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A new bi-monthly humor magazine, modestly asking for help to bring the first issue into existence.

The Annual is a bi-monthly humor magazine that will deliver some of the finest humor material this side of 38th parallel. Prose, articles, poetry, comics, all in one publication. Behind The Annual sits a solid staff of writers from the realms of Stand-up, Improv, and Full Sail University's Otter Club. 

The Annual is about bringing new comedic voices to the forefront and giving them a place to explore humor, in whatever form that may be.

Why a humor magazine?

As of right now, there are 3 major humor publications on the market: MAD Magazine, The Onion, and The New Yorker. All three are great, but all three offer a very specific feel. MAD is often seen as a magazine for kids (it’s not), and its content is heavily based in comic strips and goofy parodies of what’s going on in pop-culture. The Onion is continually brilliant but very strictly fake news. And finally, The New Yorker has a reputation of being very upperclass. All of these magazines have their upsides, and we don’t wish to make any enemies by listing them here because we’ve been influenced by all three. That said, there seems to be very little middle ground between them. 

As editor-in-chief, I (Kevin Cole) was inspired by the National Lampoon, or more so a vision of what it used to be. Let’s not pretend the past 15 years (which may be a generous number) haven’t been too kind to the Lampoon. The magazine is no longer in print, the radio hour is long gone, and the feature films now go straight to dvd. In my spare time I fantasized about “infiltrating” the Lampoon and resurrecting the company. Then I had another thought, why not create my own? A company to create comedy, a company that would be lacking the “straight-to-dvd Dorm Daze 18: Practically Legal” phase, and so this is where The Annual comes in. 

But why is it in print? Why not a tablet?

Why the hostility? There's nothing wrong with tablets, but it's nice to have something you can hold in your hands and store on a shelf. Something you can share with your friends. One of the greatest things about comedy is sharing it with others, flipping to a dog-eared page and showing your favorite bit to your best friend. And, if worse comes to worst, you can keep it in your bathroom for guests to read when they're taking care of business.

Is there more to The Annual?

Absolutely! The Annual will also incorporate a podcast network, further showcasing the talent of the very same people writing the magazine. This Kickstarter campaign is solely focused on getting the magazine in print, but that doesn't mean there isn't free virtual content on the way as well. Eventually there will also be sketches, and we're hoping to get a live show going at some point.

The Emergency Broadcast Podcast (part of The Annual's Podcast Network)
The Emergency Broadcast Podcast (part of The Annual's Podcast Network)

When can I expect the magazine? What will it look like?

We're planning to release our first issue around the end of December, possibly early January. The magazine itself will be about the size of readers digest, it's contents could be anything, but we can guarantee interviews with both Austrailian comedian John Safran and Orlando based stand up Nick Pupo, as well as an array of original content.

Just out of curiosity, this $1500 is going where?

It's going straight to printing and shipping our first issue. Specifically, 500 copies of it. 500 may not be a big number, but it's a modest start. Funds raised beyond $1500 go straight to paying off some of the extra rewards, unless we manage to raise $2000, in which case we can up our printing to 1000 copies. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Perhaps the biggest challenge is going to be filling about 80 pages with solid content every two months. We don't have an office, all of our writers are spread out and working on their own for the most part. As a result, every writer has a job and a life outside of The Annual. Each and every one of them is capable of creating great comedy, they wouldn't be writing for The Annual if they weren't. That said, it's a daunting task to fill a magazine with new content. As Editor-in-chief I have complete faith that we can fill the pages, but I won't say I don't worry about it.

There's also a challenge in keeping material fresh, considering The Annual is to publish bi-monthly you definitely run a risk with topical material considering the instant joke machine of the internet.

We will alleviate some of the challenge by meeting deadlines, both personally and professionally. The Annual will also be accepting five submissions per issue from outside of our regular writing staff, because there's no way of knowing what other talent lies out there that we just haven't met yet. Accepting submissions is a process that will inevitably keep readers involved and invested and, with any luck, will create a community around The Annual.


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