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A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.
A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.
19,304 backers pledged $2,810,127 to help bring this project to life.

25 Days and Counting!

Posted by Khatie

The ending has not yet been written...    

Shorah and greetings to all my fellow Myst fans. I'm Katie (aka Kha'tie), long-time Cyan fangirl. Some of you may remember me from the days of Myst IV, Uru and Myst V when I worked at Ubisoft as the Myst Worlds Community Manager. If you’re reading this, it means you care about Myst, the D'ni universe, explorers at Cyan, and their fellow community members around the world. And you care about what happens next. 

So, how can you help?

Ryan W. and I have put together a list of 25 Community Goals to which every Myst fan can contribute (regardless of being a Kickstarter backer or not) and help to spread the word about Myst's 25th Anniversary far and wide! At the same time, you'll be working toward unlocking a treasure trove of free Myst goodies for all fans:

Community Rewards
Community Rewards
  • 5 High-resolution images from Myst - angles never before rendered 
  • 5 Scans of the Riven Concept Art hanging in Cyan's Office 
  • 5 VR nodes on the original Myst Island (viewable via Google Cardboard) 
  • 5 Complete Digital Age design documents from Ages in Uru 
  • 5 3D printable files for items in Myst

To help, just do whatever you can to achieve these goals. Please make sure you tag everything with #Myst25 so we can track the Myst community’s progress. Then all will reap benefits after at least 20 of the 25 goals are achieved. That means everyone in the community – whether they’ve backed this Kickstarter or not, whether they’re a long-time veteran fan or new to the Mystiverse – can enjoy these items. 

Good luck, have fun and if you have any questions, please post them in the comments below!  

 ~ Kha’tie   : )  

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cargill 6 days ago

      @Khatie, there are lots of great fan art and collection submissions showing up on the Myst Lovers Unite facebook page, but lots of people are forgetting the handwritten #Myst25.

    2. Aya Ti'ahna Hawkeye on May 18

      Wish my tattoo would count but its only a design and I haven't had it done yet!! D: I drew it myself, for awareness of fibromyalgia and depression, using the Myst quote "Perhaps the ending has not yet been written". The Myst series has got me through a lot and that quote symbolises the semicolon movement beautifully.

      However, I can do the Myst collection one and the favourite age/puzzle one, so I shall do that when I get home on Sunday :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Bryon J. Hammer on May 16

      @Khatie Thank you. I am glad to hear that all 8 of my Myst Fan Fiction Books will count. I actually spent an entire day re-reading them, making (sorta) decent summaries, and taking pictures. It was one of those tasks that you think will take an hour but ends up taking all day.

    4. Horatio on May 16

      COMMUNITY GOALS NEEDED AS OF 5/16/2018 - Please spread the word!
      Twitter - @cyanworlds needs 182 more followers!
      Twitter - @cyanworlds needs 458 more retweets of pinned tweet!
      Facebook - @CyanGames page needs 1,554 more likes!
      Instagram - 18 more fan art images of the Myst series!
      #Myst 25:
      - 50 more posts showcasing your Myst collection!
      - 3 more posts showing your Myst series cosplay!
      - 125 more posts with your favorite Myst Age!
      - 3 more posts showing your Myst tattoos!

    5. Khatie Collaborator on May 15

      Wow! @Byron... that's incredible. I will count them all toward the goal and you will see that one completed in the next update (on the main campaign page - please note we can't change the images on updates / this page). Thank you!! Nicely done. :)

    6. LloydW Collaborator on May 14

      @mystrw1 (and anyone who asks :) ) - The Community Goals are being updated on the main Campaign page graphic. Another update to them is coming this week.

      The reason being, supplementary updates like this are only editable within 30 minutesof their original post time.

      The Campaign Notes, though, can be updated repeatedly through the campaign (until it ends).

    7. Missing avatar

      mystrw1 on May 13

      When will this goals chart be updated to show current status...?

    8. Horatio on May 13

      Here are some community goals that are closest to being achieved. I urge everyone to redouble their efforts and push hard to get these and several others completed in the next few days!
      YouTube - Cyan Worlds needs 33 more subscribers
      YouTube - 20 more videos with #mystStory #Myst25
      Twitter - @cyanworlds needs 266 more subscribers
      Twitter - @cyanworlds needs 501 more retweets of pinned post
      Facebook - @cyangames needs 1,608 more page likes
      Twitch - 1 more stream of Obduction with #Myst25
      #Myst 25 hashtag on any social media
      - 4 more photos of Myst series cosplay
      - 1 more Myst-inspired original songs
      - 5 more Myst-inspired original haikus
      - 4 more photos of Myst tattoos

    9. Aya Ti'ahna Hawkeye on May 12

      @Khatie Ah, didn't realise I'd forgotten to do that!! Fixed it 😊

    10. Khatie Collaborator on May 10

      @Sarah - you may need to make the post "Public" Privacy for others (besides your friends) to see it. Thank you! :)

    11. Khatie Collaborator on May 10

      Thank you, @Lothar! :)

    12. Aya Ti'ahna Hawkeye on May 10

      @Khatie, eee, thanks!! That's awesome. I've put a post up about it:…

      Looking forward to getting this thing up and running!

    13. Lothar Serra Mari on May 10

      Just backed the Writer tier.

      And here's my Myst-inspired haiku.

    14. Khatie Collaborator on May 9

      @Sarah - as a huge fan of geocaching I'm going to DEFINITELY count that! How about we put it into the Cosplay goal as +1?? :) Thank you!

