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A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.
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Mac News and More!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Collaborator)

Mac Update!

Finally! We’ve got some great news for Mac folks! We’re going to have Mac versions of all* of the Anniversary Collection! We’ve teamed up with some really amazing people at Codeweavers who specialize in this sort of thing (and are also Myst fans), and they’ve been able to make macOS versions of all the games* from the Windows versions — no additional emulation software is required.


* There are a few caveats, so keep reading…

First Caveat: Myst: Masterpiece Edition is giving us trouble. We’re working on it, but we’re not sure about it. Soooo… we’ll be converting the original Myst to fill that hole.

Second Caveat: The Mac versions will likely be digital downloads only. As much as we’d love to include them on the discs, because of the timing of the conversions, and the evolving MacOS platform, we can only promise digital downloads at this time. If you sign up for the Bookmaker tier or higher you will still receive discs, but our plan at this time is that they will contain the Windows versions.

Third Caveat: Flux. Any of this could change - for the better or for the worse. Because there is testing going on right now, we want you to be aware that there is a little room for some wiggle, but we’re obviously feeling very secure about the Mac versions.

Kickstarter Live

Hey, let’s try one of these Kickstarter Live things. Rand can make it on Thursday at 11:00am PDT (6:00pm UTC). How does that look for you? Great! It’s a date.

Another Milestone

And while we were busy with everything around here, we managed to pass the 1.5 million dollar mark! That is amazing! We’re looking forward to hitting the 10,000 backer mark soon, too! So exciting!

Thanks so much!

The Myst 25 Team at Cyan

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    1. LloydW Collaborator on

      @Lorne Johnson - The FAQ has the answer - we'll get more details out as soon as the details are worked out and we can announce more.

      From the FAQ: If I’ve already pledged and don’t want the Windows games, will there be an option to switch to the Mac platform in my pledge?

      Yes. We're still working out the details on this and will provide an update when more information is available.

      Thank you for your support and patience!

    2. Missing avatar

      Lorne Johnson on

      I backed the Windows version before the Mac version was announced. How to I get the Mac version?

    3. Ben Rosner

      Yay! Thank you guys!

    4. Missing avatar

      Pat Evans on

      Myst and Riven have already been ported to iOS. Getting those to run on macOS natively again shouldn't be that big of a deal, since they're basically the same operating system with somewhat different UI layers. (Just upgrade the terrible framerates on the Riven videos.)

      RealMyst Masterpiece already runs natively on current Macs.

      URU already runs in a wrapper. Not sure about End Of Ages.

      Exile and Revelation will most likely never run natively on current Macs, so wrapping them is more or less a given.

      I can live with all of this, but Myst and Riven not running natively would be a severe disappointment. Plus, there is Riven X, which (I believe) is currently languishing, and suffers from the fact that it's using QuickTime. If all else fails, it would be nice if some sort of accommodation could be reached with its developer...

    5. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Frere on

      For Riven, they could ask the developer of Riven X for help.

    6. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Frere on

      I was happy at first but I like @Michele said, they reached 6 times their goal. Codeweavers does not make me happy since it won't be a real native OS X app and it may break soon in the future... I never liked band-aid cartboard sofware. I don't think I wanna pledge anymore.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Eugene Sandulenko
      It would be good to have both options (scummvm and dosbox) in the release, if they are really going toward the cheap path.
      I would have agree if they were doing it with no money. That's what would take them in most cases (scummvm or wrappers are cheap solutions). They would have ported the games anyway. But they did a crowdfunding for an anniversary edition and reached six times what they asked for, It would be good to see that money put to good use even for little improvements. I'm still hoping to see more languages in this release, a thing that doesn't even require tecnological feat. At least I would like an answer on that.
      Anyway I believe other backers are right pointing out that for digital only users this campaign make little sense. For physical one it's a great thing as the book looks fantastic, unfortunately the content of the dvds will be a little sad. To me personally is a bit of a waste of a great opportunity to do good to those games.

    8. Eugene Sandulenko on

      @Michele, of course, it is not always perfect. Particularly, Myst and Myst: Masterpiece edition was added to ScummVM over 2 years ago, and Riven 10 months ago. That means that there was a healthy share of testing for both games. Currently, there are only a few known bugs in those reimplementations, mostly minor gfx glitches in some particular scenes, and those could be due to the bugs in original (like there is a bug which belongs to the CD release, but is not present in the DVD release of the original).

      The point here is what will be cheaper for a small house like Cyan. If somebody with source code needs to port the original engine to a modern platform, that work has already been done by ScummVM. Fixing bugs if any is a much more trivial task than that.

    9. Esther on

      YAY!! I am so excited to hear this!!!! I need the mac versions too! I use both platforms but our macs have the biggest screens for games. So happy! Raising the wine glass, cheers Cyan! Can't wait for all the rewards in September, especially my long awaited MYST linking book!

