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Planets³ is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).
10,357 backers pledged $310,708 to help bring this project to life.

Weekly status #3

Posted by Cubical Drift (Creator)

This week we’d like to present you some statistics about Planets³'s Kickstarter campaign and more specifically the 13 first countries in number of backers:

  • No big surprise there, the large majority of the backers come from the United States (38%)
  • As French ourselves we are proud that France is the second most represented country with 13%
  • 11% of the backers didn’t answer to the survey 

We know that people of some countries (especially in Europe) couldn’t take part in the Kickstarter campaign because, in their country, having a credit card isn’t that common. So we really are curious to see how this distribution of backers will evolve with our online store (that you can find on our website:
As previously stated, we have had an issue preventing people to pay in USD on our website, we resolved the problem for the direct payment by credit card. However the paypal option still doesn’t work in USD, we are still waiting for a response from our bank.

As for the technical progression, we are updating the version of the libraries we use to the latest versions (Boost and Ogre 3D). Updating the version of Ogre improved the dynamic shadow rendering even if some work is still required on that subject. We also added the possibility to use Direct3D 11 (for now the prototype only worked with Direct3D 9) but this is still a work in progress. It is already possible to use OpenGL (which is required for the Mac and eventually the Linux version of the game), but it still requires some tweaking of the shaders to get the same results as with Direct3D 9.

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    1. XthemeCore on

      I'm from Thailand.And there must be in that other country. :)

    2. Nick Knight on

      I really like these weekly updates, so many projects just stop talking to backers for really long stretches. Even if the updates don't say much we appreciate them! Keep it up!

    3. Jeremie Lariviere

      Cool, thanks for the info; it is interesting to see how wide a range of backers there are :-)

    4. Rodolink on

      I'm from Mexico! regards! n_n

    5. Missing avatar

      Raymond Holmoy on

      There was a survey? heh, need to check my mail more often/more thoroughly, think it's about a week since I did it last

    6. Cubical Drift Creator on

      The "other" part represents 66 countries.

    7. cannahuana on

      I'm one of the ones from the UK

    8. Iosh Kun on

      Hi ^^
      I know that is late but i support from Argentina with 35 xD
      sorry I didn't responce before and now i'm on the 11% xD

    9. Tananos on

      I'm probably the only Pole who helped the production.

    10. Missing avatar

      Antoine Seel on

      Je fais partie du pourcent de belges ! On est vraiment pas beaucoup !

    11. Calvin Myall on

      I really don't think making the Paypal pay in USD really matters. I live in the USA and I've payed in EU over paypal before, even though I only have USD. I think paypal just exchanges it for you. For example, Minecraft's paypal is €20, and I payed around $24 for it.

    12. Jonathan Rudd on

      Sad to see that the UK isn't a big supporter.

    13. Jon Peterson on

      Out of curiosity, is there any particular benefit to using D3D if you're already doing OpenGL anyway?

    14. Yourtime on

      man, austria isnt on the list lol

    15. Pierre Laporte on

      Waou ! it's a very good position for the France, and I am very proud ! ;)

    16. Ian Hsieh on

      So my country must be one of those 8% others.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      Austria's somewhere in the remainder, then. ^^

    18. Keith Constable on

      Thanks for continuing to hold to your plans to release for OS X and Linux.

    19. TheLEGOTimeLord on

      In that other 8% is also Croatia! I'm glad I made my country be a part of this :3

    20. Zeper on

      Vive la france !!!

    21. Vincent (Nox) on

      Not a surprise for United States =)
      And proud France is second position !