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The catnip has been stolen, can you bring peace and harmony back to Kitty Island? --- RPG puzzle adventure for all ages!
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Nuke blast

Posted by Ryan DeGange (Creator)

Nukes are almost completed. Here is some early stage screenshots of the blast from the nukes.

 -- Next update we'll be adding bubble tiles that will paralyze the bricks. You'll have to pop the bubbles to keep firing off combos!

-- Also the aircraft shop is almost done. If anyone has any cool ideas for aircraft, post here or in the comments! The best ideas might become a real aircraft in the game.

We'll post a screenshot of the bubbles, and aircraft shop soon.

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    1. Juan Carlos Gonzalez on

      You can always add things that pay Homage to classic movies with cats
      For example
      -cat wearing a purple vest and hat or flying a purple saucer that looks like Top Cats hat from the cartoons
      -A cat driving a flying version of Stuart little's car
      -a cat driving a flying version of the Mouse and the Motorcycle, Motorcycle
      -have a cat look like the troll from the Cats eye or a cat flying a troll looking mouse
      -a cat riding a pug paying homage to milo and otis
      -or maybe a enemy attack that turns the cat face into a ugly deformed mouse head like in The Witches
      Oh the posibibliabities

    2. Ryan DeGange 2-time creator on

      @ Jesse Irwin - Awesome, great ideas. You're the only one so far, so we might end up going with yours haha.

    3. Jesse Irwin on

      A blimp! And a hot air balloon!