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Here is a book that is experienced.

The book has two audio soundtracks and a visual "rest track" that makes the journey a multisensory experience. The book also has a workbook so readers can create their own virtual journeys and explore them in their sleep.

This isn't like any book you've ever read before, this book has a warning label and side effects!

I'm including the first two chapters here to wet your tastebuds, if you contribute $25 or more you will get the new chapters sent to you every week!

If you contribute $100 or more you'll be invited to a very special dinner party!

Enjoy! And if you want to comment, contribute $1 or more and leave your thoughts on the novel!
“Experiences have a lasting impression. But words once spoken, don’t mean a lot now” – Depeche Mode, Lie to Me

Lie to Me
By Timothy James Seitz
Dedicated to Kitten, who always believes in me!
Alternate Titles
“State Control”

Suggested Soundtrack layer 1(especially with headphones!) listen at 25% full volume–

A portion of all sales of this novel are given to The Global Mentoring Center Foundation Campaign to Permanently End Bullying.

WARNING: This novel is written in IMHD – Inner Mind High Definition. You should not read this novel if you-

Are currently pregnant or become pregnant while reading the novel.

Suffer from Epilepsy, Heart Conditions, Clinical Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder or if you are being treated by a doctor for a mental health condition or have been warned to avoid stress, exertion or sex.

This book contains mature content. (anytime you need a break, pause soundtrack and watch this playlist with no audio.)

This book may create realistic dreams in which you experience the novel as one or more of the characters involved. Scenes that take place over 5 minutes in the novel, may be experienced for hours in a dream state.

This experience is a set of consciousness states, and I believe in Safe Sets (grin), and Safe States.

In order to keep your experience as comfortable as possible, you only have to say, “Stop the ride!” in your mind to stop thinking about this book. You will not forget the book, but you will only experience the book from a 3rd person perspective until you say “Get on the ride” in your mind.

These are self controlled mid hypnotic suggestions that will work for you at any time. These “Safe Words” or “Control Words” can be changed by you, but they will always work as a default.

About IMHD

IMHD, or Inner Mind High Definition was inspired by-
The Matrix
The Holo-Deck on Star Trek
Get it? IMHD

Which also means-

“I am High Definition”


We possess the highest quality receiver/transmitter/perceiver on the planet, with more circuits than there are stars in the known universe!

IMHD was developed based on several areas of my experience-

Over 12 years as an actor and student of the theatre
Over 22 years in sales
Over 30 years as a performer
Over 23 years as a DJ
2+ Years working for Porter Novelli, one of the best known Public Relations firms in the country, with clients including Duracell, Gilette, and Sprint
Over 2 years of experience as an Assistant Director for BNI, the most successful networking organization of its kind in the world.
Almost 30 years of experience as a roleplayer and storyteller (DM or dungeon master).
NLP (30 day NLP training-Jamie Smart, 37 day Master NLP training-Jamie Smart, 1 year independent study)
Live training with Igor Ledochowski - Hypnotherapist Certification, specializing in Conversational Hypnosis (September 2010)
Online Hypnotherapy Certification Series with Steve G. Jones
Member of The Council on Psionics, appointed by Jim Channon, First Earth Battalion
Communications Director – The Global Mentoring Center
A lifetime love of fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy!

Personal Quest

Some people say there are no stupid questions. I want to be friends with them!

In junior high I was introduced to writing in the first person and the third person.

“How do you write in the second person?” I asked, mind wide open, ready to be blown away by this third option.

“You don’t” I was told by an English teacher who had long ago given up hope in the system.

“There is no second person in writing, only First Person and Third Person”

I heard the other kids laughing.

“Stupid” someone said

The teacher didn’t bother to correct them.

I had to wait less than a year to discover Dungeons and Dragons, this was writing in the second person, “You have two choices, do you walk down the corridor, or up the stairs?” and I got to do it live, out loud, so it was like acting and writing all rolled up in one.

