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From Cyan, the studio that brought you Myst, comes a next-generation narrative adventure. (for PC, Rift, Vive, Index, macOS, PS4/PSVR)
From Cyan, the studio that brought you Myst, comes a next-generation narrative adventure. (for PC, Rift, Vive, Index, macOS, PS4/PSVR)
18,420 backers pledged $1,433,161 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin Murén on

      If you release the game, you can promise to deliver it on Steam. There is no reason you wouldn't be able to release the game on Steam unless Steam stops existing during development.

      After what happened with Phoenix Point we will naturally be vigilant, and the only reason people got their money back from that debacle is that they already promised to launch on Steam. The fact that they went back on that promise is disheartening.

      I feel like most of us here want confirmation that the game will launch on Steam. They have no interest of providing a no interest loan, even less so with no guarantee that they would get their money back if the game is not launching on Steam.

    2. Tradley Sasser on

      I'll likely go for GOG.
      Though I do wonder if I'll have VR by then (not likely).

    3. Michael Cyr on

      @Tall Ship Studio You might want to read the FAQ entry on "Can I order multiple copies?"

    4. Tall Ship Studio on

      is there an Add-on for additional Keys?

    5. Alahmnat on

      @Greg You're right, UE4 does support macOS and Linux. However, those platforms, and the hardware they run on, do have different capabilities (just as one example, it's a lot harder to do displacement mapping in macOS because it uses an older version of OpenGL, and I don't know if Metal has the capability yet). Building for multiple platforms requires a lot of additional up-front work, so that the checkbox for "build a Mac executable" will produce something that both looks good and performs well on the target OS. Plus, those builds also have to be QA tested in addition to all of the Windows testing, which adds considerable additional overhead to post-production support.

      Because UE4 and other middleware can produce multi-platform builds, it makes it more likely that games built with them will come out for non-Windows systems at all (as opposed to engines that were built exclusively with Windows in mind), but especially for big complex 3D projects like this, it quickly becomes more challenging and expensive than simply ticking the checkbox :).

    6. Dragonbait

      Excellent, my backing hinged on you being on Steam! To be clear I have no issue with you being on Epic, just as long as it’s not exclusive, you, should be on as many stores as you can get on!

    7. Peter Markley on

      "We need everyone’s help to bring awareness and keep the momentum going."

      Firmament momentum. ... "Firmomentum?" 😏

    8. Greg Szemiot on

      So I am remaining a backer, but I was under the impression that UE4 fully supported MacOSX and Linux, or has that changed? What exactly is the difficulty in developing for those platforms when the base engine already supports them? I ask because I used a different engine that building for different distributions is quite literally ticking a check box (then again my game is way way less technically advanced than anything Cyan has put out so I understand if there's hinderances above my level of development)

    9. Gary Kluepfel on

      Hi friends,
      Thank you for this Update. Since somebody highjacked my STEAM account and I am unable to get it back, because STEAM wants some proof I can‘t provide, since I never bought something from them, I am very glad you mentioned GOG in your update. So I can get it from them without waiting for the CDs. Gary

    10. Tristan on

      Hooray for GoG release

    11. Missing avatar

      Freek Dijkstra on

      I fully respect people who have dropped their support, since Cyan can't give any sort of guarantee at this stage. That's the nature of a Kickstarter, there is no guarantee the game will fulfil our promises. For a guarantee, wait for the release and the reviews.

      That said, I increased my pledge level to a full game.Sure, there is no guarantee whatsoever that I can ever play it, not owning a PC at the moment. But with the "perhaps" by Cyan and the possibility to play it on a remote PC (like I did with Obduction with NVIDIA GeForce NOW) I take these chances, and trust Cyan to make something great. Who knows, maybe I'll buy a VR headset and associated hardware by the time this is released. It's an honour to be part of this ride!

      And as for a Epic exclusive, of course Cyan can't make promises, but the only way I see that happen if Epic would instantly give Cyan a million dollars to fund the game, and if that would happen, Cyan should accept that offer. Regretfully for Cyan, I don't see that happening, so if we want to get this game, I think it's up to us fans to get the initial funding there. I'm in. Are you?

    12. Missing avatar

      Darryl on

      @Ardos To me Cyan has a very good track record of caring about their fans, much more so than most AAA game companies.

      Your fears are quite speculative too, currently the EGS doesn't have an interface for VR and here is their roadmap: which has no mention of anything related to VR. In over 6 months, they plan to add achievements and a shopping cart! The store is so bare bones that VR is likely one of their least concerns right now.

      That said, even if your fears turn out to be correct, I would still much rather have that than no game at all.

    13. Missing avatar

      Clyde Duensing III on

      I think everyone can probably chill on concerns about this turning into an Epic store exclusive and holding your pledges based on that.

      Fact is, if this Kickstarter doesn't succeed your chances of getting the game on your delivery platform of choice drops to 0.0%

      Nobody hates Epic current behavior much more than me. I'm not an apologist for them, I despise their exclusivity approach to business, and have already said so in the comments section of this campaign. However it actually *is* too early for Cyan to make promises about anything except delivering the game. They are just being honest about that, not trying to hide their secret agenda to make Firmament an Epic Store exclusive.

