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A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.
19,304 backers pledged $2,810,127 to help bring this project to life.

The 10,000 Backers, Double Time Update!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Collaborator)

We made it to 10,000 backers! WOW! That is amazing! Okay, so take a deep breath, we are stepping things up a notch.

D’ni needs to double its Writers!

Gehn’s Pen and Inkwell are our most valuable artifact. The inkwell is a high-quality, metal casting with an aged metal finish and intricate details - including the D’ni proverb around the base. On top of that, it actually works - the inkwell can be filled with ink (not included) and used with the included pen to write journals (or Ages if you're familiar with The Art.)


And remember, we’re only making them for this Kickstarter!

So, we really want anyone who is considering the Writer tier to move up. We know that that’s a lot to ask, so we’re adding some items to the mix to help make the decision easier. Effective immediately the Writer’s tier (and higher) is now more valuable than ever! We’re adding all three novels in digital form: (The Book of Atrus, The Book of Tiana, and The Book of D’ni)



We’re also adding something very special that we found in our archives - high resolution scans of several Riven design maps. These are the original, top-down designs where much of the original concepts for Riven were laid out. 


Stretch Goal

Okay, did we mention that we really want more writers...

As we all know, a writer needs inspiration, and sometimes that inspiration comes from Music.

So here’s the deal…

If the community can help us double the number of backers in the Writers tier (as of this update from 1875 to 3750), we will give every backer (including the $1 tier) a digital copy of the Uru Original Soundtrack PLUS additional Uru tracks that were never on the Original Soundtrack.


But wait there's more!

Russell Brower, three-time Emmy Award winning Blizzard and Disney Composer, Musical Director and Conductor (and also a huge Myst fan) has agreed to produce five original pieces inspired by the Myst series! These will also be given to every backer, if we can reach the double Writers goal. 


For over a decade, Brower was the Senior Director of Audio and Lead Composer at Blizzard Entertainment. Previously, Brower served as a Principal Media Designer and Music Director at Walt Disney Imagineering. As an independent composer and sound artist, he has worked on many series, specials, and films. He serves on the Boards of Directors of the Society of Composers & Lyricists and the Game Audio Network Guild and is a member of NATAS and NARAS, and is a Film Scoring instructor for the UCLA Extension Program. 

Thank you Russell for such a generous gesture!

Writers, start your pen-gines!  (So sorry. Rand insisted.)

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    1. Missing avatar

      desertfern on

      SO tempted! @Phoenix don't you think it's all subjective? Obviously for some people it is - a couple of thousand people at least, only counting those who can afford it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Phoenix Malizia on

      The inkwell is cool, but not an extra $80 cool.

    3. Luca Spolidoro on

      Guys, please have stretch goals around upgrading the game resolution to 2018 standards... (e.g. 4k) or to port the games to Xbox One or Ps4... These are the things that matter for the majority of the backers.
      You got 1.5 M today, this should be more than enough to hire several developers and artists for at least 1 year.

    4. JeniSkunk on

      My budget is already stretched to its limit, so there's no way I can consider the extra expense in upgrading from Maintainer to Writer.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ronald H on

      Urgh.... Upgraded....

    6. Amy Herndon on

      I upgraded, not so much for the extra perks but primarily to support this project and the great folks making it happen.

    7. Barbara Silcox

      Holy Crap! I love Russell Brower's music.



    8. Sarah Loker on

      Upgraded to the Writer tier. The map scans look intriguing and the prospect of finally getting the much sought after Uru soundtrack is terrific. Hopefully the stretch goal will be achieved and we'll get some new music too!

    9. Brenda Wolf on

      I love you guys!! Can we have a stretch goal to get all three books in physical form?

    10. JWPlatt on

      > Writers, start your pen-gines! (So sorry. Rand insisted.)

      Hey. Cyan. Rand also agreed to Duck-nee, and look where that went.



    11. eXoScoriae on

      I'm surprised to see so many people tempted by this. Digital copies of the books can be had online for a few books. I still have the original hard back versions and I can't imagine they go for too much these days (do they?) I checked ebay and there are paperbacks for less than the price of the digital copies and a few hardbacks for under $10.

      Anyways, I hope people enjoy what they pledge for. Just don't over stretch yourself for a handful of digital items you can easily get.

    12. Joe Sewell

      Wish I could, but it's way out of my budget.

    13. Missing avatar

      Wendi Dwyer on

      I just found the page where I can upgrade. I am very tempted and will check my budget.

    14. Patrick Karjala on

      @Wendi You can click the "Manage your pledge" button at the top of this page when you are logged in. That will allow you to alter your pledge tier.

    15. Patrick Karjala on

      Hm. The Inkwell may be a collector's item. Maybe I'll just upgrade to that tier to receive the other bits I'm interested in, and sell the inkwell to someone who would appreciate it more? Either way, all of this is moot unless they double the number of Writer pledges. Hm.

