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A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.
19,304 backers pledged $2,810,127 to help bring this project to life.

$500,000 and Climbing!

Posted by Cyan Worlds, Inc. (Creator)

Well, as I write this we’ve easily more than doubled our Kickstarter minimum - well over $500,000. Wow! Did I mention, WOW! This is so amazing! Thank you all so much for your support. We’re so happy that so many of you are as excited as we are about the anniversary.

Over the Hump!

Also, just so you know, there were some expenses that we would not have covered at our minimal funding amount, but we’ve run our numbers, and at the current level we have covered those additional fees. Yay! That doesn’t mean that everything from here on is profit - because the physical goods still have a substantial cost to them, and Kickstarter gets a percentage as well. But it does mean that at least we’re past our worst-case scenario of this Kickstarter actually costing us money.

Stretch Goals

This subject has certainly come up sooner than we expected, and although we have informally discussed a few creative ideas, we need time to formulate a plan, and see if anything solidifies. There have been plenty of great suggestions from the community, but please realize that there are many variables, and we have limited resources. But we really want to keep the ball rolling as much as possible.

Thanks for all the support!

The Cyan Team

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    1. Alexander Haas on

      I see there's already a lot of talk on here about potential stretch goals, but I'd like to specifically throw my vote in (provided this is practical) for physical CD copies of all of the game soundtracks with the physical reward tiers. If that can be done, it would make this collection even more excellent than it already is.

      Having those soundtracks added as GOG extras for the download tiers would be great as well.

      Excited for the "working" Myst book even as things stand, but didn't want to waste the opportunity to throw in my vote. =)

    2. Max Hann on

      This again? The "Gimme the box" tier was only $30 above the previous tier, so the value of the box was $30, not $75. Is $30 a bit much for a DVD-style case? Sure. Do I wish they had gone with an old-school 1990s-style PC game box? Sure. Did they *promise* an old-school 1990s-style PC game box? No, they didn't. They just said "boxed," and DVD case is a box.

      The "sleeve with a circle cut out to show the disc through the clear box" design was cooler in theory than in practice, so I wonder if their prototype boxes looked better than the ones that ultimately got mass-produced, but in any case: That project was about the game, not the box, whereas this project is primarily about the box. That project didn't promise any specific design or specifications for the box, this one does. That project they didn't clarify who they partnered with to produce the box, this time they did, and it's a company that has successfully produced similar cool-looking book-style boxed special editions.

      I can honestly understand your disappointment with the Obduction box, I felt a pang of sadness too, but this situation is demonstrably different.

    3. Matt EH on

      Tom van der Spek good for you buddy, you're one of the few who was happy with paying $75 USD for a DVD case. I guess you're easy to please, CYAN loves customers like you

    4. Max Hann on

      @Christian Page: My understanding from what I've read over the years is that they probably still have backups of the raw project files from Riven, but the software and hardware they used to actually read and render the stuff out is long gone, so it'd be pretty difficult to do a remaster that way. More an issue of practicality than money, since even if they could reopen and re-render the files, they'd still effectively have to retrace all the steps of making the game over again. Bit of a shame, because that would probably be the ideal version of Riven (even better than a realtime 3D version, in my opinion), but it's understandable.

    5. Missing avatar

      Pontus Marco on

      I would love to see a stretch goal in the lines of a coffee mug or a t-shit. BUT you should, in my opinion, only do a stretch goal while still having a nice profit margin for the company.

    6. Tom on

      @Tomer thanks. heh. I had a picture in mind when I made my claim, Mighty Number 9. That was outrageously backed, and then look what happened. I'd much rather see a mega-campaign for Myst than a remake of Megaman, which took home over 4 million. I suppose it depends on Cyan's openness to augmenting their goals. Make the product better aka No Stretch Goals™ is possible if the game was updated with additional somethings. Tricky. Perhaps it would take more than 40 days to develop a mature game-plan. Also thinking of Thimbleweed Park and Day of the Tentacle Remastered. The massive funds coming in for this, while yes having to go in major part to physical material production, could also, hopefully, mean ... something like a rebuild. Man. Maybe they can develop a private property somewhere in California that is built to look like Myst Island, and with the purchase of a book, you have exclusive access for next 20 years to go visit. Just touch the panel. haha

    7. Michael on

      "A stretch goal I could really get behind would be a RealRiven release"

      I would double my 169$ pledge if they would commit to this.

