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From Cyan, the studio that brought you Myst, comes a next-generation narrative adventure. (for PC, Rift, Vive, Index, macOS, PS4/PSVR)
From Cyan, the studio that brought you Myst, comes a next-generation narrative adventure. (for PC, Rift, Vive, Index, macOS, PS4/PSVR)
18,420 backers pledged $1,433,161 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Tea-Reen

      Rock and roll!!!!!

    2. Madeleine Alexandra Applegate-Gross on

      Woooooooo!!!!! Now I can get back to my life rather than checking this Kickstarter every 5 minutes! XD In all seriousness, Congratulations Cyan. You guys are awesome!

    3. Randall Silver on

      AWESOME NEWS!!! So glad this got funded! I'm looking forward to exploring new Cyan worlds, I've done 'em all so far so I need new ones ;-)
      Also a question: will we be able to choose our platforms then? I have a Playstation VR but not on PC, so I'd really like this on PS4.

    4. Missing avatar

      Archie Wright on

      I'm still using my "Riven" mouse pad, I've had it since Riven came out and it shows a little wear, but only along the edges, but my graphics on it are still spot on point, but now I need to know if there will be a new one issued for "Firmament"?

      I don't know if this is a consideration, but perhaps this can be an added perk of owning the new game, maybe, you guys might, you'll think about it?

    5. Missing avatar

      Archie Wright on

      And away we go!! I cannot wait for this experience to unfold and to think, it will be available on VR too!! I sure wish that the earlier gems could be rewritten, especially to support VR and for the PC, to use all of the innovations and the advantages of the new Nvidia graphics cards, that would be so fantastic, imagine replaying all of those original storylines in VR or using today's graphics cards, it's simply mind boggling to even consider the thought, since there is no plan for such dreams, I am totally stoked for the coming "Firmament" experience, I can hardly keep myself contained with the anticipation, I sure wish I could have afforded to contribute more, so that I could have gotten the "Proof of Concept" to tide me over until the final product arrives, especially since we are now over 100% funded on this project and dream-soon to be a reality, hint, hint, hint, bwahahahahahahahahaha, gotta' love me!!

    6. Vanessa-Jane Alexander

      Will you have a version for XBox??? please!!

    7. Levi Phipps on

      I am so psyched that Firmament will be on PS4!! Thank you so much!! My Myst 25th is groovy, but will probably collext dust because my laptop pushed up daisies about a month before I got my games and linking book. So Firmament makes me happy!

    8. Sue Brettell on

      Aw, you fabulous Guys had me on tenterhooks there!!! I've been playing your games on Mac since the very beginning ...(the only other games I've ever played are Myst-alikes). So, a total Cyanide that can't be right. Cyanite. Yay!! Anyway, I've pledged now I know I can play ...super happy!! Huge congratulations, much deserved! X

    9. Tradley Sasser on

      Sadly I won't be able to make the livestreams.

    10. David Hawkins on

      Was really close there for a bit! Yay for funding! Congratulations, Cyan team!

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen Stanton

      Yea for Mac version. Just went to $120 pledge.

    12. Missing avatar

      Pat Cummings on

      My pledge is destined to arrive for my birthday—and if it's late, I'll just move the birthday!

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lynn Hunt on

      So, will I be able to get my pledge on ps4? Definitely want to play it on PSVR.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Ertman on

      Really happy about PSVR! Congrats on the funding!

    15. Connor Carpenter on

      Sweet! Myst fans unite! So glad I get to play this one day :) I know you guys will make a truly great experience as usual!

    16. Missing avatar

      Tremayne Moore on

      HELL to the YEAAAH!!! When Myst and Riven were released I was literally entranced by the story, graphical realism, and thought provoking gameplay. To the point where the world around me melted away for the time I was playing. Now I really get to be inside a Cyan world. This is the perfect type of game for VR. And anytime Cyan kickstarts a game in the future. I'll be chipping in.

    17. Erik Heathcote on

      I am so glad to see this got funded. I have loved exploring Cyan's worlds ever since I first picked up Myst back in the 90's and it makes me so happy to see them have such a supportive community that keeps this beautiful content coming out of this studio. Thank goodness for the small developers like Cyan truly pushing forward games as an art form. <3

    18. Missing avatar

      Parole Francoeur on

      Bravo! Grâce à Firmament et Cyan, vous pourrez apprendre le français tout en vous amusant ...
      Merveilleux n’est ce pas?
      Pôle Nord du Québec, fan finie depuis 1980

    19. C-Shepard on

      Great news, can't wait to play this new game. Watching the live vertical slice playthrough got me hooked on this project, as soon as the guy went outside with the snowy mountains and Myst like music I was all in.

