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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 12 months ago
Kickstart SuccessBy Kickstart Success
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Kickstart SuccessBy Kickstart Success
First created
pledged of £15,500 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 12 months ago

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    1. Wong Koon Wing

      I will not pledge in igg as I do not think it is moral for the creator not honour the early bird price and it is completely feasible in igg to offer a secret pledge to early bird backers here. Without the early birds, I do not think you can start the project here or igg.

    2. Mike Morrison on

      I think there is a legal case against KS for stopping the project AFTER funding has closed. KS should do this diligence BEFORE close of funding. this action could lead to difficult legal situations for project creators, as public decisions like this (unfounded) could impact other backers outside the crowdfunding world

    3. Alexandra Collaborator on

      @Raf Czlonka,
      @Cynthia Lam,
      @Joao Gabriel Garcia de Gouvea,

      Due to the suspension of the campaign, comments are now closed on project updates, so we can't reply to you there. But don't worry, you have not been forgotten, of course not!

      @Raf Czlonka, thank you for supporting us up until this point! Since more people have asked for this, we will definitely try to notify everyone in the future about the progress of MICRO and when it becomes available on the market.

      @Cynthia Lam, we thank you for your fierce support!

      @Joao Gabriel Garcia de Gouvea, thank you for believing in us and pledging your support once more! It means more than we can say. Given this situation, it's been incredible to see so many people supporting MICRO and we are beyond grateful for it!

      @[wintermute], "confusion" is certainly a feeling that we share in. You have nothing to apologise for, we are here to answer any concerns you might have, because we do take our role and product very seriously. We believe the integrity of our company can be easily noticed through everything we've done so far. Thank you for your kind thoughts and please know that your appreciation means the world to us in a moment like this. Thank you!

    4. Alexandra Collaborator on

      @Scott Mosher - thank you so much, you have no idea what messages like this mean to us! We are beyond grateful to all the people that continue to believe in MICRO. Such a beautiful response from our backers has been a tremendous help in getting back in the saddle and bringing MICRO to all of you! Thank you!

    5. Alexandra Collaborator on

      @Simon Collier - I think the last update, #13, might help you better understand this unfortunate situation. If there's anything else we can help clarify, do let us know!

      Thank you for being a supporter of MICRO!

    6. Scott Mosher

      Just re-pledged on IGG - for two units this time!

      Good luck!

    7. Missing avatar

      Simon Collier on

      I have to admit that I've not been following the comments on here so no idea what the heck has just happened! Never had this happen on a Kickstarter project before, so really confused! I still believe in this product and no idea why Kickstarter stopped it.

    8. Monica Collaborator on

      @Jersey Jesus - it really means the world to us, thank you!

    9. Monica Collaborator on

      @Manuel Walker, thank you for that!

      We'd love to hear the full explanation if/when it comes. Feel free to email us at info@kickstartsuccess.co anytime and thanks a million for your continued support!

    10. Monica Collaborator on

      @Cindy Lum, we know exactly how you feel, and some...

      We have tremendous appreciation for you and every single one of our backers and we thank you very much for all your support!

    11. Monica Collaborator on

      @Rasmus Lohse, we just checked our dashboard and we have an order with the status "Paid" under your name so you are set. We also sent you a message to confirm your order there.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    12. Monica Collaborator on

      @Mohanad Albader, thank you very much for your continued support!

    13. Jersey Jesus on

      Thank you for being so responsive. it's really troubling to see Kickstarter behave this way including the poor support timing. Honestly most of the projects I've funded have been through Indiegogo and will pay more attention to their platform in the future because they know how to take care of their backers.

      I have backed you on IGG because I believe in this product and the people behind it. Can't wait to use it!

    14. Missing avatar

      Manuel Walker on

      Dear Micro Team

      I have sent an email to KS Support with the KS CEO in copy demanding a review and full explanation.

      Unfortunately, there will probably be no real reply, but they nevertheless need to hear our discontent. Find below my message.

      Keep it up!