I didn’t know this was 2nd person writing, so I kept believing what the kid had said in class, that I was stupid, and my grades were barely passing.

On a visit to the school psychologist, I had an IQ test, 155.

This didn’t help my grades a bit, and because it would have cost the school funding, they didn’t send me to the acting program in the next town, that would have been a paradise for me.

When I changed schools the next time (college) I went from being a C- student to the Dean’s list.

But back to IMHD!

I love going intro trance; listening to a song, acting in a play, sex, singing a song, dancing, writing, watching a good movie or TV show (Lie to Me, Fringe, Venture Brothers, Californication…) and IMHD is meant to give you the fullest experience you choose.

In order to make this book the best it can be, I’m working with other trained master hypnotherapists to make this book amazing!

Side effects of reading this book may include:

Increased Self Confidence
Improved Physical Condition
Increased Sex Drive
Increased Creativity
Improved Communication Skills
Younger, Healthier Appearance
A feeling of Euphoria
A feeling of deep calm
Improved Senses (Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch, Intuition)
Improved Memory
Loss of Phobias or Fears
Increased Income

Remember, you were warned!

I really hope you enjoy the experience of reading a book in IMHD, if you would like to work with me on putting your story into this format; I look forward to collaborating with you!

Chapter One
Suggested Soundtrack layer 2 (listen at 50% volume) on shuffle for random play
If you just want action, jump ahead to Chapter Three (Page 14).

This is my first novel, so I hope you’ll forgive any mistakes.

Also, I should let you know, in order to write in IMHD I have to break some rules of grammeer, spelling and writing like a grown up.

The fact that you noticed grammar was spelled wrong in the paragraph above helps me write I n IMHD. So if you want me to “follow the rules”, I’m sorry, I can’t, not for now, not if we really want to experience this book as deeply as we can!

This book has LOTS of conspiracy theory type stuff in it. Does this mean I believe in it? No WAY! But conspiracy theories work best when you have a little bit of truth, and enough exciting fiction to make you “want to” believe that it’s true, because it satisfies the imagination in some way or another.

If you are very smart, you will start to experience this book very quickly. If you have some troubles concentrating, it might take a little longer for the book to start to feel “3D” or better.

This book is a thriller, so you will feel like you are being observed, chased, questioned, investigated, etc. If you read this with a romantic partner, this is a great book to read before having sex. Why? It’s scientifically proven that excitement is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs known to man and womankind.

Also, cigarettes are poision, so instead of smoking one after sex, do some deep breathing instead. My “Better sex with hypnosis” e-book is great for that.

OK, enough cross-selling other products here Tim, let’s get back to the book.
Since calling myself Tim Seitz feels weird to me, I’m going to borrow a page from A Clockwork Orange, and in the story just refer to YHN (Your Humble Narrator) or IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) for the self references.

Oh, by the way, this book is educational (can any other book tell you how to write a book in IMHD?) so any use of other people’s materials will be covered by the educational clause in the fair use section of the copyright act.

In other words, if you’re just reading this book to be entertained, stop reading now.

OK, you’re still with me, great!

Oh, by the way, we’ve already crossed the line into fiction when we started Chapter One. Technically, even the foreward and “about the author” could be complete fiction, so I’m just giving you notice that you’ve already “dropped down into the rabbit hole”, if you weren’t sure if you were ready to jump in the pool yet!

You’re going to start feeling the book from an associated viewpoint (you are the first person, the person living the action) as opposed to a dissociated viewpoint, like a normal book or movie where you are “watching” the action instead of experiencing it.

Because this can be an intense experience, I’m going to give you a few spoilers!

Turn to the next page PAGE SIX, if you don’t need this extra “you’ll be safe” information.

If you’ve kept reading, you want to see the spoilers.

OK, I’m just wondering, do you skip ahead and read the last page of the book first too? It’s OK, my wife does that too, and she’s the smartest person I have ever known! Just teasing you, it’s OK, here’s the news.

