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A 70 page digital graphic novel telling the story of Prince Ardinn's last days and the end of the Empire of Esthaunt.

I'm asking comic fans to help me digitally publish a graphic novel.  I've been trying to break into comics for too long now with no luck.  The goal of this campaign is to digitally publish a 70 page graphic novel in August.  The $7,500 will allow me to finish drawing and coloring the comic efficiently as well as cover the printing costs for Rewards.  Basically, this Kickstarter campaign will help kickstart my career and hopefully get one more good graphic novel into people's hands.  Here goes the pitch–

The Pursuit of Ruin

--—--being a full color digital graphic novel told in 70 pages.

“Crushing the world of both Nature and Man beneath every thunderous step, the mighty behemoth pursues the prince of Esthaunt leaving nothing but ruin in its wake.”

The terrific behemoth had arrived without warning and thundered through the capital city leaving only ruin where once stood the splendor of the Kingdom of Esthaunt.  

Now, no matter the direction or speed of his flight, the Prince alone is pursued.  The giant’s march never slows, and the distance between quarry and hunter ever decreases.  Only his modest servant, Brynd, remains by his side as the Prince flees through the country leading the beast away from his ruined kingdom.

The only remaining hope to end its march of destruction lies in a final assault from the Esthaunt Artillery.  The Prince narrowly reaches the battalion, but still the last remaining strength of man is no match for the beast and all is destroyed.  

The Prince and his servant flee south to the port city of Gardyle where safety and much needed rest await them, as well as a wicked plot to exile the Prince and replace him with his sister upon the throne.  The Pursuit of Ruin tells the end of the Esthaunt Empire.

  ------View the first 8 pages here------

More details on the Pledge Rewards-----------

All of the Reward prints are Giclee Fine Art Prints.

The sketches are your choice: Pencil, Ink, Marker.  You can choose the character from the story you'd like drawn.  Of course you may want to wait until after the story is published before choosing a character, that's cool with me.

For the $200 and $350 Rewards I will draw your idea in a few thumbnail variation sketches, you'll approve one and I'll finish it up in my comic style or my illustration style.

 --View my Portfolio Website here--

Adventure Onward---------

The Pursuit of Ruin is a one-shot 70 page digital graphic novel that will be available online and in every possible digital format that I can reasonably make it availabe in, such as Apple and Android devices, as well as Kindle Fire and any other gizmos that support the reading of comics in this future we live in.

I have completed the first portion of the work (writing the script, storyboarding the pages, inking and coloring the first quarter of the final pages) and will use the Kickstarter campaign funds to sustain myself in finishing the work over the next 3 months and publishing the different digital formats and printing the rewards.

  ------View the first 8 pages here------

The graphic novel is drawn totally in Photoshop.  I work pretty much the same as you would traditionally, I still pencil the pages, then ink them, then color, then balloon and letter them, it's just all done with the tablet and stylus and Photoshop on layers rather than drawing paper.  

Feel free to ask any questions and thanks so much for checking out my comic!!


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    Digital or Traditional 4x6 Ink/Pencil/Marker Sketch of any character from the story and an 8x10 print and a Special Thanks in the graphic novel.

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    Digital Ink and Color 9x12 Custom Illustration Print and hi res digital file (basically, commission a drawing from me in the style of this comic) and a sketch, and an 8x10 print, and a digital copy of the story.

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    Full Color 9x12 Custom Illustration Print (basically, commission an illustration from me) and hi res digital file, and a sketch, and an 8x10 print, and a digital copy of the story.

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