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A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.
19,304 backers pledged $2,810,127 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Michael Tennes on

      Double Time Stretch Goal Accomplished, even though the bar was lowered (Update #18). Writers and above should get a little gift. Maybe 30% off Myst Merch

    2. Missing avatar

      Marianne Kellock on

      I tried telling myself I didn't want the pen and inkwell, but am happy to change my mind!

      I already have the e-books, they were offered a while back by Kobo, but not available there anymore. Now everyone will have a chance to get them.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan Goetz on

      Ok after watching Rand on the live stream, My wife pledged a writer spot, I already pledged the writers spot back on April 9th, just like we did for Obduction, just look forward to when it all comes out later.

    4. Holly Huff on

      Would have done the writer tier from the start if I could have afforded to, but I upgraded to the maintainer tier and am putting off two student loan bills (for only a little bit) just to do so. Sorry fellas! A wee bit too broke to be a writer! lol Hopefully enough folks can afford to move up. I have the Uru soundtrack on CD, but I'd love a digital copy!

    5. Missing avatar

      Compost on

      Might the amazing success of this campaign translate to an earlier delivery time? Would love to have it in July while school is still out!

    6. Missing avatar

      JonathanVS on

      Found the update; Reposting this here, because I think it should count towards the "instrumental cover" goal (don't know if it already counted towards the "original comp" goal). I'm banking on us possibly getting credit for partial categories if it comes down to it. Enjoy! (see below)

      "Gehn's Betrayal", my original rendition of primarily the Moeity Theme (with essence of Gehn's Theme woven throughout) is live on YouTube with appropriate tagging! Find it here: I hope I did Robyn's amazing music justice! #Myst25

    7. Missing avatar

      JonathanVS on

      I might be missing it, but has there been an update to the community goals chart? The one under the original update seems static and does not appear to be updated for a lot of things that have been met. Where might we find the update?

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      Michele on

      @François Leger
      I agree. In the FAQs it says that they'll compile a charts of available languages for games but less than two weeks until the end of the campaign and we don't have this information even if we asked many times.

    9. Missing avatar

      François Leger on

      I would like to know the foreign languagewhich will be supported of the provided game before moving up a step to the writer subscription. Currently, only spoken English is available on GOG and likes, forbieding foreign children access to those games. In the end, i fell this is the most important aspect of this project.

    10. Missing avatar

      Anne Cross on

      I would upgrade to Writer if they could figure out how to get the games to run natively on Linux. (Yes, I know, faint hope, but I live in it.) But as it is, I'm going to be spending the money for a Windows license and a container to run these things, as my workstation is a Linux machine. But oh, I will enjoy it.

    11. Syrius de Goratrix

      I would be in for the german novels as well, please.

      Yes, the upgrade does hurt a lot but I‘m in for it.
      Not for the inkwell or the pen but for cyan and what this company stands for in my eyes
      g’chehv ah’shehm khehkam l’ahrtahehm.

      Myst is so much more than just games and books.

    12. Horatio on

      For those thinking the URU music is automatically included in the Writer's tier, it is NOT. It's a "Stretch Goal" that is included in ALL tiers ONLY IF the Writer's level gets 3750 supporters. So don't expect the music UNLESS Writer's tier hits 3750.

    13. Kevin Dombrowski on

      "Brandon Moreno

      Any thoughts of also producing Ghen's nib cleaner? I assume that's what the water filled marble in the center of the table is for. It seems to have a matching base to the ink well and the pen stuck in the top."


      Or at least replacement nibs? I mean, if the one you get gets damaged you're kinda boned.

    14. Missing avatar

      KDRW on

      I was already considering the Writer tier because I love that inkwell. What are the chances of blank notebooks with the Myst covers to use with it?

    15. Missing avatar

      Throvin on

      @Brandon Moreno - The nib cleaner would be a must!!! The expenses for creating it would be quite much, but it would have been something to be included from the very beginning.