None of the main characters (those who you will or may experience their perspective) are going to die, get maimed, permanently injured in any way, imprisoned, traumatized, etc. They all have a “happy ending”.

Its my responsibility to do this for the first book in IMHD so we can see how people respond when its only GOOD THINGS happening to the characters and the readers.

If you like the characters in the book, I have REALLY GOOD NEWS.
They’re based on real people. Real people who have agreed to be in this book.

Not only can you meet the people in this book, you can actually get hypnotherapy from them. All of the main characters are trained and certified hypnotherapists, and I can tell you from training with them, they are all truly CERTIFIABLE!

Now go on to the next page where the people who didn’t want to see the spoilers are already up to!
Also, here’s some other cool news, I’ve only put out the introduction so far, and I’ve already got an offer from a publishing company to publish the book! They’re going to pay me up front for a book I’m still writing!

I said there was one stipulation; I have to be able to show it to my friends (Facebook,, myspace, youtube, etc. first. So that means if you’re reading this on a computer instead of from a printed book, you’re one of those first cool people who read the book before everyone else did.

You’re my marketing team telling people “I read this cool book in IMHD”, and they’ll say, “Where is IMHD?” and when you tell them “in your mind” they’ll be very confused!

The publisher said it is ok to keep sending it to you guys, I can publish the first three chapters and the foreward for free, but I have to charge $10 for the whole book, the fact I sold copies before it got printed is something they are going to use in the marketing. If you want to buy the advance copy of the book, send me an e-mail ( so I can get you on the list before they say I can’t sell any more until the book is released in printed and e-book (Kindle, I-Pad, etc.) format.

OK, if you want to here more about myself, the book, my friends who are in this book, etc. Keep reading below, if you’re sick of all this stuff and just want to get into the action, jump into the book, then turn to the next page (page 7)

If this seems a little like “Choose your own adventure books”, then you’re as much of a nerd as I am!”



Oh, that’s my second “legal” protection. Parody and Satire

Any resemblance to protected material is just me making fun of it! I learned about these rights in “The People vs. Larry Flynt”, where Courtney Love looked pretty hot naked. Oh you go Woody Harrelson; I want to smoke a joint with you!

OK, you still want to hear about me, awww, shucks! I feel special. Not special like short bus special people, but special like it’s my birthday and you got me a card AND a present!

You reading this book is a big present to me.

If you paid money to read this book, you really are making me feel special, you’re also making me feel like less of a bum, and my wife can’t keep calling me that anymore, so buy a copy for a friend too, won’t you please? ;^)
I do my smiley faces with a nose, so mine look like this :^) instead of like this :)
Oh, we’ve caught up with the impatient bastards who don’t give a shit about me and just want to get on with the action.

Give a guy a break okay, you try writing a novel.

No, you try writing a novel in a “novel new format”, let’s see how well you do!

Well, wait on that, finish this book first before you try that.

Stephen King says the best writers are the best readers, and he should know, because he made bucketloads of money writing books.

That’s what counts write, money?

Awww, you people are all the same.

Hey Tim, calm down, they’re hear to read your book. Be nice to them!

Ok, sorry, I was having a little tantrum there, forgive me.

Back to the novel.

OK, Chapter One, I guess we gotta start somewhere by the beginning.

We were all attending a hypnotherapy certification seminar by….

Well, I have to wait until he gives me permission to mention, until then,

Let’s just call him Incredible Legend, or IL, since everyone came to see him (from around the world) because he is an incredible legend in the world of hypnosis.

The thing that makes him different from any other hypnotist, is his “First Law”, which is “intend the best experience for all those who will be hypnotized easily by you”, that is part of what makes him Incredible Legend.

You already know a little about me.

“Wait, how do you know a little about me? I don’t remember you talking about yourself in the first chapter….”

Did you read the fourword? In this case it helps to read that because it actually has stuff that helps you understand the rest of the book. If you didn’t read it, I understand, I usually skip that part too! My wife skips to the end of the book first, I always skip the foreward and the introduction. I want to feel the action!

