Cheers!

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Woohoo Russell Brower!!

    14. Brandon Moreno on

      We hit the original Writers tier goal!

    15. Randall Silver on

      Wooooooo !!!! So happy!

    16. Rivenese Gamer on

      I know, this might sound like a stupid question, but can you make an option in Myst 4 and 5 to play with english audio, but texts and subtitles in another language?

    17. Missing avatar

      Captain Awesome on

      Very exciting! Looking forward to this. So many fond (sometimes frustrating haha) memories from these games. Keep up the good work!

    18. Cthulhu on

      This really is incredible, and I'm looking forward to the updated games immensely. However many people would have realised that there are gaps between the games in which there are rather unfortunate stories which could be told. I have looked hard at these games and have produced a series of stories which join the various games together. If anyone would like to read them just contact me. There is no charge - I just do it out of the goodness of my heart and because I love MYST so much.
      If you are interested, just e-mail me:
      Looking forward to hearing from anyone in due course!

    19. Yotasse on

      Can you explain the reason (IP, technical, both of them, other..) for why some previously existing localizations are in "not sure yet" state ?


    20. Missing avatar

      Rolf on

      @Timothy Stark message reply was that games that didn't have captions in original release is not likely to have any. :( This really sucks, because it means I cannot enjoy those games, being deaf.

    21. Mario Kinastowski on

      @ Michael Schulz

      Hier finden Sie 'Masterpiece' & 'Riven' ...

    22. Ryan Allen on

      Can we get a master checklist of everything we're getting including the non-backer rewards? There's so much stuff it's hard to know what's what. Also, MUCH love and grats to you all. :D

    23. Greg Wicklund on

      Heh, at this rate we're on track for the original 3750 Writers goal. Just need 83 more when I was posting this.

    24. Lee Miller on

      I'd like to see an iPhone version of Myst 3. I keep Riven on my phone at all times and constantly play it. It's beautiful on a phone's smaller screen.

    25. Carlos da Ponte on

      @cyan @creator as a loyal Myst and Cyan fan from the moment the original Myst released and as a lover of digital history, I’m really curious to know how the funding of this KS compares to the first year of sales for the original Myst (either in units or dollars)?

    26. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      You're adding the soundtrack to URU at the $1 tier? I'm in.

    27. TRYER on

      50k USD in 2 days. That is unbelievable. Great job everyone!!!

    28. Timothy Stark

      Well, I did not see any columns about English subtitles for deaf/hearing impairments. Accessibility is a must!! Which games have subtitles? Are you planning to add subtitles to games? I can't play games without subtitles because I did not understand voices to complete a mission.

      I would like to play games on Linux. I hope that they are porting them to Linux platforms (Ubuntu, Fedora, and other favors). There are growing Linux games on Steam.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ted Brunzie on

      @Quagthistle: Some options to consider:
      1. These re-releases will likely run in Windows 7 64-bit (if they run in Win10). They may not guarantee it, but it's likely, as the two OSes differ mainly in the interface. (They're both NT 6.x.)
      2. Run Linux in a virtual machine on your rig, then run the games in Wine. (Virtual Box works well here.)
      3. Install Linux as a dual-boot on your machine (Ubuntu FTW). Boot Linux, then import your Windows OS into a virtual machine (not hard). Want to run Windows 7? Launch its VM. Want to play Myst? Launch in Wine.
      My systems (home & work) mirror #3. In fact, I have VMs for WinXP, Win7, Win10 (work forces me, but I have it corralled), other Linux distros, and (yes) Win98SE. My hardware always boots Ubuntu, though. (Yes, you can game in a VM and Wine if your system is "high end".)

    30. Kerdh on

      @Jessica: translate is a real work. And Cyan can pay for it - especially when the translations already exist...

