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The Collective Tarot: Round III's video poster

Help us fund the Collective Tarot, a collaboratively created, radically-politicked, queerly-revisioned Tarot deck in its third edition. Read more

Portland, OR Publishing
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This project was successfully funded on June 27, 2012.

Help us fund the Collective Tarot, a collaboratively created, radically-politicked, queerly-revisioned Tarot deck in its third edition.

Portland, OR Publishing
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About this project

What is the Collective Tarot?

The Collective Tarot is a collaborative publishing project/magical art-spell   consisting of: 5 core collective members; 25 contributing artists/co-collaborators; 78 full-color cards; a 275-page accompanying booklet; hundreds of supporters, fans, and Collective Tarot magic-makers.

At the onset of this project in 2007, we had no idea how big it would get, nor how long we'd be at it. We self-published a print-run of 500 in 2008 (printed by Eberhardt Press) and quickly sold out through word of mouth only. Then in 2010, Eberhardt Press published a second round of 750 copies (printed at Eberhardt Press and Brown Printing in Portland, OR).

Now, back by popular demand, we bring you the Collective Tarot 2012. Self-published by the Tarot Collective, funded by our wonderful community, printed at always-solid Brown Printing in Portland, this time around we are shooting for a print run of 2000. We are trying to pre-sell at least 666 decks in order to fund the printing of this project at a whopping $20,000. 

We plan to keep the price of decks as low as possible at $25. Support your local witch/artist/publishers!! Spread the word!

And thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the ever-increasing love and support.

xoxo, the Tarot Collective

What are other people saying about the Collective Tarot?

"As someone who has read tarot from a queer of color, trauma/kink/poly/disability/class understanding perspective since 1994, both professionally and for friends, the Collective Tarot was the deck I was waiting for. My clients and friends have loved and appreciated the ways this deck centers people of color, disabled and multi gendered experiences since I acquired my pack two years ago. I have also loved and appreciated how this deck has become a touchstone for my communities, a place we go to to divine and conjure our futures and help figure out "what the hell is going on?!?" in times of challenge and transition/transformation. And that definitely includes myself."

----Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, brownstargirl tarot; writer, performer, co-director, Mangos With Chili queer and trans people of color roadshow, co-editor, The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Intimate Violence In Activist Communities (South End, 2011)

"Witchy and wild, the way you want queer activism to be, the Collective Tarot is incredibly inspiring both as a project seen to fruition and as a magical tool. The deck is a cohesive gathering of diverse spiritual and artistic processes that reads richly and speaks eloquently. Perhaps the deepest alchemy of the Collective Tarot is how it works in a way that transcends traditional tarot models of gender, politics and hierarchy while still encapsulating the history and meaning of the cards. Astute, intimate and wise, simultaneously dirty and wholesome, working with the Collective Tarot has always been like sitting down with a good friend. It's been the deck I've turned to the most in the past few years and the insight its been able to offer me has been indispensable."

---Edie Fake, comics artist, creator of Gaylord Phoenix, Fingers, Call the Corners, and much, much more.

"The Collective Tarot made tarot accessible for me in a way that no other deck could...I was instantly mesmerized by the art and I felt an immediate connection to the deck. From my limited experience with tarot, I thought that tarot decks only represented regally gendered white bodies. Queens and kings inhabited the tarot world, and it was a world I wasn't a part of. So I was deeply struck by how different the Collective Tarot looked and felt. Here was finally a deck I could see myself and my community reflected in. Here was a deck that represented the beauty of bodies different shapes, genders, colors, and abilities. Here was community in motion, collaboration in action.
The Collective Tarot has been nothing short of a blessing in my life...One need only look to the incredible response each time a deck has been printed for evidence of its resonance. For The Collective Tarot to be printed again means empowerment and access for so many more. It took me a few years to track down a deck, and the waiting was completely worth it."
--Tash Shatz

"This deck is changing my life and can change the world. I work with it daily. It is like comfort food, familiar and flavourful. It challenges me to be kinder to myself and others. This deck is alive with the values and ethics I hold dear, and I believe it contains images and messages this weary and fragile planet desperately needs. I want to gift this deck to many people in my life... I can't wait for the next run!"  ---Farmer Moss

"When needing a Tarot deck for usage in our film, Heart Breaks Open, it was an obvious choice to pick The Collective Tarot. It is beautiful and fit perfectly within the aesthetic of the film. In addition, it connected with the character who was using it and melded effortlessly into the improvisational style of the film. The deck picked the perfect cards for the film. We hadn't decided what cards the deck should show, and it showed the cards that were exactly in line with what our character needed. We love The Collective Tarot!" --Basil Shadid, Heart Breaks Open

"2012 is the Year of the Dragon, a year for magic, and I look forward to seeing the magic of this deck spread to thousands of people, circles of friends and communities. Before I knew the Collective Tarot was planning to reprint I would say to friends that the one thing I wanted most of all was a deck of these cards. They are a treasure trove of knowledge and insight, joy and wonder. As a queer and trans person it is immensely rewarding to see myself and my values reflected in the deck. I read from several decks of oracle and tarot cards and each one has its own gifts. But the Collective Tarot really sees me, and so it helps me see myself." ---Bastian Fox Phelan, Sydney, Australia

"if you haven't experienced this deck yet, do yourself a magical favor and get your hands on it. i've been using tarot cards for decades, and none of them have ever spoken to me like these [the Collective Tarot] do. in fact, once i'd done one reading w/them, i gave away all my other decks. this one speaks to my experience, and my heart, and never fails to cut right to the point with a beautiful combination of TLC and no holds barred mirror held up to your deepest self. plus the artwork and interpretive text are radical and radically gorgeous." Sossity Chiricuzio, Portland OR

"Modern Times [bookstore, San Francisco] was a proud purveyor of these beautiful tarot decks until they all got sold! Many of our employees, friends, family, and customers are part of this collective project, and we know many of you have been waiting to get your hands on a copy! The Collective Tarot needs a show of support to raise money for another round." --Modern Times Bookstore, San Francisco, CA

"Woah...In response to your inquiry regarding people's love of your deck, I work at Left Bank Books in Seattle, WA. People still ask for it continuously. recently, at our volunteer appreciation party, I did tarot readings with it, and everyone kept gushing about how they wish they had gotten one when they were still in the shop and made me leave them alone with the cards so they could admire them. Even the folks who think tarot is a piece of outdated mysticism love them. Just sayin'." Left Bank Books, Seattle WA.

ORDER A COLLECTIVE TAROT T-SHIRT!  ace of bones by annie murphy! available in sizes XS-XXXL in 100% cotton Canvas Tees


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    An hour-long tarot reading done by the holy trinity: Annie Murphy, Clio Sady, and Jackie Davis. This reading can be redeemed over the phone or in person (if you live in Portland).

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