OK, if you didn’t read the foreward, then read that and jump back to here, if you did read it, then your up to speed. Remember me from before? Well I’ve gone to learn from Incredible Legend how to do Hypnotherapy.

I’ve gone from New York to Chicago, My wife is on the plane with me, we’re sitting next to each other and there’s no third seat, just the two of us on the right side of the aisle.

Our hotel is completely wrong, it’s on the same road as the hotel the conference is on, but 30 minutes away by taxi.

The taxi is a “deal” only about $1 a minute, so that’s $30 each way for every day we’re stuck at this other hotel.

Thanks Holiday Inn Express, you fucked us big time!

So there we are, at the wrong hotel, far away from the city my wife came to visit while I get my hypnotherapy certification.

But the first day of class is amazing. The people are smart and wonderful. They’re from all around the world and they have every sort of interest. If there’s a person you always wanted to talk to, you can see them in front of you. Every age, every race, both genders (I only know of two!), and all of them there to learn the same thing I was.

On the first day we learn we are going to learn the most when we stop thinking, or “trying” to learn.

There is no try, there is only doing, only being and learning.

This is trippy stuff.

At the end of the first day your brain feels like you’re body does when you’ve worked out hard after years of sitting on the couch.

Thinking is not something you could do right now if you tried.

You’ve learned how to use words the way a builder uses bricks and wood. They don’t have a meaning until you give them meaning, they don’t have strength until you give it to them.

And still, you’ve learned nothing about your craft, just how to use words a different way.

The second day is better, your mind molds quicker to the shapes surrounding it, your mental martial arts powers are getting better by the minute. Your able to picture things in a whole different way, and then do something completely different with your mind. Its like you never realized how strong your brain was until now.

You learn again, just like the first day, the first law, THE FIRST LAW.

“Intend the best experience for all those who will be hypnotized easily by you”

You realize as you listen to the statement it has a presupposition, that people will be hypnotized easily by you, but most importantly that intend the best experience for them..

By now you take apart sentences like puzzles. Every word, every pause is like music, change one and the whole song sounds different. It also shows you that you have to learn how to improvise, because when someone sings “from a script”, they sound hollow, their voice doesn’t carry. You just don’t buy the song.

I remember how the most powerful character in dungeons and dragons is the bard, he has the skills of the fighter, the thief, the druid, and even his or her special powers as a bard.

Bards rule!

Bards have the ability to charm when they sing.

Most people think is a lame ability, and its often ignored.

I knew one player who ruled the game with a bard, he figured out the power of that charm and the power of the bard.

I am learning that power.

When you learn that power, your whole world starts to change, everyone and everything in the word looks different.

You can feel the power of wielding the words. When they have power in your mouth and you can see people feeling every word you utter.

Its sexy, its strong, its mystical, it’s really fucking weird.

What can I say?

But day three is bad news when you learn your wife’s uncle has died and she has to go back to New York.

Thursday is the right hotel, the one the seminar is at, but your wife isn’t there and you feel all alone, then when you start to get the most stressed of all, your workbook is gone.

“Your workbook is your responsibility”, IL says, “IF you lose it you can get another one for $50”

You don’t even want to look in your wallet to see what’s there. Who could have taken your work book and why would they?

Reality is tearing at the seams, and your eyes are tearing because you can’t handle the pressure. Are you kidding me, you want to be a hypnotherapist and you can’t even handle this?

How will you ever pass the certification?

Chapter Two

“When I say Innocent, I should say naïve” – Lie To Me, Depeche Mode

This part of the book is written in 2nd Person Omniscient, because you know all the answers, don’t you?
If you want more action, go straight to page 14 (Chapter 3), and realize the character is not me, so you will switch to another’s viewpoint.
For legal reasons I have to state the following-

“This book is not based on actual US Government Research by the NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA or ATF. No part of this book should be viewed as based on any kind of actual government research into NLP, hypnosis, remote viewing, Telepathy, Telekinesis,
Pyrokinesis, Chi Healing, Chi Attacks, or Teleportation.