    10. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Eugene Sandulenko
      I said the same thing. Still the result is not always close enough to the original. It will come closer eventually, but right now there are games that has better results by emulating the original system and playing with the original executable rather than using the ScummVM recreation of their engines. You are also right that the original could have issues or its own, and the scummvm implementation could be better, but even in that case for that reason it could fail in recreate the original experience as not everything has been taken into account. My point is that sometimes is too early to use only ScummVM to faithfully reproduce one game, expecially for a commercial release.

    11. Eugene Sandulenko on

      @Michele, your understanding of ScummVM is not quite correct. The project reconstructs the original engines either by working with the original code or by reverse engineering. That is, only the parts which talk to the hardware and OS (e.g. graphics, file loading, sound, mouse input) are different. The rest matches the executable pretty closely.

      Why there are bugs, is just because there could be mistakes in the process of reconstructing due to the size of the task, or because often the original engine is being rearchitectured in order to accommodate support for several games built on the same engine, or because the original was poorly written.

      Basically, the faithfulness of reproduction of the game engine logic with ScummVM is higher than the reproduction of Win32 API by the Wine project. ScummVM Team has to look into every corner of the original engine and understand how it works.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Christian Page
      I probably don't understand game design (which is not a matter here as we are talking about coding). But I think that would be true for most of the backers here. Maybe you too. It doesn't make your opinion any less important.
      You are also trying to warp my words or maybe I didn't explain myself enough. I didn't by any means implied that porting an old system game to a modern system is an easy task, nor that I would expect a full remaster of those games (even if I believe most backers here would really be happy if that was possible). My point here is that Cyan is in the best condition to put some love on those games as no one else would be in the same position of doing so. If the original code exists, it would probably be in their hands, I believe, and even if that is not easily portable it could still provide some means to do that. I also mentioned original assets. If you really read what I wrote in the previous comments I also said that even if they cannot rerender the original assets, maybe they still have original uncompressed version of them that could be used to improve those games. Even having the full motion video without compression artifact could make the difference. I was also interested in additional languages, they should at least know about that. Those are all speculation of possible things that could be done, and that's why I asked them for some details on what they are planning to do. That's why I don't understand why you are trying to get in the way of that, it would be good for everybody to know and it's a thing that for a backer is normal to do. Unless they say if the have or not the original code or assets and to what extent they could work on them, we are without information. Given the fact that they are asking people for money and we are way beyond the original goal, it would be wise to have those information and it also what kickstarter suggest the authors to do. It would also benefit them and who knows if maybe there are some backers with the skill to also provides help. We won't get another chance for an anniversary edition of those games, it would be better to make this chance count.

    13. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Petter Sjölund
      As you may know ScummVM try to replicated the original game engine interpreting its script. To this days most games have still issue replicating the exact way those games worked. Most can be completed without major issues but in most cases the best way is still to play them with the emulator of their original system (DOSBox, WinUAE).
      ScummVM has many good points (portable, include some game fixes, ect.) but it's not the definitive way of playing most of the games, at least for now. Usually when a new engine is added to scummvm, it takes years for it to be closer to the original. The ScummMV continue to add improvements but they cannot do everything as there are many required tasks. It's not automatic to expect that those improvements are being made in time for enjoying this games in a commercial release. There are game engine implemented years ago that still works worse than the original (missing frames, strange animation, ect.).
      For instance GOG recently moved some games from DOSBox to ScummVM but that's not a smart move as some those games have a relatively recent implementation and are not tested to the point of being the best version. It will be ultimately, but not now and not in the near future. But it is an important software anyway for preservation purpose.

      I hope I made my point more clear.

    14. Christian Page on

      @Michele i dont think you understand game design remotely.
      "when you have the original code" original code means nothing when the original code is near 100% incomparable. myst was made in the time of 16bit operating systems. modern pcs struggle to be compatible with code written for 32bit systems as we are now in the 64bit era. 16bit games have drastically different code so original code means very little. i have an orginal laser disc. does not mean i can just pop it into my laptop and it will play.

      further i dont even think they have the true original un cooked version of myst.
      otherwise we would have gotten higher resolution version 10 years ago. it would have been relatively easy back then to just re-render the game. but this was never done in any of the 20 versions that have come out.
      but even if they did it was made in a soft ware that was not ment for games.
      a software that has not been updated in 15 years.
      it would not be able to cook out a windows 10 version on its own.

    15. Missing avatar

      Petter Sjölund on

      @Michele I'm confused. What part of "the original product in all its feature[s]" is ScummVM unable to replicate? It seems pretty complete to me. I'm sure the ScummVM would be happy to add any missing features.

