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A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.
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NVIDIA Joins Our Celebration!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Collaborator)

If you're worried about your current computer configuration (hardware or OS) not quite being the right specs, or you want a more convenient way to play all of the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection, here is some great news from our friends at NVIDIA!

To celebrate Myst's 25th Anniversary, NVIDIA has provided us with exclusive codes to skip the waitlist and gain access to the GeForce NOW beta. GeForce NOW transforms your Mac or PC into a high performance gaming rig by streaming your games from the cloud. This is an amazing service for lower end PC’s and Mac’s as well as just a great convenience for all computer gamers. GeForce NOW gives almost immediate access to your games library without the need to wait for game installs, patches or driver updates. If you've got questions, or for a complete list of GeForce NOW system requirements please go here.

The sign-up to join the GeForce NOW beta will start after our Kickstarter campaign ends. The first 5,000 of our Kickstarter backers to sign up will get beta codes after that. And if you don’t make it into the top 5,000, you can still sign up with GeForce NOW to try out the service at a later date. Stay tuned for more info!

Thanks, NVIDIA, for helping us celebrate!

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    1. Missing avatar

      NixyJ on

      Hey guys! Just wondering if there's anymore news on this please? Desperate to play now I've got my codes :-D !! Hope I didn't miss the boat for the BETA! Thanks so much x

    2. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      For anyone having trouble with the links (the one we provided may need you to sign in to DeskPro if you have an account there), here's the key information to remember.

      THE LATEST ON THIS: No codes have been issued yet.

      When the Myst 25 digital downloads become available on and Steam, more information regarding the NVIDIA GeForce NOW Free Beta codes will be available.

      Thank you for your patience.

    3. Simon Radcliffe on

      Thanks but unfortunately the link isn't working. I've checked with a couple of other backer friends and it's not working for them either. For me it says 'website cannot be found' and for a friend 'website cannot be reached'

    4. Simon Radcliffe on

      I would have thought the only way NVIDIA would know who the backers were would be by us submitting a code, but it does seem very unclear and some clarification would be much appreciated! This is what Cyan Worlds said earlier "You can sign up for NVIDIA now but you will just be put on a waiting list, but the special code giveaway sign up will be only for Kickstarter backers (49 and higher) and given in an update after the campaign ends" Well that update hasn't appeared yet

    5. Chelsea Kelsey on

      @Jen Lee Io was confused too. I thought there would be a link, because it seems weird to me that they would just start the clock ticking for any and all sign ups after a certain date, because then it wouldn't be for the backers, it would be for everyone.I have been waiting for the actual announcement that we could and probably am too late to take advantage of it now

    6. Jen Lee on

      Ok. A bit confused. In a previous message you mentioned you would be put on a wait list if you signed up, and in another post, it was said that a code/link would be sent in a email update.
      Can you clear this up please?

    7. Simon Radcliffe on

      I thought we weren't supposed to sign up till the codes came out? Confused lol!

    8. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      @Michael Tennes - did you sign up? If so, and if you were one of the first 5.000 backers to do so, your patience will be rewarded. Nvidia hasn't provided details as to when the codes are being delivered yet.

      @Tarra Scott - Don't force yourself to stay awake until the codes are emailed - get some sleep! But check your email for updates when you aren't sleeping...and please, have patience. Thank you.

    9. Michael Tennes on

      I don’t want to be impatient, but has this fallen through the cracks? I’ve searched for any posts for the promised link, but nothing.

      Have I missed something, or is it still forthcoming? An status update would be nice.

    10. Mike Neimoyer on

      Tarra - Please have some patience; not everything may be done to your own personal schedule. Thank you.

    11. Tarra Scott

      So when are GeForce codes going up? It's 2am here and I can't stay awake much longer.

    12. Missing avatar

      melissa moss on

      YES!! I’m on the list waiting for the GeForce NOW for my iMac 🎈👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    13. Kyle Norton on

      Holy f#$%ing asscrackers that is awesome. I can finally play decent games on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

    14. Lorna Hartman on

      Got it, thanks. Signed up at NVIDIA & will watch for post-Kickstarter message.

    15. Missing avatar

      david michael on

      No ati/and support that's just bs

    16. Missing avatar

      Louis Dornbierer III on

      I think it is great that Nvidia is helping. There are those of us with limited internet bandwidth available so streaming is not a viable option for us. I opted in to receive the DVD's for that reason. Looking forward to playing again 😁

    17. JeniSkunk on

      I'm sorry, but this Update for an Nvidia/Steam cross-promotion is something I as an Australian GOG gamer cannot like.
      The internet speed requirements excludes about half of Australian internet users.
      The Steam requirements exclude GOG gamers.

    18. Tradley Sasser on

      Will this include Obduction?
      Most of the Myst games don't exactly require high-end PCs, whether on Windows or Mac.

    19. Cyan Worlds, Inc. Creator on

      You can sign up for NVIDIA now but you will just be put on a waiting list, but the special code giveaway sign up will be only for Kickstarter backers (49 and higher) and given in an update after the campaign ends.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I signed up, how will you know if I did?

    21. Missing avatar

      DeeDee on

      I assume there will be a notification and link sign up when it becomes available? Love getting the updates!

    22. Chris Saenz on

      Sounds good, but please clarify --

      Sign up NOW on the GeForce page?

      or wait until the Kickstarter is over, then sign up?

    23. Max Hann on

      That's a bit of an odd promotion, but sure. Point-and-click adventures seem like a generally good fit for game streaming, since for the most part they don't rely on precision timing and don't suffer much from input lag.
      I assume the Myst games will be officially added to their service? None of them are listed now.

      I might be overthinking this. I don't think I'll use it myself. But I do think it's neat.

    24. Mesnab on

      Thank you Nvidia! I already use it for Obduction. This just keeps getting better and better with more and more options!

    25. Christian on

      It's not something that could be a problem for me in terms of hardware. I have a GTX 1080, 16GB DDR4 and an i7 6700k processor. But anyway I would like to participate to try this kind of system at some point. Maybe my weakness towards "games" is the speed of the Internet when I download 70 GB data in games.

      Thumb up for nVIDIA, always thinking about the performance and quality for the user, low, medium and advanced. Thank you very much! And thanks for supporting CyanWorlds with this project for those who do not have requirements for large games. Believe me, I started with minimal hardware, and with years of operation and hard work, I ended up putting together my custom Rig.

    26. Lorna Hartman on

      Good. I want to do this. How does it work logistically--sign up for beta when this KS project closes & then Cyan sends me a beta code?--How does Cyan know I signed up at GeForce?

      I'm on Steam and have a lower-performing computer :) so this works for me.

      Excited about the extra goodies too.

    27. Missing avatar

      desertfern on

      interesting. this could actually be right up my alley.

    28. Matt Combes on

      I love the concept of this, but it appears to be beneficial only if you use Steam (or Uplay or, neither of which I'm familiar with). A great service for folks with games on Steam already and who have lower performing computers, but not so much for those who get their games elsewhere (like GOG). A cool offer by Nvidia nonetheless.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dan Nickerson on

      This doesn't make any sense. The minimum requirements for GeForce NOW are about the same or in most cases higher than the requirements for these games.

    30. TRYER on

      I love getting these multiple Myst updates. Keeps getting me more excited with each one.