    31. Quagthistle

      Since I have a *very* high-end computer (GTX 1060, Quad Core i7 processor, 32 GB of RAM, and Windows 7 Pro, the last of which makes me the envy of more people than anything else right now), GeForce Now is not something I'd consider (especially since I'm very picky about the games I play, and only a small percentage of games ever make the cut). Sadly, I am not willing to infect my computer with the dumpster fire that is Windows 10 in order to play *any* game, even Myst, and Macs and I have not gotten along since 1995. I understand wanting to update for modern systems, but there are many PC enthusiasts who don't want to deal with the epic problems plaguing Windows 10. Besides, at present, all Windows 10 users plus all Mac users combined aren't quite equal to the number of Windows 7 users, many of whom are die-hards who will probably *never* switch to Windows 10 (because they HATE it). Windows 7 users aren't just people with older machines who haven't upgraded in a long time. A good portion of them have up-to-date high-end machines they don't want ruined by Windows 10 and it's truly AWEFUL user experience. Besides, $2.5 million isn't enough to ensure compatibility with the current most popular Operating System on the planet? How much *would* it take to do so? Because I've seen far smaller budgets manage to do so... Even though I may think it's not a good idea to basically tell all Windows 7 users that they won't be guaranteed support, the decision is yours to make. I'll just wait for the Steam release and then, if they don't work, I can refund quite easily. Congrats to everyone who *can* actually use these games, and here's to hoping we seen more Masterpiece remakes in the future (since there is clearly still quite a bit of gamer interest in Myst!).

    32. Derek R Boudreaux

      I wouldn't be opposed to paying for a physical soundtrack case/disc, were it to be an add-on option.

    33. Missing avatar

      François Leger on

      I have the 6 first entries in French on Cd/Dvd, why so many question marks?
      Myst Masterpiece and Riven run not too badly under ScummVM 2.O, so this should not be a port issue. I would understand a dvd distribution issue due to data size if all the languages are expected on the physical DVD, but i would expect them to still be available via GOG or STEAM which is not the case today.
      Are they still some licencing issues open?

    34. Missing avatar

      Frederick Lidman on

      Just awesome!! Best news this year so far!

    35. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      @shawn - Digital.

    36. Missing avatar

      Shawn Michael Duffy on

      so is the Uru music going to be an actual CD coming in the mail? Or will it just be a streaming download? would be cool to hold it in my hands :)

    37. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      @Jessica - Not quite that easy. Though we know we have an amazing fan community and will reach out in the future if we do need help. Thanks for the support.

    38. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      @marek They aren't planned as bonus content, but I don't see why we couldn't make a PDF of the stories to share. We will also be revamping the site soon. Stay tuned!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ted Brunzie on

      @Mark Furland: Regarding running on Linux, I had poor results trying to get the games to run in Crossover. However, I have had great success getting them to run in Wine (RealMyst ME, Riven, Exile, Revelation, End of Ages, and Uru CC). The only ones I couldn't to work are the original Windows Myst and Myst ME (from the 10th Anniversary set) -- the same one that Cyan is having trouble with.

      I made a set of 6 mountable disk images, each containing a Wine env, installed game, and double-clickable icon. The launcher runs a script to mount the IMG file & start the game inside. You can't tell they aren't a native Linux install, and they all work great!

    40. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      @Daniel No Myst VR at this time.

    41. Jessica on

      If you are only missing translators for the language support option (and it is not a technical problem) why not ask us fans? I'm sure there are plenty of polylingual people out there. Dump the text somewhere on the net and let us have at it!
      (Bilingual native speaker English/German, offering German)

    42. Marek Vincenc

      The updates we've had, in particular the more recent Myst stories, will they all be included in the bonus content?

    43. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      I am so FRIGGIN excited to get my Myst linking book!! Childhood dreams coming true. This is probably asking for too much, but is there any chance that any of the Myst games will have VR compatibility?? Obduction was SO awesome in VR by the way.

    44. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      @Max Yes, we plan on keeping you up to date about what is localized and any other information we might have going forward.

    45. Max Hann on

      Thanks for all the details! Very exciting to have made it this far! 2 million seemed like a dream even when we hit 1 million, and yet here we are. It's awesome to think this many people are so engaged.

      For the localization chart, assuming there's eventually a second version of the chart as you work out some of those question-marks, could you considering adding a column to note whether or not English subtitles are available? I tend to turn captions on whenever they're available, and I seem to remember most of the games having them, though probably not the older ones.


    46. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      Thank you all for the comments.

    47. Horatio on

      @Cyan YAY, thank you! I'm holding out hope that there are even hi-res audio source files (96 kHz/24 bit or better) that might be available along with the 44.1 KHz/16 bit CD-quality files.
      For the 5 new songs that are being created, I'm certain this would be do-able by the artist.

    48. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      @Horatio - We will try to give it to you in the highest version possible.