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From Cyan, the studio that brought you Myst, comes a next-generation narrative adventure. (for PC, Rift, Vive, Index, macOS, PS4/PSVR)
From Cyan, the studio that brought you Myst, comes a next-generation narrative adventure. (for PC, Rift, Vive, Index, macOS, PS4/PSVR)
18,420 backers pledged $1,433,161 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. yussef961 on

      well of course i backed it up, myst was so good you deserve it 100000 million times

    2. Missing avatar

      Arthur R. Thurau on

      Started with Myst like so many.... Riven became my favorite of all time in large part because of the music. Hope Firmament has good/great music. I like Obduction a lot, though it is hard for me and the music-- well..... Can't wait for Firmament ! Been talking the game up with friends. Good luck guys. Give it your all. I/we know you will :)

    3. Linda Au Parker on

      I just upped my pledge to the next tier up. Knowing me and my past experience with Cyan-type projects, I'll likely change my pledge upward at least one more time. :D

    4. Henry Wyckoff on

      I've even contacted people I know outside of social media. No takers. Hopefully others have good luck.

    5. Michael Tennes on

      Tom Cushing said, "Nothing (except Obduction) has come close." I said the same thing until I played QUERN (Steam) definitely the closest another game has come.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Cushing on

      Sadly, I know no one who has played the Myst series, or Obduction. Apparently, I need new friends. But, I have been talking up Firmament on FaceBook as best I can. Here's hoping it helps, because I really want this game! Personal note: Myst was the very first PC game I ever played. It spoiled me completely. Nothing (except Obduction) has come close.

    7. Adam Buccilli on

      Posted on social media when I don't really use them in hopes. Also jumped up to the $120 tier in hopes to help.

    8. Mark McCallum on

      I have overcome my natural tendency to not engage with social media and have tweeted this at a number of game commentary twitter handles (If that is what they are called). Hopefully, if others do the same they will pick up on it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      If only Adam Saves Kickstarters or Doogie Howser could come save the day.

    10. Jose Lopez on

      Need to mention this where lots of gamers visit: Steam, GameSpot (PC), PCGamesN, Twitch, Youtube.

    11. karvolf on

      Fell for the charm of Physical Rewards and ended up pretty much trippling my pledge. Fingers crossed!

    12. Hernan Stamati on

      I started cheap thinking this would be funded quickly... today I quadrupled my pledge. I've been waiting for quality puzzle-adventure in VR my whole life. If this fails I don't know what I'll do! ;)

    13. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Mary French on

      Maybe you should push the message for Mac support harder. I signed up within seconds when I heard that so maybe others will as well :)

    14. Tristan on

      I will be sad if this project fails to meet it's goal. A good puzzle adventure game is such a rare thing anymore.

    15. Missing avatar

      Melody Ingle on

      Hey guys, give us a reason to up our pledges! Something cheap as dirt for you that we might still be fun enough to be worth while... For those of us who bought in at basic levels, we'd likely be willing to toss another 20 (or whatever) in the pot, just help us out! Do something like a 'double bump' reward. For those who who are already pledged at one level (likely the game only level) who chose to move up to the next level (likely the game and dlc bits) just add a code to unlock a special photo or screen in the game. It doesn't even have to be a unique puzzle, just a puzzle where an alternate solution pays a nod to the campaign.

      I have my fingers crossed for you!

    16. Ben McLean on

      Maybe you guys asked for too much money? I mean you definitely have enough fan support to make some kind of game, but $1.3 million? Seems a little high. I don't think you're going to make it

    17. Missing avatar

      david smith on

      You have to be clearer that this will work without vr. Most people don't have that stuff, but you lead with it and I had to dig to find out this would work without vr.

    18. Mahan Harirsaz

      Oh I’m definitely working on it. Let’s hope!