    16. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @Matt RealMyst Masterpiece is already natively Mac compatible.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Eugene Sandulenko
      In my opinion both options are not great when you have the original code and able to do a proper port. Wrappers and interpreter are good for preservation and for running on different platforms but they are not always able to replicate the original product in all its feature with the same results. Also they are cheap solution that most users could employ themself and that doesn't require much money spent in developement.
      When we have the original developers with the original code, one should hope to accomplish something more to bring those classics to modern day in the best possibile condition. That I would gladly pledge for.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Matt Hargett
      Myst Masterpiece Edition and Riven are currently available for scummvm, GOG recently made an update.
      realMyst Masterpiece Edition should be already on Unity, but I don't know the Mac situation so I may be wrong. Still think the original Myst was better, it's a pity it's improbable that they will be able to rerender the original assets at higher resolution.
      About Myst III it could run on residualVM (if you meant that) but at the moment it has no commercial release. I don't know if residualVM is ready for being used for commercial product(it report some minor glitches), but both residualVM and scummVM still has some issues and don't always replicate the original product like it did on the original system. It's not the best choice to use them when you still have the original code.

    19. Eugene Sandulenko on

      This is quite ironic. Employing a Win32 API reimplementation (Codeweavers, which is basically the Wine project) -> acceptable. Employing Mohawk engine reimplementation (ScummVM project) -> not acceptable.

      ScummVM is so much easier to work with, it even has some original script bugs fixed. Compatibility is superb, and if there is a need for the custom menus or something like that, I am sure, the ScummVM Team will be willing to help with implementation. And the Linux port will come practically for free (you will still need to put couple of development hours into packaging).

      This is hard to understand, as the position which was voiced earlier on the FB was "we do not condone tools like ScummVM"...

    20. Matt Hargett

      I’m flabbergasted about this Mac news. Why isn’t scummvm being used for Riven and Exile? Why isn’t realMyst Masterpiece Edition being recompiled for Mac in Unity? I think you’d find it easy to contract the exact right people to assist in those, if for some reason the time/expertise doesn’t exist in your team right now.

    21. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      To be more clear, I just want to know what are the plans for each games give their current situation.

    22. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Most of the games are playable and for those that are not it is not clear what it will be done. It could be a cheap solution that barely make the games work or a more thorough approach that improves the overall quality of the game. I don't think it's strange for backers to ask more details on the plan and understand if their money are going to finance something worth or not (again, if you don't pledge for the physical edition). At least to some extent this kind of information should be available during the campaign.
      I backed because, as I suppose most of other backers do, I care for those games and I want to preserve them and make them fully enjoyable on modern system and future generation. It won't be cheaper than buying them later so that's not the reason. That's why I ask questions as this part seems to be a little neglected while the details on the physical edition are more deep. I want to understand if the goal could be simply be reached with compatibility tool or emulation/interpreter or if there is something more. Are we financing something that doesn't require that much money/effort and with barely noticeable results or there something else?
      For the physical edition I have a clear response.

    23. Missing avatar

      desertfern on

      @Michele it's true that if you don't want the physical rewards then there's no practical reason to back at this point unless you just want to be part of it or think it might be cheaper than buying them later. i don't get why you keep insisting that they are compatible with modern systems when they clearly are not. i can play uru and myst v properly on my windows 8 machine and my understanding is it doesn't work at all with 10. if you have some magic trick that makes them work and didn't think it was worthwhile, why did you back it? did you back it like, a dollar, so you could comment?

    24. Missing avatar

      Tod Detre on

      I would like to see Linux support also.

    25. Missing avatar

      Rolf on

      I second Linux os support!

    26. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Matt Giuca
      I would like to know as well.
      Actually there are reasons to prefer both solution. ScummVM is not ideal in every case as it is not yet capable of reproducing the real experience. Obviously it has the benefit of being easily portable and updatable in the future.
      To me it's still not clear what it is the target of improvement for those games as on windows and modern system they are already available. What we are financing exactly?

    27. Grover on

      Great news, WOOT ! Now, I just have to replace my oooold Mac by a recent enough that can run the latest OSX… :D :D :D

    28. Manoël Trapier on

      I don’t mind about digital only, having the game and the book is more than enough even if windows only on the disks!

      Side note: a re-release of your original HyperCard based game would be also a really good idea too! Even if probably not a lot of people would be able to play them, I would honestly love to own them as they are extremely difficult to find nowadays, even second hand :(

    29. Alexander Olofsson on

      I know that you haven't really touched the Linux scene much, but would it be possible to treat those of us who don't own Mac OS or Windows to the Myst anniversary glory as well?
      CodeWeavers does also do Linux after all.

    30. Felaguin

      Great news! I don't understand some of the negativity toward CodeWeavers. I have been happy with their product for years and only stopped using it when the Mac client for LOTRO became stable.