      Dear Kickstarter Team

      This email puzzles me completely. You are suspending a sucessfull campaign two weeks after the funding (almost 500K $!) and offer no real explanation to us, your users! If the project had really violated your terms of service, you should have stopped it in its tracks at the beginning.

      I'm absolutely disgusted by your actions towards the 10'000+ backers of this projects who are your customers. We're the ones who generate your income through our pledges.

      I am demanding a review of this case and full explanation.

      Best regards

    15. Cindy Lum on

      The way Kickstarter worded their communication (I got another email this morning) is less than appealing. I'm sorry this has been happening to you, it has really left a bad taste in my mouth for Kickstarter and the dude who caused this entire debacle.

    16. Rasmus L

      So I just backed on igg but I failed to log in. I can see my bagger name under bagged, but I haven't received a confirmation email. Is this a normal issue or? Because I still want to support you but I don't want to bag it twice by mistake �

    17. Missing avatar

      Mohanad Albader on

      Backed on Indiegogo

    18. Monica Collaborator on

      @Mike Morrison
      @Geert Besselink

      Thank you so much for your continued support, guys! Truly!

    19. Missing avatar

      Geert Besselink on

      Backed on Indiegogo

    20. Alexandra Collaborator on

      @Geist de la Muerte Gatito - as far as we know (we are not privy to the messages you are receiving from the platform), your credit cards were actually charged by Kickstarter and you will receive the refund from them in a matter of days.

    21. Alexandra Collaborator on

      @Jay Moran, thank you very much for your support once more! We are so grateful that people believe in MICRO and we have a chance to fulfill our promise!

    22. Alexandra Collaborator on

      @Chetan - thank you so very much! Your continued support honours us. You are the reason MICRO is going to be real, despite this unfortunate situation!

    23. Alexandra Collaborator on

      @J A Sottolano, thank you for your support once more!

      Of course we take safety very seriously and that's why we replied at length to every single message and concern, be it public or private. That is also why we knew before launching this campaign exactly where and how and when MICRO is going to be properly certified by the proper institutions.

      We appreciate all the information you contributed to the group, thank you for that!

    24. Alexandra Collaborator on

      @Wally, thank you for your warm wishes and your support up to this point.

      We will definitely keep in touch with all of you and keep you up to date with the future of MICRO. Our "door" is always open for any of you, be it right now or years from now!

    25. Alexandra Collaborator on

      @Jon Pratt - thank you for your support! To be honest, we did not expect such a level of support and commitment from our backers... simply because when someone tries to cut your wings, it takes a while until you start believing again that you can indeed fly.

      It's you and people like you that have been the greatest lesson in this situation. Thank you for showing us the incredible power of people who stand together!

    26. Geist de la Muerte Gatito

      Wait, so now the message from Kickstarter is that our cards were never charged but the campaign is suspended? That isn't true, my card was charged so I should get a refund, right?

    27. Jay Moran on

      IGG it is. Good luck, looking forward to it. Lot better than the paperclips I normally use... ;-)

    28. Missing avatar

      Chetan on

      Funded on Indiegogo. Good luck guys...

    29. Missing avatar

      J A Sottolano on

      Monica (and all),

      To be transparent, when I first heard about Micro, I also had concerns about safety BUT I wrote the creators in a PRIVATE note to try and understand what testing they would do, how they would try to assure customers, etc. I was satisfied with what they provided and backed the project.

      BUT .. Let's also be aware of what we're talking about. There are TONS of "Universal travel adapters" on Amazon (as Monica mentioned in a post) and I'd bet 98% (if not more) are manufactured in China. Many have the same body and specs and a different name on them, so this has become a mass produced item. My initial concerns WITH MICRO were over the blade arrangement, e.g. using round Euro plugs to accommodate the flat UK blades, or using the twisting of U.S. flat blades for Australia. My other concern is that (with any of these) putting a heavier "brick" electrical charger on the end, tends to pull these things out of the wall. They're typically just not made to handle a heavy load on the other end.