I have not been interviewed by government agents on the content of this book and the abilities it has to empower the reader through suggestion.

Looks like we made it! Your hear for Chapter Two. Welcome to my battle with Word’s autocorrection system. It hates my experiments and wants me to just stop! Apparently MS Word takes to IMHD the way George Bush took to Stem Cell research.

Every chapter you get through is an accomplishment. This book doesn’t make sense, not in a normal way, so if you have read everything else and are still reading, take a moment to brush off your shoulders and feel good about yourself.

Some people say, “I can’t be hypnotized” like it’s a badge of honor.

If you can’t be hypnotized, you can’t:

Read a book and understand it (fiction)

Watch a movie and not be distracted by outside sounds, other people and part’s where you don’t know “what just happened”

Ride a bicycle

Drive a car

Have sex (and be any good at it)

All of these things require you to enter a trance in one way or another, which is “being hypnotized”. Being able to go into trance is a characteristic of some of the most innovative and brilliant people of our age. Imagine being able to create things out of thin air like Walt Disney, to see things in a place when no one else can even imagine what you are doing!

Every chapter will bring you deeper and deeper into the trance that we share. I say “We share”, because no one else will have the same experience of this book as we do together. That is why I’m really happy you are reading this book right now and that you are willing to go deeper and deeper into The Matrix and see what we find!

Transitions are a thing of the past for us folks who made it up to chapter two (me writing and you reading) so I hope you can still enjoy the ride even if we “jump” a bit because we stopped using transitions.
College was a whole new world. The year was 1986 and I had a new start.

“You have to choose one or the other” they told me, I knew they had one they wanted me to choose.

“You should do computers as a job, and have acting for fun.”

I knew what that meant. Give up on acting, its not worth anything, and you’re way too ugly to have success as an actor.

If there were diplomas for knowing you are ugly, I would have had a Doctorate.

I could see it in the eyes of every girl who looked at me as they turned away.

I was not a pleasant sensation for the eyes.

Hey, can I cut in for a second here? I’m getting lots of feedback from the first chapter and I want you to understand that I have made this book a little confusing; its one of the methods of hypnotic induction I use to put the book into IMHD. Also, if you try to read this book without going on the ride, or try to “skim” the book, it looks REALLY shitty. I can’t make a great experience and a great book to skim or analyze for NLP and hypnosis techniques at the same time. I’m not that good of a writer yet. I apologize if that is what you were expecting or wanted. I’m doing a great job in exploring a territory I’ve never seen explored this way, if you can show me a better example of what I’m doing, I’ll take a break, read that, and then go back to this novel! Really, if you know of a book like this, I want to read it, it would make things a lot easier for me!
Stephanie has suggested A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers.
I was sure of it, just like gravity, it was there and you couldn’t convince me otherwise.

I feel bad now for the kids who feel that way today. Shit, I feel bad for the adults who feel that way today.

If you say, “You look great today” to someone today, I’d like to thank you personally on behalf of everyone with a heart.

Chapter 3

Ruthless Rodney

“I am the Nexus I – I want more life ‘cause I ain’t done”
More Human than Human – White Zombie

“He’ll be easy to turn” Capio said, “He’s soft; he’s fat as a house and has a family, we can make him do anything we want”

Capio had no idea that this was his last operation, he thought he was fearless, the truth was that he just needed to be reminded what to really be afraid of!

Normally Capio was very careful, quite meticulous, but this was a fat slob, and he felt he didn’t have to give a shit.

The funny thing was that everyone in his business who was any good always went down the same way, they overestimated themselves, or underestimated the prey, this time he committed the cardinal sin of his trade, he did both.

Rodney was big, but significantly smaller than he had been. This is the first thing Capio should have thought of, a person who loses weight by diet and exercise (as opposed to a person who gets a stomach operation) is used to carrying much more weight, so they are much stronger than an individual who has been the current weight for a long time A person who loses 80 pounds now has much more than 80 pounds of kicking, punching, or most dangerous, charging power!

