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Planets³ is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).
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Character evolution and statistics

Posted by Cubical Drift (Creator)

Planets³ is an RPG (Role Playing Game), and as with every RPG, one of the most important aspects is the character evolution. In Planets³ we don’t want the player to have to choose between predefined classes but instead to develop his character depending on what he’s doing. Therefore we will introduce a dynamic statistics evolution system, in which the skill of the character at doing a specific task will improve by doing it over and over again. Like in real life in fact, you get better at doing something by practicing.

The character will not have a level and an experience bar, you develop your character by developing its statistics and its “tech-level”.

In order to present you the statistics we’ll have in the game, we need to introduce the mechanics behind the use of a tool or weapon, because they will influence it.

1) Use of a weapon or tool

Every tool and weapon will have a required strength. It represents the strength needed to load the weapon in 1 sec.

In Planets³; when you use a weapon or a tool, a loading bar will appear. If you have the exact amount of strength required by the tool or weapon, it will take you exactly 1 sec to fully load it. By doing so you will deal the total amount of damage the weapon can deal, or be able to break a block of the maximum hardness that the tool can break. But you will also be able to load it partially and therefore can be used more quickly but you’ll deal less damage over all. This is particularly useful when fighting low level enemies or harvesting low level blocks in order to speed up things a little.

2) Planets³’ statistics description

- Vitality: The vitality defines the maximum hit point of the character and therefore the maximum number of strikes he can endure before dying. Here is Planets³’ health “bar”

 - Power: The power defines the strength of the character. If your strength is below the tool’s or weapon’s required strength, you will still be able to use it, only it will be inefficient. On the other hand if you exceed this required strength, you will use it really quickly, but perhaps you would benefit from using a tool or weapon that requires more strength instead.

- Vigor: The vigor defines the stamina of the character. It determines the capacity of a character to make efforts for a certain amount of time. On the UI it will define the maximum size of the stamina bar. When the stamina bar is low, your strength will be temporarily reduced which makes you use your tools and weapons less efficiently. In order to be able to regain your stamina you will have to stop making efforts.

- Performance: The performance defines the athleticism of the character which defines the running speed and the height and distance that you can jump.

3) Statistics evolution

Each of these statistics will have an associated experience level. You will have to gain experience points (xp) in order to reach the next level.

Here is how you will gain experience points for each statistic:

- Vitality: Each time the player takes an important hit (compared to his maximum hit points) the vitality statistic will gain xp. So if you want to improve your vitality it will be inefficient to hide behind an heavy armor.

- Power: By using a tool or a weapon that requires more strength that you have, you will use it slowly but if you load it entirely, your strength statistic will gain xp.

- Vigor: By making efforts when your stamina is low, your Vigor will gain xp.

- Performance: Running and jumping often will enable you to gain performance xp. On planets where the gravity force is higher or lower than the gravity on earth, your performance xp increase will be adapted adequately, meaning that if you want to improve your performance, it will be best to run and jump on a planet with a higher gravity.

Interview of Planets³ project director NeoM

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    1. Deon Tan on

      I really would love the idea of a dynamic stats system, kinda like skills in skyrim. Realy brings out the individuality in a player.

    2. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Glad that you like it.

      We will try to post another update about technical or design stuff every 3-4 days for these last 2 weeks.

      The next one should be about material and items stats and how do we manage these stats in combat.

    3. Missing avatar

      Haddon Martin on

      Looks and sound great. I can't help but think after reading this that it's going to be a little bit like if skyrim and minecraft had a love child. And I'm super stoked to read about it!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jakob Hjelm on

      Awesome to see an update!
      I love reading about how stuff works, and I hope that you'll detail more elements of the game as the campaign goes along.

      The more people know, the more they will be willing to donate!

    5. Romulus on

      Nice update, love the look&feel of the health indicator.
      Different gravity would be indeed a nice gameplay differentiation on planets: some where even walking requires vigor (i.e. you need to use a vehicle) and you can't even jump, some where you can almost fly and cross large canyons with a single jump !