      It was done with Myst.. why not Riven? Or at least an updated version of it that uses high resolution stills. You can even keep the original video clips the same and just build the rest out with 3D models / high-res textures like realMyst.

      An updated Riven would just be absolutely amazing and the only stretch goal that would make perfect sense.

      Come on, Miller Bros....these were the 2 Myst titles that clearly stood out from the rest of the series, because it, like Myst, had both of your fingerprints on it. It was special. Do it justice just as you did the original Myst with its re-release.

    8. Tomer on

      Ok, I just realized that I was underestimating the amount they get per day, which is 30-40k, not 10k (don't know where I got that from!). So perhaps 2M isn't that unrealistic ;)

    9. Tomer on

      Here's for hoping Cyan ignores their fans and do what you think best.

      @Tom Pace, 2M USD isn't conservative, it's the absolute best-case-scenario. The project's likely going to make ~10k$ per day except for the last days, where there's usually a surge (100k$? 200k$?). So unlikely more than ca. 1.2-1.4M$, from my experience.

    10. Tom on

      Just a quick comment to reiterate a few others' point. Please for any extra "stretch" goal considered after-the-fact, to put Mac OS at the top of the list. only about 5 days into a 40 day campaign, already 800,000 USD, so over 2x original break-even and current gravy, could you consider just hiring a bunch of people, just rebuild from ground up, go back to original sources, etc. I'm only saying this because ... 5 days into 40. So let's conservatively estimate 2 million USD total is reached in next 35 days. Just hoping some of that excess could go to rebuilding the original game(s) if sources are available... I would love to get involved, after all, Myst is what got me into technology, and I found myself in software/games development.

    11. Christian Page on

      Do you still have the original files? If so what i would love more then anything is for riven to be re rendered out at a higher resolution. While the stary expance project is cool even thier best levels still look worse then the orginal riven.
      The only issue with rivens graphics is its lower resolution. Fix that and its perfect.
      But nowing how old it is and how these things tend to go id be willing to bet my linking book that a lot if not all the original files are gone.

    12. Ryan Allen on

      Would like to see a master OST from all seven games. The music in Myst has always been so iconic and I believe people can relive Myst just through the music. I recommend making it available to pledges $99, $169, $250, and the $1,000. It's encourage the $49 backers to upgrade to $99. :)

    13. Richard G Scates on

      I'll throw in a suggestion for stretch goals. VR support for the updated realMyst would be fantastic. Obduction is great, but walking around the original Myst worlds in VR would be a dream come true.

    14. Mercurius FM on

      Would love to see the soundtracks and novels included, if not physically then on the Linking Book USB. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Pedro Topa on

      A stretch goal I could really get behind would be a RealRiven release, or, releasing the Myst games for the current generation of consoles (Nintendo Switch ports of Myst + Riven would be amazing!)

    16. Missing avatar

      Cody Alexander Yancey on

      I'd like to say that I'm a huge fan of Cyan Worlds and made this account just to back this Kickstarter. I adore Myst and every breath of inspiration it has brought into the video game industry and the minds of creative and artistic individuals. I couldn't not support this project, especially after hearing the team already dedicated their time and energy to securing the legal rights for the titles. It's cathartic to see groups such as yourself still showing devotion to their fans to such a degree in this modern age.

      As for stretch goals, in my opinion everything I'm getting with my backer rewards is already a lot of wonderful content and merchandise and to ask for more almost seems like sacrilege. If, though, the point should be reached that the talk of stretch goals becomes more serious, I'd love to see more smaller collectibles (others have mentioned pins, mugs, shirts, posters, etc.) to beef up the already impressive list of collector's items.
      However if a "quality over quantity" approach should be taken, I think a port to other popular platforms would be fantastic. The Nintendo Switch would be a perfect platform for these kinds of titles, speaking from subjective standpoint. The Switch platform offers a great opportunity to reach out to potential newcomers to the series as well as giving a viable mobile option for old fans alike. Others have also already mentioned ports to Mac and Linux, which I understand might make more logical sense than porting to the Switch. Regardless, I understand that there are various limitations, both technically and legally, in undergoing such ports so I think most fans will understand if a target such as that isn't realistically feasible at this point in time and might be considered after the commercial venture of this initial release.
      Furthermore, others have proposed the idea of having no stretch goals at all and allowing whatever excess money is achieved to go towards the team and whatever future projects they undertake, Myst related or otherwise and I also support this notion. I trust everyone on the team has already been brainstorming and sharing ideas for the concept of the "next big thing", and any extra early funding to support the entire creative and developing process has obvious benefits. I'm sure virtual reality has been brought up more than once in these idea pitches, and as a fan I'd like to say that should I not already own a VR headset at the time I would immediately purchase one at the announcement of a Myst VR title; no doubt about it, no second guesses. But that's still a long way off, no matter what the future brings I'm sure everyone on the team will work their butts off to make it the best it could possibly be.