    20. SpaceMonkey0899 on

      Would love to see Xbox but congratulations!

    21. Timothy Stark

      Good news for Mac users! I am both PC and Mac user.

    22. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Amazing, congrats! I must admit I was extremely doubtful a couple days ago. Whoever pushed their initial pledges or those latecomers jumping on board, thank you!

    23. Missing avatar

      Derek & Fay Bolt on

      Magic news - Cyan magic... Backers magic :-)
      A couple of NZ wrinklies (161 years between them - 50 of those years in Cyan worlds !!) send love, admiration—and straight and loud and lasting WoooooHooooooooo...

    24. Missing avatar

      Shay Moore on

      "Good news! We really want the Mac, PS4, and EFIGS versions to happen. We’re now on our way to the stretch goal, but we’ve decided to commit to find a way to make up any shortfall, so we can guarantee Firmament for Mac, PS4, and EFIGS."

      This was literally all that had been holding me back. Pledged as a very happy Mac/PSVR family here.

    25. Missing avatar

      Joyce Wilson on

      That is Awesome. I have played every games Cyan has made. I still have my "Squee" figure sitting next to my TV. Excited for this new game. I bet in VR it will be absolutely amazing.

    26. Stiler Orion on

      So glad this made it, loved Myst (and Riven) and had fun with Obduction so have high hopes for this one.

    27. Cronosus

      i lost ansfer to my question about Czech translation
      will be possible then? (hope i will be able to do it :) )

    28. Stephen Bell on

      Love that picture! Made me smile, too. Can't wait for the game. Congratulations, guys.

    29. João Eiras on

      If you're going for internationalization, could you subtitles and an "easy" way to translate them to other language by the community ? That way we could support even more languages.

      Cheers !

    30. Missing avatar

      Kevin Stone on

      I thought this one would be a breeze given Cyan's reputation and the excitement over the prior Myst campaign but wow what a great push at the end to get this funded! Congrats!

    31. Patrick Karjala on

      @Dean Ashworth, presumably the $30 is sufficient.

    32. Missing avatar


      Congrats. It was kind of close with little over a day left, but you made it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Polo on

      Whoaaa, the last days of this kickstarter are crazy! Congrats! :)

    34. Arlie DuBois on

      So happy this got funded. Cant wait for this to come out. Only wish I could join the festivities. Unfortunately I have to work. Great going all!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Gryf Ketcherside on

      This is the first time I’ve been glued to the Kickstarter status screen watching the numbers tally up... and really, I felt like I did in Uru’s heyday, when there was something big going down in the cavern, and I was THERE. I’m so thrilled for all of you at Cyan! I know the next year is going to be pretty intense for all you folks, and I hope to follow your progress as much as possible as this new world comes into being. Warmest congratulations, and best wishes!


    36. Dana "Mystdee" Brightman on

      Congrats!! So excited to get this one! w00t!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Dean Ashworth on

      Great News! Can you be a $30 backer to get the Mac version or do you need to be at the $49+ level?

    38. Brad Painter on

      YES!! Now I know I'll be able to play it at home! Does this also mean PSVR support, or just the PS4?

    39. Mataeus on

      Please, please release for Xbox One. With X enhancements of course!

    40. Missing avatar

      Chris Bisanar on

      Congrats! More than just stoked for a new Cyan game; I am ready to see what you geniuses can make UE4 do, now that you have Obduction under your belts! Woooot!

    41. Missing avatar

      BtnRock on

      I bought and played Myst when it first came out.. I am 65 May 3rd (this year) ouch, still not grown up! I am an electronics engineer, built my VR computer and have younger friends on Steam..I am so happy Cyan has such great supporters and followers, may it continue.

    42. Juggala on

      I cant even describe how stoked I am right now. Congrats everyone!

    43. Missing avatar

      Joan on


    44. brandenlee

      So excited to see Mac support! I had given up and was only going to pledge the Buy a Coffee option, now I can increase my pledge!

    45. Missing avatar

      Nicole Gordon on

      This is so exciting! I was worried the goal wouldn't be reached, fortunately I underestimated my fellow Cyan fans. I can't wait for this to be released, this is the third Kickstarter I have backed, all of them Cyan. Congratulations and I can't wait to see it!

    46. Cleo on

      :applause: Whew!

    47. Missing avatar

      John on

      Well Done Guys. Started with Myst too many years ago to remember ;) Still playing Myst and Riven on iPad.

    48. Missing avatar

      Cullen Johnson on

      I'm relieved this project got funded! After Obduction and the Myst 25th Anniversary edition, I can't wait to see what the creative talent at Cyan comes up with for this game. :)

    49. Alex Bradley on

      I'm so excited! I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief along with you all, and wish you the best in developing your next masterpiece!