The next thing is that when you threaten someone’s family, you awaken the oldest part of the subconscious, an animal that is several million years old and the most dangerous beast on the planet, a parent whose children are threatened, with the power of the human brain.

If Capio had been told he would be hunting a 330 pound carnivore that was significantly smarter than him, he would have brought more men. He would have bigger, and better guns.

He would have planned things out more carefully.

He would have done more research.

Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, all meaningless in the end.

“This is Capio, I’ve got news”

“You weren’t supposed to call me, just get me the information that I want and you’d get the other half of the money. You normally never break protocol, are you getting sloppy on me?”

“No, but you fucked me by not telling me how dangerous this guy is”

“What do you mean, ‘is’, you mean, ‘was’ don’t you?”

“No, I mean ‘is’, but I got his location, I need backup, more guns, more guys, and a surgeon, I only got a EMT here, and I need surgery”

“What the fuck!” Capio had never heard this guy scream before “What happened?”

“It was messy,” Capio was never good at admitting mistakes, his girlfriend always yelled at him for it, as did his wife.

“He was fast, like a Rhino on coke”, Capio said, ashamed of himself. Ten years ago he would have been prepared, he would have researched, not let him get the upper hand on him.

“He had the balls to talk to me while he beat the shit out of me! I came in with my crew, showed our guns and said, ‘talk to us now, so my friends don’t have to talk to your family’”

He said, “Gotta go mate, I’ve got someone in the office” he was talking on the phone on his ear.

“You’re lying” he said to me, “You’re voice went up when you talked about your friends with my family”

“Is this a lie”, I said, and I shot a round in the ceiling to show him I was serious.

He was on top of me, the fat fuck, he broke my fucking wrist with his weight!

“That was your second mistake mate” He told me.

“Never fire a round upwards, it gives me a shitload of time to get on top of you and break your right wrist. That must really hurt, huh?”

“That was your second mistake, the first was threatening my family, the mistake you made before that, getting out of bed this morning.”

He beat me pretty bad, but I didn’t tell him shit. It doesn’t matter, he knows all about the SAFEWORD project, gave me a fucking lecture on it, he knows it all
“What does he know?” Mason was furious; Rodney was only supposed to know a fraction of the details about SAFEWORD.

“You name it, he knows it”

“You mean he knows about…” Mason went on to go over all the program details, Capio confirmed that Rodney knew about every one of them.

“How did you escape?” Mason was alarmed now, Capio wasn’t given much information, but he did know too much in some areas. If Rodney had tortured him...

Mason knew Capio was proud, he wouldn’t admit to confessing secrets, but he also knew that Capio was an arrogant bastard, and arrogant people get sloppy.

Mason sighed; he would slightly enjoy killing Capio and never having to hear him brag again about jobs he had done or said he had done. At the same time, it would be difficult to find a replacement that was as efficient and oblivious at the same time as Capio had been. He would bring a surgeon with him, but not for the purpose Capio had in mind.

Capio wasn’t proud, “It was one of my guys, he came in to check out why I hadn’t come downstairs, he shot the fat fuck, but he jumped out of the window, of the 12th floor of the building! Fucker had a parachute! Talk about “be prepared”.

Mason was having a tough time believing this story.

“He went right to his car, the stupid fuck, didn’t realize I put a tracker on it last week”

Mason looked at the report he had on Capio, it said last week he was in a different city snorting coke off a stripper’s ass. Something wasn’t adding up.

“He picked up his family and is hiding out at a motel, I’m holed up two blocks away with the team, I need a fucking doctor!”

“I’ll bring the doctor” Mason said. Capio felt relieved because he could tell Mason was telling the truth. Capio was a good poker player, and could usually tell anyone’s bluff.

Mason got the doctor, and the snipers, and the SEALS who had been kicked out for being too violent. He was going to pay Capio a vist, then pay a visit to Rodney.
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