      The biggest different with Micro (and hence its name) is that instead of more "dedicated" blade assignments, there is space savings, but with that comes more care about flipping pieces to accommodate differing electrical locations. Most all come with a fuse as the protection between the wall socket and your device, and as Micro's statement makes clear, this is NOT a grounded device. In the U.S. we have the wider/smaller blade configuration to make sure an ungrounded plug is still plugged correctly into the power and ground/neutral sides, yet I've never seen an adapter that actually implements that.

      Bottom line. If you want "true" protection then you need the much more country specific adapters, with (or without) grounding pins depending on location, etc.. That or carry around a converter (ugh). We are trading portability for some level of risk with ANY universal adapter, and that is true of any of these. My solution?? I usually carry one country specific adapter with us for things like a computer or items drawing a heavy load, etc. where I don't want to risk any possible damage. For USB charging, shaver recharging, etc. these are a God send.

      In the end, what you do and how you do it is your responsibility. You can't rely on marketing statements on Amazon. If it's electrical, educate yourself and plug your device in as safely as you can.. and with that, I'll jump over to IGG to back Micro.. :-)

    30. Wally on

      Sorry to hear about the suspension. Unfortunately I do not like using IGG and will not be supporting your efforts there. Let me know where I can buy it from you guys after you guys set up shop and I'll gladly purchase a few!

      Best of luck!

    31. Missing avatar

      Jon Pratt on

      Just backed you on IGG. Stopping using Kickstarter in protest - poorly handled, and hypocritical given the number of electrical products that have been approved on KS. I hope you raise enough to cover some lawyers as well as our orders. Good luck!

    32. Monica Collaborator on

      @Inga Narjes - you are amazing, thank you very much indeed!

    33. Missing avatar

      Inga Narjes on

      I just backed you on IGG & doubled my pledge :)
      All the best! I hope everything will go as planned there now.

    34. Monica Collaborator on

      @Ruud van Zutphen - thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

      The reason Kickstarter classified our project "heavily regulated or potentially dangerous" is because that wording is a small portion of their Terms of Service that has been incessantly repeated to them by lobbyists in relation to our project.

      As you will be aware, all electrical products for sale on the open market, are required to meet specified safety standards and the requirements of compliance of the regulatory bodies.

      At present, there are over 29,000 products listed under the ‘technology’ section of the Kickstarter website – a large majority of which are electrical and/or are designed for charging lithium based batteries via live electrical current. Of that number - 17 are travel adapters, similar to MICRO.

      Furthermore within the Kickstarter domain the following are listed:
      636 3D printers
      817 internal electrical components
      225 Fabrication tools
      2 more travel adapters were live at the same time our campaign was live.

      All the above, when for sale and distribution on the open market require intensive testing to ensure they are permitted within the ‘heavily regulated’ marketplace. Yet no other such product has been suspended before for this reason, despite the fact that most have no required certification during their campaign given they too are in prototype stages.

      Kickstarter has no certification requirement knowledge or any responsibility to have that knowledge in relation to all the products being crowdfunded through their platform. This is something they make very clear in their Terms of Service.

      Further to your request to provide regulator approvals, it is important to understand that official testing can be done only on a final product, not on a prototype.

      Considering that Micro is in the prototype stage, no official testing can be carried out at this stage and this is the situation of most (if not all) products funded through Kickstarter.

      However once the initial units of the final product will be manufactured, they will be sent directly to a certified testing body (a third party completely independent from the seller and the buyer) who will test the product accordingly.

      This is a responsibility we have undertaken from day one of our campaign and one that we made known through our FAQs and campaign timeline.

      Micro will be tested following the IEC standard 60884-2-5:2017, part 2-5: Particular requirements for adaptors. In our case Micro falls under the travel adaptors without earthing contact part, as Micro is suppose to be used with ungrounded devices.

      In the following link you will find a short description of what this standard applies for.

      Quoting the description provided on their website, "The IECEE is a system for mutual recognition of certificates of conformity worldwide. It is also a tool for accessing global markets directly, when national authorities and regulators, retailers buyers and vendors accept the CB Test Certificate and associated Test Report. This is moving towards the goal of one test for global acceptance".