    16. Missing avatar

      Wendi Dwyer on

      I have already pledged. Are you asking interested parties to make a new pledge- or upgrade their pledge?
      How would I go about upgrading?

    17. Max Hann on

      Very cool to see the Uru soundtrack included for everybody, since that's the one that's hardest to get ahold of digitally or legitimately. I already own all the soundtracks and the books, but it's nice to have them available to newcomers, and it's very exciting to see brand-new music as a stretch goal.

      I don't think I can justify pledging any more than I currently am, but I do like that you've added some incentives for people to upgrade. I'll keep sharing the link to the campaign, as always.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jane Foxon on

      I have just upgraded from Maintainer to Writer. I hope you achieve all of your goals for this. Very excited and a bit nervous about spending money I can't really afford. I tell myself it is a once in a lifetime opportunity...and the Myst series has given me such pleasure over the years. I think it was the scans of Riven that finally got me.

    19. Patrick Karjala on

      Oh, and if that intermediary / alternate tier also included the scanned production drawings from Riven.

    20. Missing avatar

      John Clark on

      CYAN has delivered yet again. CYAN....other game developers need to follow your example. I've stopped following many publishers simply because of the fact that they have turned towards micro transactions for their games, or simply doing what "they" think their fan base would like. Many of them just don't listen anymore and are more concerned with making profits rather than talking to the fans and trying your hardest to make it happen, even if you cannot.

      I'll always be a supporter of CYAN, best game developer worldwide in my opinion. And the fact that you guys have reached out to other companies to make the MAC compatible, says a lot, because I'm sure it isn't cheap to have someone else re-script some of the products.

      Good on your guys. I've upped my backing to Writer, if I had more and if it were available I'd pledge the full $1,000. You guys deserve every penny for your efforts these past few months, as well as the past 25 years.

      You guys listen to the people and work hard to keep everyone informed and proud to be a supporter. Keep up the good work, you have my support with anything you guys come forth with on kickstarter or any other backing project!


      John C.
      Wasilla, AK

    21. Patrick Karjala on

      While this is cool, I'm honestly just not that interested in the inkwell. I'm actually more interested in the books in digital formats (will they be ePub, pdf, mobi? all three?), and the soundtrack. If there was an intermediary tier I could bump to between the Maintainer's and the Writer's tier, I'd be all over it. Or an alternate tier that didn't include the inkwell, but was at the same price point as the Writer's tier. Especially if the soundtracks in digital form were included for all of the games (though that may be already there in the "hidden goodies" listed for the Maintainer's tier). I can understand that this might not be feasible due to licensing issues with the soundtracks, and that's fine. Any that could be included would still be a bonus.

    22. Jack Vining on

      Promise we'll see the Book of Marrim and I'm in.

    23. Pam East on

      Ok, I did it! Upgraded from Bookmaker to Writer! Fingers crossed you make the stretch goals. I also shared on my FB page. Myst was my favorite game of all time. Can't wait to visit it again.

    24. Fuzzy Puffin on

      You need to turn the Riven scans into a poster and offer it as an add on. It would look really nice next to my framed Tay poster. Just saying.

      Are the extra tracks from Path of the Shell, or are they new, unused/unreleased stuff?

    25. Missing avatar

      Christopher Sammet on

      I really, really, shouldn't, but I am. Oh well, this will be a good excuse to read the books!

    26. Missing avatar

      Lorien Smyer on

      Oh my goodness, I wish I could budget the Writers tier! Or, that you decide to give us all the Uru soundtrack anyway; I have been looking for the Uru soundtrack without success since Uru came out. Such amazing music!!

    27. Steve Komosinski on

      I was originally on the fence about upgrading to the writer tier, but you guys convinced me. Just don't tell my wife. 😉

    28. Chris K on

      "We're adding all three novels..." YES! " digital form" BOO! Paperbacks would've been cool (mine are starting to wear out) but I understand, much cheaper and easier to add last minute. I'll just have to dig out my kindle, no big deal :)

    29. Matt Combes on

      I'd love to help, but I'm pressing myself as it is just to get the Maintainer tier. Hopefully, those that can afford it will pull through for the rest of us poor souls!

    30. Ramsey Salisbury

      Alright...I guess I’ll upgrade. 😜 Just don’t tell my spouse.

    31. Gianni Aerts on

      Yaaaaaaasss, must have more Myst soundtracks!!! =O

    32. Horatio on

      Cyan, you glorious bastards.

    33. Zack K on

      Oh this is awesome. ... and as of right now on the front page of Kickstarter as a featured project, Well deserved Cyan!

    34. Missing avatar


      Twisted my arm! Just upgraded.

    35. Missing avatar

      Peter Mazzeo

      Now THIS is what I’m talking about!