    16. Fyre on

      @Rebecca - I'd like a bit more info on the inkwell before I consider going up, too. The other stuff is nice, but it's not enough added value for me to bump unless it's more than just a fancy bowl. I already have difficulty keeping my nibs from getting gunked up; trying to clean out an inkwell would probably be a nightmare for me.

    17. Kyle Norton on

      OMG this project just keeps getting better!

    18. Rebecca on

      I have to say, as a calligrapher concerned with practicalities, is there any sort of lid on the inkwell? Otherwise the ink will evaporate, leaving a very poor functioning inkwell and a nice, if non functional, prop piece.

    19. Missing avatar

      Derek Heiberger on

      Just pledged to the writer's tier late yesterday, had been holding off till I was sure. Glad to be aboard.

    20. Chris Lundström on

      I am already the tier for the inkwell (because, reasons) but as I have met mr brower at blizzcon; I can testify the worthwhile nature of this bonus.

      (have a friend who loves calligraphy? they dont even need to play the games! give them the ink well for a present for being awesome!)

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin D. Moore on

      Let's get the games out. I tried a few years ago to get Myst running under Win7 and the videos were a nightmare. All of this extra stuff can be sold through the games. Ship the games already!

    22. Kenny Tarver on

      Oof, I am fulfilling a life long need for a linking book by taking a super hit to the bank. Though I would love nothing more than to support you guys and become a writer, I just don't think I could do it! It seems worth the extra $$$ though. The price of the Maintainer has me stressing.

      Maybe one day someone will put the ink well up for sale and I can get it. I love calligraphy, so it is a pipe dream. Kind of like that white robe from the Riven merch paper inside the Riven box. I'll always want one.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rolf on

      ARRRRGH! But no. :( Ebooks is wonderful addition, so are map, but rest is music and I'm deaf. Not enough of an addition!

    24. María José de Juan Fraile on

      I wasn't going to get the Writer pledge, first because it was quite a sum of money, and second because, as much as I love the inkwell, I don't really know where would I put it. But you had to give us music. You had to give us the URU soudtrack. I remember expending HOURS in the museum just listening to the music. Why did you do this to me?

      (Yep, I upgraded. That's going to hurt, but totally worth it)

    25. Adrian Ward on

      I’m going to regret this once the money comes out but I’ve upgraded.

    26. Mario Kinastowski on

      I would also like to know that! 😇😇😇😇😇

    27. Missing avatar

      Tobias Link on

      @Cyan: Any chance that you are also providing the novels in German language?

    28. Mario Kinastowski on


      I had a birthday yesterday.

    29. Mario Kinastowski on

      Except the soundtracks.

      Just do it ..? 😜😜😜😜😜

    30. Esther on

      Is this reward for the writers only? I may consider adding more to my pledge if so.

    31. Mario Kinastowski on

      WE WANT MARRIM !!!
      WE WANT MARRIM !!!
      WE WANT MARRIM !!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cargill on

      @Cyan @Rand Any chance the URU music will be in FLAC or other lossless codec? What would it take to get more soundtracks in FLAC? I am especially interested in Riven, but also Exile, Revelation, and EoA. So much great music. I bought Robyn's remastered Myst soundtrack in FLAC already.

      I hope we make the stretch goal. I was already at Writer tier, so about the only thing I can do to help at this point is to try to contribute to the community goals thing.

    33. Missing avatar

      Trisha on

      Welp this is, in fact, enough to make me go for it! I actually have wanted to teach myself calligraphy, Gehn's inkwell will be killer.

    34. Aidan Mowat {{Order of The Goat}} on

      I just found out about this, wow so excited I lost my original cope of exile, but totally excited for this

    35. Missing avatar

      David Rasberry on

      I bought Writers straight up because I want this project to do well (plus all the 1k tiers were sold before I could get my wife to let me take it out of savings...) The main hope of mine is that they can use some of this money and momentum to give us more books. Like, those planned but never released would be a GREAT start.

    36. Missing avatar

      Thomas Rees on

      I'm on the fence about upgrading, but the Riven map designs are slowly convincing me. The books, not so much since I already own all three. If it included whatever was completed of the Book of Marrim and the planned fifth book, I would upgrade immediately.