    15. Khatie Collaborator on May 9

      Thank you @Thomas! We're planning to update the social goals on the campaign page, tomorrow. :)

    16. Aya Ti'ahna Hawkeye on May 8

      Hey, I'm creating a Myst inspired geocache with its own story! Would that count?! XD

      OK, yeah, it doesn't fit into the categories, I'll find something else :P

    17. Missing avatar

      Thomas Mark Sørensen on May 8

      Here's a post with my Myst collection (although I forgot to get the novels in the picture :-)

    18. LloydW Collaborator on May 7

      @Tradley Sasser - look to the main Campaign page for the updated Community Goals graphic. More updates coming soon. Thanks!

    19. Tradley Sasser on May 6

      When/Where will we see the community goal chart update?

    20. Joe Byerly on May 6

      @Khatie, it was my absolute pleasure! Thanks for listening!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Njim on May 6

      shorah travelers, here's some improvisation on uru vibes <3

    22. Khatie Collaborator on May 5

      Thank you, @Joe! :)

    23. Joe Byerly on May 3

      Ok so here is my contribution, a piece of music I wrote to honor Myst and the incredible memories I have from Cyan's amazing games. Here is the youtube link:

      I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did composing it!

    24. Joe Byerly on May 3

      I have composed and recorded a piece of music based on the original Myst theme. How might I get it to you good people? :)

    25. Khatie Collaborator on May 3

      Thank you, @janietta! That's awesome. :)

    26. Missing avatar

      janietta lusk on May 2

      My haiku:
      Rift appears, drops book.
      Stranger seeks the answers as
      Myst itself unfolds.

    27. Khatie Collaborator on May 2

      @Jonathan this is awesome. Thanks so much! :) We'll be updating the goals' progress on the main Campaign Page every few days so keep checking in to see what we need! Great work so far, all! <3

    28. Missing avatar

      JonathanVS on May 1

      OK! "Gehn's Betrayal", my original rendition of primarily the Moeity Theme (with essence of Gehn's Theme woven throughout) is live on YouTube with appropriate tagging! Find it here: and let me know what you think! I hope I did Robyn's amazing music justice! #Myst25

    29. LloydW Collaborator on May 1

      Hi @Amanda T. - while we can't get into details, there is work being done to enable Apple/Mac users to enjoy the games through this Kickstarter and in the future, as the games are released to GOG and Steam after the campaign ends.

      There's a bit more info both in the campaign notes and in the April 18th backer update.

    30. Amanda T.
      on May 1

      Is this not at all available for use on a Mac?

    31. Khatie Collaborator on May 1

      Nice, Daniel! Thanks! :)

    32. Daniel Furst on April 30

      Here's a link to "Remyxt", a midi I arranged a long time ago.…

    33. Khatie Collaborator on April 30

      @nils for the YouTube content there are several different goals, including music and #MystStory - stories about how you came to play the game and the impact it had on you. :)

    34. Horatio on April 30

      @Karl Love that license plate!

    35. Missing avatar

      Karl Mok
      on April 30

      Here's a pic of my license plate I've had since 2010. You'll know who cuts you off now :p

    36. Khatie Collaborator on April 30

      @Mike - I saw that! Counted and 100% completed goal there now. Best part was getting to re-listen to that music again. Thanks for the resourcefulness. :)

    37. Khatie Collaborator on April 30

      @Horatio - I got them, thank you!! :)

      You are correct... there is not a lot going on with the #Myst25 hashtag on Facebook at all. When you search, use "#Myst25" or "#Myststory" with the quotation marks to help pinpoint the posts. And change the search date to April and the posts to "all" not just "friends" but, you are right, so far it's very slow there. Twitter is much better at the moment.

      Ryan W. should be updating the main campaign page with the updated community goal images today so you can see our progress thus far!

      : )

    38. Mike Neimoyer on April 30

      @Khatie - Marty responded and even used the tag. ;-) Woot!

    39. Horatio on April 30

      @Khatie Posted a haiku on both Twitter and Facebook, and tagged with #Myst25. It's no work of art, but hopefully it will elicit a chuckle from some.

      Also, when I search for #Myst25 on Facebook, i get very few results - outside of my own posts. Is there a trick to seeing more FB posts with that particular hashtag?

    40. Khatie Collaborator on April 30

      @Ian A A Watson - counted that tattoo toward the total! Thanks for sharing that. :)

    41. Khatie Collaborator on April 30

      @Esther - when you've shared the story and / or any songs be sure to tag them with #Myst25 and link here for us to check them out (or link them to Facebook or Twitter with #Myst25 so we can find them and count them toward the goals). Thanks so much! :)

    42. Khatie Collaborator on April 30

      @Fyre - thanks, got it! And congrats on the public post. :D

    43. Khatie Collaborator on April 30

      @Michelle - this. is. amazing!! Yes, if you post photos on Twitter and Facebook with #Myst25 on the images, we'll count that as a Cosplay! Thank you!! :D

    44. Khatie Collaborator on April 30

      @Joshua, as desertfern said, everyone gets access to the goodies as long as at least 20/25 of the goals are reached by the end of the campaign. Not just KS backers but the entire Myst community will be able to enjoy these things. :)

    45. Khatie Collaborator on April 30

      @Mike - thanks for the help!! :)

    46. Fyre on April 30

      Posted my haiku on FB; probably the only "public" post I've ever written, haha!

    47. Esther on April 30

      Wow! This is awesome! I would love to do something, so many options. I have written an original story inspired by Myst. I'm still working on it, I would love to share it! I have songs too and small videos but the videos need more work for appropriate viewing. Fun!

    48. Mario Kinastowski on April 30

      @Michelle Gonzo

      WOW! WOW! WOW!