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One Simple Question: A  Sailing, Simplicity, Adventure Doc's video poster

A quest to find an iceberg, aboard a small sailboat. An exploration of simple living, happiness, and its relationship with nature. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 12, 2011.

A quest to find an iceberg, aboard a small sailboat. An exploration of simple living, happiness, and its relationship with nature.

About this project

New Kickstarter Goal: $10,000

We've reached our $8,000 goal! Amazing! Thank you everyone for believing in this project as much as we do. It is truly humbling. Now, we were being cautious when we set our goal at $8,000. We knew it would be enough to get the ball rolling, but it didn't include some of the items we will need, like a rigid waterproof case for the camera, or a Pactor modem for sending e-updates and interacting with our outreach program. We still have a few more days to raise the additional money needed to help make this a better film, and a better educational experience. So we are asking you to please keep on spreading the word, and help us reach the $10,000 mark. Thank you.

One Simple Question  is an independent film for everyone. At it’s core, this is an exciting sailing adventure—a quest to find an uncharted iceberg. Along the way, the film explores the virtues of simple and sustainable living and the happiness found therein. It develops a real and tangible relationship with the abstract and controversial concepts of ice cap depletion and climate change. But more importantly, One Simple Question illustrates the beauty of life and our natural world from a unique perspective.

We MUST raise $8,000 to begin production for this film.


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FAQs about our Kickstarter campaign:

Where can I learn more about the project? Please look at our website at On the website you can:

  • read a synopsis of the film
  • stay updated with press and events
  • read about the crew
  • follow our journey via position reports and blog updates
  • watch video clips from production this summer

You can also join the Facebook and Twitter community and share in the dialogue about climate change, simple living, and maritime news. Also, visit Teresa blog for a glimpse into her world of simple living aboard her sailboat.

Where does the money go? We are trying to raise enough money to begin production on One Simple Question. If we meet our funding goal, production will begin June 7th, 2011. There are many people involved but all are volunteers, so every penny raised goes toward production equipment and costs. All donors can view our budget below.

Will my donation be displayed on the film’s website or Kickstarter?  All donation  amounts are private. We would like to list your name on our “Supporters” page and in the film’s credits, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

What happens if the goal isn’t met? If we do not meet our Kickstarter goal in 32 days then no money exchanges hands and your credit card will not be charged.

When will I get my reward for my donation? Some of the rewards will take time to make, but we will begin working on them soon after the Kickstarter campaign is finished. Some of the rewards will only be available after we finish production. Please continue to check the project updates for more information.

Can I donate even after the goal has been reached? Yes! Kickstarter will accept donations for One Simple Question beyond our goal but only during the 31 day time period. We will continue to accept donations on our website for as long as funding is needed. We set our goal at the minimum amount needed to begin production. However, we anticipate that more funding will be needed for post-production and for some additional filming. We want to make this film great, and hope we are not limited by finances.


One Simple Question, a documentary film that will:

Excite audiences with a sailing adventure at its core: two highly independent and accomplished solo sailors (and a cat!) join forces on a single boat battling unpredictable weather and racing against the onset of summer.

Inspire enthusiasm for getting outside and connecting with the natural world by contrasting the artificial way of life that has become our norm with the true beauty of wilderness, weather, ocean, and history. It illustrates a simpler life and shares experiences of sustainable, simplicity masters met along the journey.

Educate from a unique perspective by taking real but often inaccessible scientific data on global climate change and ice cap depletion and sharing it in a personal and poignant way. This debate rages, and both sides of the controversy are examined.


In June, Ben and Teresa will shed the comforts of land as they sail north in search of an iceberg. Cramped in tight quarters, the pair will endure sleepless nights, icy northern water, thick fog, and rough weather. For the first time Ben and Teresa will travel together aboard one boat and attempt to transition from captains of their own vessels, to co-captains of a single vessel. This film will chronicle that experience and will captivate audiences and awaken their senses through the thrills and hardships of life at sea.

The quest to see an iceberg is simple and pure, yet like the iceberg itself, there is much more beneath the surface. Like Thoreau’s journey to live deliberately, gain understanding, and discover happiness through simplicity, One Simple Question uses the iceberg as its 'cabin in the woods' to explore the virtues of simple living. Enlightening conversations with simple living authorities, along the way will shed insight into this purer way of life that is gaining in popularity. This quest is one that speaks to the hearts of many Americans today. Where is the happiness of the American Dream? Is it time to embrace a new dream?

As the approach of summer and increasing temperatures threaten their goal, they will eagerly take on the challenges of a voyage at sea in a race against time. Cramped in tight quarters the pair will endure sleepless nights, icy northern water, thick fog, and rough weather. With the polar icecaps and glaciers melting and both the Northwest and Northeast Passages now open to shipping, there is no doubt the arctic is changing, but why? Will they succeed in having a glimpse of an uncharted iceberg before they are gone forever? One Simple Question introduces an analysis of environmental change, polar ice cap depletion, and the relationship between ice and the planet. Ben and Teresa will highlight their adventure with discussions among climatologists and oceanographers on both sides of this controversial issue.

Our Equipment Budget

JVC GY HM100U Camcorder $2,820 • Canon Vixia HF S21Camcorder $899 • SanDisk 16GB Extreme SDHC Memory Cards (10) $1100 • Pearstone Vixia Extra Batteries 1400mAH (2) $150 • Waterpoof Case For Canon Vixia $95 • SterlingTek's Extra JVC Batteries 3000 mAH (3) $175 • GoPro Camera $325 • Extra Go ProBatteries (3) $75 • Various Go Pro Mounts $85 • 2TB External Drive 7200 RPM LaCie d2 (2) $510 • Shure PG14/PG185 Wireless Lavalier System, M7 (2) $740 • Audio-Technica - AT875 Short Condenser Shotgun Microphone $220 • CM LBPS1800 On camera LED Light $375 • Tiffen Davis & Sanford ProVista 7518 Tripod & Heda $205 • Travel Cases for camera, lights, mics and storage media $550 • Final Cut Pro $300 • Kite Kit For Aerial Photography $325 • Pactor Modem $1200 • Waterproof box for JVC $1100. TOTAL $11,249


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