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Clean up your desk and integrate the mess! W1PPS combines all of your cords into one for effortless plug and play at work and at home!

Clean up your desk and integrate the mess! W1PPS combines all of your cords into one for effortless plug and play at work and at home! Read More
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W1PPS -THE Cord Integration Solution for Mac!

Welcome to a more harmonious relationship with your Mac!

 Your MacBook Pro is a powerful device.  It's the implementation engine of all your ideas and hard work.  More than likely you take it with you wherever you go, and plug it in at work and at home. That's the part we all loathe, plugging it in. Your ethernet cable, USB hub, audio output, external monitor, misc USB device, and the list goes on.......

The solution has been evolving here at Veritas Forge.  We use the MacBook Pro every day.  In designing the solution, we had some guiding criteria:

  • The solution couldn't be a "dock".  Desk space is sometimes at a premium, and docks can have little tricks and intricacies.  We wanted less on the desk, not more.
  • The cord chaos had to simply go away, and the solution needed to remain in place to quickly connect and disconnect all devices when arriving or leaving.
  • The design had to chameleon with the MacBook Pro, be minimalist and elegant.
  • Use needed to be simple, taking virtually no time to use.

Enter the alpha prototype......

We built a minimalist, plain as-can-be upper hub.  Push in, pull out.  Simple.  It quite literally could not get any easier.  It was small, out of the way, it didn't take up any extra space, and it worked perfectly. 

All of our peripherals were hooked up in one second.  Oh!....This is nice!.........

and un-hooked in one second!  W1PPS was getting awesome.  We knew we were onto something. At this stage of the game we didn't want to get too crazy with the aesthetic design.  It was time to build some serious functionality and class into W1PPS and give it an information-age steroid injection, and here's what we came up with......

Modern Neutral Design

W1PPS outer shell got a sleek modern design that blends right in with the knockout good looks of the MacBook Pro.  We gave W1PPS a direct USB on the top hub for all of your portable media and devices.  The USB is also visibly outlined so you know where it is located without having to lean or turn your MacBook Pro to see.

We installed an easier-to-access front-facing headphone jack with pass-through audio.  It allows your external speakers to function properly unless you have headphones plugged in.  There's a media card access slot that actually makes inserting and removing your media card easier with less visual input.  At some point someone said 'Tron'.  Eureka!  That's when we decided to add the LED powered light-pipe to the unit that emits an uber-cool soft glow when your connected. 

The bottom hub is W1PPS un-seen hero.  Designed to either sit on floor, or sit behind or under your desk, it gives you all of the original connectivity you had on your MacBook Pro, plus a few extra!  W1PPS gives you 4 additional USB ports to ensure you have plenty.  Your internet and data connections are here along with provisions for your external monitor via the included HDMI output. 

W1PPS has a recess built into it's cable overmold to incorporate the original MagSafe power supply into the W1PPS protective custody. 

The end result is a sleek, functional, cable integrating tour-de-force that turns 

This CHAOS.......

Into this serenity!!!

Just who are we and what are  we doing?

Well you'll meet us individually below, but we are three partners in a very small product development company called Veritas Forge.  Historically we've spent our time designing products and IP for others.  But we are bursting at the seams with ideas of our own and figured it was about time we developed a project we could call our own.  You've already met the creator of W1PPS as the actor in our video.  The creation moment came from Osmar Aguilar (OJ, Center Picture).  He was plugging in his MacBook Pro one morning and angrily said "Why can't I just plug in everything at once?  Let's fix this."  The last word may have been followed by an expletive.  OJ's background is solidly in sales and project management, and as the creator of W1PPS he has performed in that capacity on the W1PPS project.  OJ also is incredibly talented at all things audio/visual and is always tweaking aesthetics. 

On the left is Gordon Crum.  Gordon crum is our design guy.  His background includes experience in bio-pharmaceutical design and fabrication.  His one true role model is Tony Stark, and he has also developed virtual reality hardware utilized by the US military. On the right is Jeff Flaningam.  Jeff has professional project management and consulting experience, has a strong background in plastics/metal manufacturing, fabrication, manufacturing processes, and handles sourcing and overseas relations.  He also owns a former USAF Atlas-F missile silo which says something about him, but we don't know what.  As a team, we play off each-others strengths, and collectively improve designs based on our different points of view.   

So how far along is W1PPS?

The W1PPS project is nearly ready for production, and this successful Kickstarter campaign will fully bring it into it's first production run:

  • As you've seen above, we modeled and successfully built a functioning prototype.  This prototype served as excellent proof of concept.
  • The technical hurdles have been identified and addressed.
  • All of the industrial / aesthetic design is completed.
  • The rough-in design of the PCB has been completed.
  • A dedicated, qualified, and reputable manufacturer of cable products has been sourced and chosen, and is ready to implement tooling and begin production.  This manufacturer has confirmed that the design is feasable and that they can manufacture it as designed.
  • All engineering, tooling, and production costs are known.

What costs will the Kickstarter campaign cover?

Excellent question.  We have taken W1PPS as far down the road with our own talents and limited funds as we can.  The next step is tooling and production, and to achieve it and fully bring this project to fruition, there are several things our Kickstarter campaign will fund:

  • $35,000 in production tooling costs
  • $6,000 in finish PCB engineering and design for production
  • $45,000 for first production run in sufficient quantity to fulfill all Kickstarter pledge obligations.
  • The balance will be used to fund the packaging solution, and all shipping costs of fulfillment

What is the timeline before our pledge obligations will be fulfilled?

Our campaign will run for 30 days.  At it's successful completion it will take 45-60 days to complete PCB design for production, and tooling for production.  At this time actual production can begin.  We fully expect to begin fulfilling pledge obligations and shipping W1PPS by mid September, 2012.  It IS possible that shipping may occur earlier and regular updates to our pledge base will keep you fully in 'the loop'.

Our request to you.......

Gordon, Jeff, and OJ are humbly asking the Kickstarter community to help us finish bringing this product to life.  We are three qualified, ambitious individuals with a sucessfull track record of product development for others.  We have a functional prototype.  We have proof of concept.  We have manufacturing sourced and ready to go, and know our costs.  We have NO technical hurdles.  All that remains are tooling costs and final PCB engineering, both of which are costed in to this campaign and ready to be implemented.    The funding goal we are trying to reach covers all of these expenses as well as our initial production run.  With Kickstarter community help and confidence in our endeavor, we can knock out the last leg of this project and go into full production!  Please note: This campaign is for the 15" MacBook Pro only.  The 13" and 17" models will be introduced shortly after this successful campaign for the 15" model.  

We would sincerely like to thank every one of you for considering support for the W1PPS project and look forward to delivering you a fine, quality product to simplify your life.  Long live Kickstarter!


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