    37. Missing avatar

      MYSTYDEB on

      As one of the lucky few to have been in locked down in a hotel because of Fl"Uru" at Mysterium...I say we have earned the music! C'mon Rand! I'll even send you more coffee! LOL

    38. InkWorks Productions on

      Just remember, peeps, this isn't a while lot of "extra" money just laying around now- they have 7000+ of those books to have made and shipped, plus thousands of the pen and inkwell. The goal was the baseline for having the physical rewards be a viable project, not "We need this amount and everything else is profit." Ask any Kickstarter that's gone well over goal- the challenges get *bigger*, not smaller, and it doesn't mean the project is suddenly rolling in free money.

    39. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Luca Spolidoro
      I don't think that what you asking is an easy feat as it would require to rework most of the assets and for all this games it would require more than what they have right now. But I agree, they could show some love to those games and try to at least improve some aspect of them. They already got six times what they asked for and now they ask even more for adding a soundtrack and five new tracks. It's a really unusual campaign.

    40. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @ Hernan You can get the eBook (The Myst Reader, which is all three) for ten bucks on Amazon.

    41. Brian Odell on

      Updated to 'Writer' last week after thinking about why Riven was my favorite game. Being a hobby artist and studying concept design and art, it's the deep levels of design put into ever object in the scenes of the game. The ink well and pen will be a physical representation of that work put into the game's design and be a great piece to display with my library of concept art books. Now, all this cool stuff added on (hopefully) is more icing on the cake! I really would love seeing that layout map of Riven.

    42. Patrick Karjala on

      @ Luca Spolidoro unfortunately that's just not something Cyan currently has the resources or IP rights to do. That requires a lot more to do for 6 games worth of content.

    43. Hernan Stamati on

      Having to upgrade to Writer to get the novels? Too much. I wanted them (never read them) but I can't justify $250 just to get them...

    44. Missing avatar

      melissa moss on

      I’m so thrilled to join the rank of Writers!! All of the beautiful rewards are better than a dream come true! I pray for the Mac DVDs! I’m thrilled about the windows DVDs! All of the beautiful things! Thank you! And I am super super thrilled about getting the pen and ink well! Damn, I wish I could meet you guys in person! But I would probably hug you to death. Thank you thank you!

    45. Myve on

      The novels are very tempting, but I just hate reading books on screen(Especially in english, as it takes me months instead of days to finish one book). If you could print the 3 hardcovers, ready-to-use , I'll totally print, age and build the books myself... It's fine for me to have the things for december (even 2019's december in fact). Take your time, as always, because your great, more than great, beyond-my-poor-english great.

    46. Brandon Moreno on

      Any thoughts of also producing Ghen's nib cleaner? I assume that's what the water filled marble in the center of the table is for. It seems to have a matching base to the ink well and the pen stuck in the top.

    47. Horatio on

      @Cyan Please consider providing the digital URU soundtrack to all backers regardless of whether or not 3750 Writer's-level backers is reached. You could instead offer the new Russell Brower material and additional URU material if the 3750 mark is reached.

      I'm on the fence about upgrading to the Writer's tier, but would do so if the release of the URU soundtrack wasn't tied to the 3750 number - everyone should get to hear that beautiful music!

    48. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @desertfern It definitely is, it's the main reason I'm backing at all. Everything else is a bonus as far as I'm concerned, including the linking book.

      I'm a hardcore Riven nut, though. :)

    49. Evan Johnston on

      As much as I'd love all the physical bells and whistles of the tier, I know I'm never going to use them, nor can I afford them.

      However as a person with hard copies of the original printings, I can say the books are worth it. Sadly you can't really do digital embossing.

    50. Daniel Jewell on

      Thanks, but I'm sticking to maintainer level. Sorry. If I wanted all 3 Myst books in digital format I could buy it for my Kindle for a lot less than the $80 price difference, and I wouldn't get that dust collector to go with it. Just not interested in that ink well.