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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, April 26 2019 10:00 PM UTC +00:00.

pledged of $1,285,000pledged of $1,285,000 goal
8days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, April 26 2019 10:00 PM UTC +00:00.

Huge Community Update! Goals, Streams, AMA and more!

Posted by Khatie (Collaborator)

Greetings, backers! 

We head into the weekend with a ton of great community news to share with you all.

$700,000 Reached! 

Thanks to all of you, we’ve reached more than $700,000! So we’re more than halfway to our stretch goal, which will enable us to support Mac, EFIGS and PSN/PSVR for Firmament. Please share with all your friends, relatives and strangers to keep that momentum going! 

Community Social Media Goals 

Many of you have been asking for new community social media goals, so we decided to do a few impactful goals for the Firmament campaign. We’ll track these goals on the main page every few days. We hope you’ll have fun taking part! 

Remember, you can share / like / follow everything to do with Firmament to keep boosting the signal to all potential backers out there. 

In the meantime, here are the official goals to get you started:


1. Instagram @FirmamentGame GOAL = 500 Follows

Follow the FirmamentGame Instagram account and share it out for others to discover and follow it, too. Commenting on the images helps boost it, too. This is a re-awakening of the account since we announced the game last years so please share your love with our baby Instagram page!

2. Twitter @FirmamentGame GOAL = 1500 Follows

Follow FirmamentGame on Twitter and Like, Retweet as many of the account’s (and fans’) tweets as you can! Please use the hashtag #FirmamentGame when mentioning the game or use @FirmamentGame - thank you! You can also @CyanWorlds and @Myst_Game for bonus mileage.

3. Facebook Post pinned at FirmamentGame GOAL = 150 Shares

Go to and find the pinned post on the page (the one that begins “On Kickstarter now”). Like Share to your own timeline, share to groups you’re in, share in messenger to all your Myst fan friends. It’s also hugely beneficial to find and share the other posts from the page - one every day or two!

4. Kickstarter Total Firmament backers GOAL = 16,000

This one is self-explanatory, let’s get the number of Firmament backers on Kickstarter to 16,000 (or more)!

5. “What is Firmament” Haikus on any social channel with #FirmamentGame GOAL = 100

Write a haiku with the question “What is Firmament?” in mind and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media with the hashtag #FirmamentGame. Once we hit 100, this goal will be complete! But don’t let that stop you from sharing other #FirmamentGame-related posts during the rest of the campaign. We love to see all your creativity!


If all 5 Goals are met by the Firmament community before the end of this Kickstarter campaign, we’ll share the following rewards with *everyone* (not just backers)! Please note, each of these rewards will be shared in the future, after the campaign is finished (but hopefully before launch of Firmament). We’ll send out word when these are ready for everyone:

1. Your Own Adjunct! We’ll share a 3D printable model of the adjunct from Firmament.

2. Early Look! We’ll share some Firmament concept and in-game art in a community folder.

3. First Listen! We’ll share one of the first tracks from the Firmament soundtrack.

Streamers check out Firmament!

We sent our Proof of Concept Demo to some of our favorite streamers to check it out and share their first experience with Firmament!  View their streams here, on Facebook:

We’ll be updating the post with more streams as they come.

Community engagements from Rand, next week:

Next week we’ll have not one, but two opportunities to chat with Rand and ask him all your burning questions about Firmament!

1. Tuesday, April 16, 2019 

Reddit AMA at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST, on the /r/FirmamentGame page.

2. Thursday, April 18, 2019 

Facebook Live session with Rand at 2:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST, on the FirmamentGame Facebook page.

Recent Interview Podcasts:

I think you two would get along:

Rand was recently interviewed by Trin of the Kickstarter Games Team.

It’s the crossover event of the century. Kells (Calico) and Rand Miller (Cyan Worlds) discuss their distinct creative visions, pack-bonding with robots, and how Jimmy Eat World is basically the Pink Floyd of turn-of-the-century emo.

Listen to the podcast below:

Live broadcast from Synthplex:

Russell Brower, Firmament's Music Supervisor was interviewed on

Listen to Russell's interview, here (he begins to discuss his work with Cyan at the 17:40 mark): 

Thank you for all the support and have an awesome weekend. We’ll be watching all your social posts!

~ Kha’tie

: )

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    1. Khatie Collaborator about 6 hours ago

      Hi @Michael - we chose that one because at the time we were just past 8k backers and we wanted every backer to 'bring a friend' to the campaign. So 16k backers was the number we chose for that goal. :)

    2. Michael Cyr about 6 hours ago

      The 16k Kickstarter backers seems like an odd social media stretch goal to me. If we don't fund, it won't matter if we made the stretch goal or not, and if we do fund, we will almost definitely have 16k backers. (In order to meet the goal with less than 16k backers, the average pledge of the new backers would need to be higher than the current average pledge, and since about half the $5k pledge levels and 3/4 of the $1k pledge levels are gone, I don't see that happening. Though I suppose if enough existing backers upped their pledge, that could make a difference.)

    3. Khatie Collaborator about 7 hours ago

      GUYS! It's #NationalHaikuDay! What better day to share your #FirmamentGame haikus for the Community Social Media Goal! WOO!

    4. Khatie Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Jon where did you post them? I have found 43 haikus by searching the #firmamentgame hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. Where are yours? Thank you!!!

    5. Jon Ardenoth 1 day ago

      Are my 50 Haiku's being counted? Or are you only tracking 1 Haiku per person (or per post)?

    6. Khatie Collaborator 4 days ago

      Holy smokes, everyone GREAT JOB today!! We're close on almost all the goals. Keep it up and we'll post the updated graphic / progress on Monday. Nicely done. :)

    7. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman 4 days ago

      As of right now about 1400 followers on Twitter. That one will score very soon.

    8. Jon Ardenoth 4 days ago

      I'm writing tons of haikus. Dunno if Cyan will see them all, since I've done one post and the rest as comments on that post, but I'm doing it anyway!

    9. Jordan Smith 5 days ago

      @Erik Ammerlaan: Here's a direct link to the pinned post that needs to be shared for community goals:

    10. Acorn 5 days ago

      I have completed all these tasks using my social media identity - Acorn is my Cyan explorer identity 😉

    11. Erik Ammerlaan 5 days ago

      I'm looking at the Facebook page right now and I don't see any pinned post, just a couple of regular posts, so I have no clue which one is "the one".

    12. Veovis 5 days ago

      I now feel old... I have no idea how to use Instagram or Twitter and my Facebook account is relatively un-utilized.

      Youth of the internet, it's now up to you to make these social media goals happen!

    13. Hernan Stamati 5 days ago

      My “social media” presence is nonexistent, but for the rest of you, best of luck!

    14. Patrick Karjala 5 days ago

      Woo! See you all at the stream tomorrow on Twitch!

    15. Khatie Collaborator 5 days ago

      Thanks, @SmiVan! :)

    16. SmiVan 5 days ago

      Amazing community engagement program - An excellent idea!