      Regardless of what's done with the extra funding, I'm sure many of the dedicated fans like myself will be supportive and understanding of your decisions. It's clear that the best intentions for the fans are first and foremost in your minds, and I'll happily accept whatever you think is best both for the company and your loyal fans. Thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text, I promise it would've been much longer had my senses not come to me sooner. Can't wait to hear from the team again! I'll be eagerly awaiting my next news fix.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Goldberg on

      Stretch goal: at some point, the pen and inkwell come with some J.Herbin Stormy grey ink!

    18. foodandart on

      What's the beef with the Obduction box? I got it and was happy. No, it's not going to look like a commercial product, but given the game was self-funded, it was nice there was a physical copy at all.

      Hmm. Am just happy that the games will be updated for the newer hardware and OSes - I've been running Windows XP in Parallels for years on my MacPro, just to maintain the ability to play all the titles - and it was the only way I could access the URU online - still is, as this last 'fall update' of Windows 10 on my gaming PC made MOUL unplayable. Thanks Microsoft!


      (Back to the Mac Pro..) Anyhow.. Glad to get the book and have a full selection of the games to go with Obduction. Will be nice to be able to get A'egura again on the big 4k screen on the Windoze box...

    19. Tomer on

      "That doesn’t mean that everything from here on is profit " - I don't understand why Cyan needs to apologize for making a profit out of this campaign. You're a company. We love you and your products. We want you to make a profit, to live well, and to keep doing what you do best.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kane on

      I think including the novels would be a good stretch goal.

    21. Olivier Doriath on

      Stretch goals should be digital if any. Maybe a PS4 release? I know my brother would absolutely love that. Maybe XBOne + Switch as well? I wouldn't go any further than that. You guys deserve the money!

    22. Missing avatar

      Edward Bartz on

      For me, the best stretch goal would be sooner production/release. I tried to load my origin copy of Myst, and windows 10 won't event try to install it.

    23. Dimitrios on

      I think that a digital and later on( with extra cost) 4th Myst novel (Book of Marrim) is THE idea!
      The end has not yet been written..

    24. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      Hmm... 1 GB update to realMyst: Masterpiece Edition on Steam. Surely that's not coincidence, eh?

    25. Adrian von Gegerfelt on


      I understand that stretch goals could potentially cost more resources, as the tiers practically pay for what’s involved in each tier, so don’t fret. The 25th anniversary edition is beautiful! 💜

      (even though macOS ports would have been really nice)

    26. Tom van der Spek

      It looks like we have a 'Obduction box frustrated person' here. Better ignore him further. He starts to behave as a troll.
      And yes Matt EH, I have had backed the boxed version of Obduction too, and I am satisfid with it!
      And this is the last I will say about this subject...

    27. Grover on

      Nice Update, can't wait!

    28. Trond Lunde on

      Hey, Backed this with 250 dollars right away, Love Cyan games, love Myst,Riven and obduction.
      Question is, and it might already have been answered somewhere, but will this be available for PS4 pro ?
      Thank you so much for doing this guys at Cyan :-) :-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel MAZE on

      Make the dream come true, port on Mac please !

    30. Daniel on

      Please... NO STRETCH GOALS THAT ARE NOT DIGITAL. Use the money firmament.

    31. Missing avatar

      Honni Madill on

      Congratulations, Well done. Im looking forward to the new coming of MYST. Thank you!

    32. Missing avatar

      Charles Timm on

      I for one would love to see more books. I've always loved the three, and really hopped for more. I know there were plans...