      Not only that, but at the risk of being insulting to a game I'm backing and a company that has inspired me in my life, Epic is looking to rope in big movers and shakers in the industry, games that are really going to move the needle for them in sales as they try to grab market share.

      They aren't looking to lock up distribution rights to relatively small, niche Kickstarter game projects. This game is being pre-sold via this campaign. There’s really nothing in it for Epic to lay down cash just to keep us from having the game we’ve already purchased delivered to us on Steam.

      It’s actually a bit silly to even worry about it, in my opinion.

    14. Missing avatar

      Darryl on

      Thanks for this clarification! It's unfortunate of the timing with the "Store Wars" and this campaign. I hope people previously unsure will now take the plunge.

    15. Missing avatar


      @River All I am interested in is it not being an exclusive title. I have no objection to it being on Epic Store as long as it is on others at launch as well. Exclusives are anti consumer as they take away choice and I believe in the long run hurts sales more than helps them.

      As to those of us who are dropping tiers may be forcing Cyan to go exclusive, there's an easy solution there, commit to not going exclusive! I will happily increase my pledge again if they make that promise. Project creators do have to convince people to invest money in them so I believe they should be open to comments like this.

      Regardless of what is decided, I wish them well and hope the game is a fantastic success.

    16. James Baker on

      I'd like to see a Linux version as well!

    17. Missing avatar

      River on

      So many people here who seem to not understand game stores. They literally cannot confirm any stores at this point, as the game is over a year out. Who knows what new stores are available then, or which ones might have closed in the meantime. Funniest is people dropping a tier to not get it in EGS, when that is *exactly* what will happen if the kickstarter doesn't do as well, since they need funding from somewhere, if they don't get full funding from the Kickstarter they'll need it from Epic/some other store or publisher.

    18. Jordan Smith on

      Thanks for all the clarification! Can you provide one more clarification? I’m a Mac user but I’m backing for at least the game with DLC. Can you confirm that Mac backers will receive the DLC playable on Mac *if* a Mac version happens?

    19. Missing avatar


      @Steven while Epic Store may not support VR at this time, Firmament isn't estimated to be out for a bit more than a year at least. That is plenty of time for them to add the necessary framework.

      I don't know if I would count Firmament as an AAA game or not but what I do know is that Cyan make fantastic looking games and I'm utterly convinced that Epic would love to have one of their games as an exclusive, especially if they have the VR side in place by then.

      Also please don't make personal attacks, it's OK to have a different opinion.

    20. Steven G Saunders on

      @Porcupine They literally said that their plan is to release the game on GOG, which means it would have no DRM. Are you unable to read?

    21. Steven G Saunders on

      @Ardos It's a VR game. It can't be exclusive to the Epic Store because their store doesn't support VR titles. Also, no offense to Cyan as I love them sp much, but this game isn't going to be the kind of giant AAA blockbuster that Epic would try to woo into an exclusivity agreement. Quit being a crybaby and back the game.

    22. Porcupine on

      Thanks for the store availability clarification. As it does absolutely nothing to guarantee I will be able to obtain a DRM-free copy (such as GOG would sell, _if_ they ever sell the game), my pledge remains firmly at "just enough to be able to post comments" mockery level.

    23. Helena on

      OK, the news that you’re planning to release on GOG has persuaded me to up my pledge a whole lot - for the moment. However I’d still like to see an explicit statement that you don’t plan to go exclusive to Epic or any other store, for any period. I hate to sound so paranoid, but the appalling treatment of backers by other crowdfunding campaigns (e.g. Phoenix Point) has unfortunately made me a lot more hesitant to back other projects. It’s deeply sad and unfair, especially as I was quite happy with how Obduction turned out, but there it is.

      In the meantime, perhaps someone could confirm whether the boxed version will be DRM-free as it was for Obduction? To me there’s not much point in a physical version if it’s just going to be tied to a client like Steam.

    24. Cyan Worlds, Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Samuel - This Kickstarter is focused on getting Firmament developed and released first and foremost on PC and VR.

    25. Missing avatar


      @Cyan. Thank you for the reply and confirming my suspicion. I've dropped my pledge back to $1 until you rule out a period of exclusivity to the Epic Store.

    26. iRunBash on

      Would you be willing to consider linux support or is that off the table for now?

    27. Cyan Worlds, Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Ardos - The store comment is the most up-to-date information about distribution there is to make at this time.

      Anything else you might hear from anyone other than Cyan Worlds directly is pure speculation, and should be treated as such.

      We have nothing to say regarding any other stores because there is literally nothing to say about them.

      @Riff - There is no idea, no.

    28. Missing avatar

      Riff Conner

      I don't know if you guys have any way of even knowing this at the moment, but I thought I'd ask anyway -- any idea if it will be playable on the upcoming Oculus Quest?

    29. Missing avatar


      All they say is that they plan on having it on those stores, not that they will be on at launch and won't be an exclusive period with any others.

    30. Horatio on

      If Cyan just said, "To set your mind at ease, our plan is to have Firmament available on Steam, GOG, Viveport, and the Oculus Store - just as we have with Obduction and many other games," how could it in any way be an Epic Store exclusive?

    31. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update. Are you able to expand the store comment that you will not go Epic Store exclusive?