      In the link below you will find a list of the IECEE Member states and you will notice that UK is among them.


      We hope this addresses your concern and we thank you for your support.

    35. Ruud van Zutphen on

      As far as I understood Safety regulations (take in mind 240 volt can run through it) with so thin plastic layers could cause a fire hazard or dead by electrocution.

      I understand why Kickstarter Blocked the campaign, most custom authorities would block import to this device as it doesn't have the regulator approvals needed to use this is the supported countries. (Hence it makes no sense to move to Indiegogo)

      If I'm wrong show at least one regulator approval (you need many to ship world wide)

    36. Monica Collaborator on

      @Gill Qiu - we are not sure why that is, but we are grateful for it because it has allowed us the opportunity to maintain our transparency with our backers and answer many questions that we know would have otherwise been left unanswered.

      Thank you for your support!

    37. Monica Collaborator on

      @alexander z.
      @Alexander Schug
      @Stefan Hebestreit

      Just saying "Thank you" doesn't quite express our gratitude for your support, but it's all we have at the moment so thank you very much indeed!

    38. Monica Collaborator on

      @Jeroen - we appreciate your perspective on Indiegogo and we can only hope you understand that moving to InDemand is a natural progression for all (or most) successful campaigns. InDemand is just a place for campaign creators to welcome late-coming backers and our presence there wouldn't have taken away from our Kickstarter backers, not at all!

      Nonetheless, we respect your decision and we thank you once again for having supported our campaign in the first place!

    39. Monica Collaborator on

      @Leander Sabel - you are a star, thank you very much indeed!

    40. Gill Qiu

      Just curious, the project has been suspended, why we still can comment on it? Unlike other one, once it was suspended, we cannot comment anymore

    41. Monica Collaborator on

      @Dusk Shadow - we understand how you feel because we also felt incapacitated when we received the first notification of our campaign suspension. At times, it still feels surreal that this is happening and we even asked Kickstarter what could we have done more or better to avoid such an outcome.

      Thank you for sympathising and for your continued support, it means the world to us!

    42. Monica Collaborator on

      @Clarissa - thank you very, very much!!

    43. Monica Collaborator on

      @Paul Wolovich - final days of the campaign, we had received many messages from people interested and able to back MICRO only after our campaign would have ended on Kickstarter. We wanted to be inclusive and give people who found out about us later the opportunity to still support us and get their own MICRO.

      It is common practice for successful campaigns to transition to InDemand for this purpose and we have nonetheless included in our FAQs on Indiegogo the fact that our Kickstarter backers have priority at shipping time. The additional perks were also not offered to our Indiegogo backers as they were relevant to the funding you guys helped us amass here on Kickstarter.

      So our presence on InDemand would have had no impact or taken away from our commitment to our Kickstarter backers in any way at that stage.

      We hope that helps answer your question and we really appreciate your continued support!

    44. Monica Collaborator on

      @Jeremy Pierson - your questions are just a fraction of the questions we have also addressed to Kickstarter over the past 4-5 days. We wish we understood the logic behind such an important decision.

      Thank you for choosing to stand behind our project, we appreciate it more than you know!

    45. Missing avatar

      Stefan Hebestreit on

      Hi, also just backed you on Indiegogo.
      Thanks for all the Information.

    46. Monica Collaborator on

      @Rouslan Cherbina, we know so many of our backers share your perspective and we thank you for always taking the time to share it and maintain your support to us. Words fail to relay our gratitude to every single one of our amazing backers!

      Thank you very much, truly!

    47. Missing avatar

      Alexander Schug on

      Hi, just backed you on Indiegogo. Thanks for all the Information.

    48. Missing avatar


      Just backed you on Indiegogo.
      @Kickstarter: This is ridiculous.

    49. Missing avatar

      alexander z.

      If I can't get one on KS, I'll get two in IGG! and it will get certified and shipped! We will not let you down SAM, MONICA and the rest of the team!

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