    31. Olivier Doriath on

      This makes me happy for Mac owners! Now if only there was a way to port it all to consoles, but then again I personally prefer PC anyway :)

    32. Tradley Sasser on

      ...Interesting. :)

    33. Christian on

      That’s really great ! Thx so much.

    34. JeniSkunk on

      I'm out of the running for being able to be part of the planned Kickstarter Live event.
      Thursday 11:00am PDT = Friday 4:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time
      Will there be a way for those who can't make the planned event, to view an archived copy of it?

      A better time for it, to hopefully let more people be involved, might be 2:00pm PDT, which equals Thursday 5:00pm EDT, Thursday 9:00pm UTC, Friday 6:00am AEST,…

    35. D

      Thank you so, so much! This really means a lot. Old time Mac Adventure Game reviewer here-I even interviewed Cyan staff one E3 long, long ago. :)

    36. Anna Mannino on

      I fully expected to back this just knowing that it would exist in the world, and that would make me happy enough.
      But know hearing that Mac users will be fully supported makes me ecstatic!
      The Myst series was first introduced to me by watching my dad play for hours trying to solve the puzzles. I'd watch him over his shoulder as he'd scribble D'ni markings into a notebook never sure what would eventually come in handy later. I still have those notebooks to this day, even though most of the scribblings (like any true genius) are either unreadable or unrelated to solving the puzzles. I'm sure he'd also love to know the cult of Myst is alive and well.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jim McCorison on

      This is absolutely fantastic news. After much agonizing I decided to pledge anyway hoping that performance would be acceptable with Windows in a VM. Now I don't have to worry about that and I could 't be happier, even with the caveats.

    38. Leah Quire on

      OMG! Your awesomeness knows no bounds! Thank you!

    39. Matt Giuca on

      @alexskc I'm not sure how good ResidualVM support is for Myst III, as a replacement for the official binary. But ScummVM is now the official engine used by Myst and Riven on GOG (for Windows at least) so I agree, I don't know why they don't double-down on that.

    40. Matt Giuca on

      I'm confused. GOG recently updated both Riven and Myst to use the ScummVM engine, rather than the original game engine. While they are a little rough around the edges (e.g., weird scaling by default and ugly menus), this ensures both games will continue to run well forever on all platforms in maintained open source code. (i.e., it should already work on Mac, Linux and Android, at the very least).

      And the ScummVM version has features that were never in the original Myst: saving anywhere (not going back to the starting spot) and skipping cutscenes.

      This announcement implies we're going back to the old Windows engines for Myst and Riven. Why not focus the energy on improving the ScummVM build rather than producing a Codeweavers/Wine port of a 20-year-old Windows binary? (Look at The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime for a quality ScummVM port that hides the seams very well.)

    41. alexskc on

      ScummVM supports Myst and Riven, and ResidualVM supports Exile. Both are available on Mac OS, and both are GPL. I was under the impression that that's what the current Windows ports use already? I understand there's nothing like that for IV/V, but wouldn't it make sense to use these instead of Wine ports for the first three games?

    42. Terry Norton on

      Assuming the Mac version is a go, may I also assume that I can download the Mac version even though I pledged when only the Windows version would be available?

    43. Missing avatar

      Jacek Radzikowski on

      Since you're going to use wine to run the games on Mac, please add support for Linux as well.

    44. Blake Muxo

      Why would I want media on anything. but a physical disk. MYST revolutionized cd-rom technology and I think its rather appropriate it fills out that media. Besides there will likely be digital copies to copy to flash media to our hearts content. Besides its harder to misplace disks.

      Unless the flash media was part of the pen set hidden in the body of the beetle. Then I would shut my mouth - rescind my entire previous statement - and throw more money right at Rand’s face.

    45. LloydW Collaborator on

      @Protected - we understand the concern about Mac versions on optical media/DVD, since many Mac configurations no longer include an optical media/ DVD drive, so the Mac versions will likely be digital downloads only.

      As much as we’d love to include the Mac builds on the discs, because of the timing of the conversions, and the evolving MacOS platform, we can only promise digital downloads at this time.

    46. Missing avatar

      John Clark on

      This is why CYAN is one of the best fame developers in our time. They listen to the gamers/fans and deliver.

      Good on you Cyan for making this happen. I'm a full on windows user my self, but still is great news for all the Mac users.

      If there was a hall of fame for gaming industries you guys would be inducted for sure!!

      Can't wait for this product to ship out!!!!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Daradain on

      Mac version HYPE!!!!

    48. Renata TheStinging Hornik on

      Thank you so much! I hope I’ll have the option to switch the platform in my pledge after the kinks are worked out? ❤️

    49. Haunted Doug on

      Great news! Thank you so much!

    50. Missing avatar

      Protected on

      I wish you used usb sticks or sd cards instead of DVDs (years-old kickstarters have done this). Many of us no longer have an optical media drive! Optical media is slow, oversized, unreliable and generally outdated.