    33. Missing avatar

      Daradain on

      So cool to see people so excited about Myst! Can’t wait, though a really neat stretch goal (and hopefully easy to arrange) would be to include the soundtracks! The Myst series has some of the best most therapeutic music, and that would be such a nice addition, especially if physical discs could be managed for the book. Either way, glad to see all the success!

    34. Matthew Lyles Hornbostel on

      Stretch goals optional and if included, should contain some good profit margin that can be dedicated to Firmament or other projects.

      Cyan, you guys can decide what is worth pursuing and what isn't, and definitely allocate the funding to whatever you think shows promise.

      I'm backtracking on the idea of cross-platform beyond Windows, a bit. It's a good way to make the series even more accessible to all, but it's also a lot of work. Only agree to it if you get to the point where you're confident you can make it happen without compromising your vision for Firmament. Also if the stretch goals involve the fourth Myst novel (Book of Marrim) and the full set of Myst novels / soundtracks as an add on, that wouldn't be a bad choice either; a new book is probably way cheaper to develop than a full-fledged game and the soundtracks already exist.

      It's your call, Cyan. You do whatever you think will be most worthwhile. And if that involves no stretch goals, that is just fine.

    35. Matt EH on

      "they got a freaking physical copy of the game"

      Filled with DRM.

    36. Matt EH on

      Greg Szemiot, the pledge promised a "Special Boxed Edition" for $75 USD. They didn't deliver. People should just be aware before they pledge their money for this game.

    37. Greg Szemiot on

      The people talking about the boxed edition of Obduction seem to not realize they got a freaking physical copy of the game. Yeah, it's not like the boxes of yore, but it's also a game that was done by an indie studio with no publisher like all previous games were.

    38. Joshua Green

      I'd say take the extra money and work on a sequel. It's been to long. Otherwise no stretch goals are needed. The chance to replay these games after all these years is more than enough

    39. Missing avatar

      Robert Jones on

      Take the extra money. Deliver what was promised. Avoid the bugs and problems of the Masterpiece Edition.

    40. Greg Szemiot on

      Honestly I'd just be happy with Myst games on Mac and Linux as well finally. Everything else after production of this collection and those goals should go toward Firmament and future Myst games.

    41. alexskc on

      I know the general consensus is "no stretch goals," but I think that throwing in the soundtracks and Myst books would be great. I'd be totally okay forking over some extra for physical copies of those, for a more "complete collection."

    42. David Patrick on

      I would love to see the soundtracks to these games as stretch goals.

    43. Matthew Lee Keith on

      Stretch Goal: Mac port!

    44. Jonathan Manseau on

      The stretch goal I would really want is to have the French localization of the game so I can play them as I use to when I was young.

    45. Matt EH on

      WARNING TO BACKERS: Some of you may not have heard of CYAN or their other game that was funded through Kickstarter called OBDUCTION. Some of us gave these guys $75 or more for a promised "Special Boxed Edition" of the game. After waiting 2+ years all we got was a cardboard slip cover over a plastic DVD case. You can google image search it to see what it looked like. Just keep that in mind before you hover over the big amounts for physical goods.

    46. Fuzzy Puffin on

      If we're voting for stretch goals, Mac versions. Anything else after that should go to the Firmament Fund.

    47. slot9 on

      My vote is no stretch goals.

    48. Max Hann on

      This is so exciting!

      I agree with the general sentiment of a lot of these posts: please don't feel compelled to sink too much of this money into stretch goals! While I do like the idea of including more simple digital goodies as the numbers increase to keep people excited, and possibly pursuing some of the Mac stuff you were on the fence about, there's definitely no shame in holding onto the money for the sake of the health of the company.

      I'm just so happy that this campaign is doing as well as it is. You deserve it! This is such a great celebration of the legacy of this series.

    49. Jeff Bixler on

      I agree with everyone else. No stretch goals. Use the profit to write more books about D’ni!

    50. Missing avatar

      Chaye Byers on

      Your Myst collection was an inspiration in my childhood from the first Myst game i got for my birthday when the family first owned a computer to Riven, Exile, and end of ages my dad brought home from the store just to play with me and my little brother after i got my homework done... thank you for the unique puzzles, the wondrous adventures, and the surprising but yet funny jump scares... Thank you For being a big part of my childhood Helping My Imagination soar and making some of the best memories with my family!