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Early Access Update 3, let's go!

Posted by Cubical Drift (Creator)


We are more than happy to present the new update ( of Stellar Overload!

Find below the list of the main new features available in this update.  



A brand-new feature has been added to the game: electricity!  

In this very first version, you can have fun with switches, cables, batteries, doors, lasers, NOT gates and AND gates. 

To be more specific, we chose to separate logic and power supply. You have to handle both systems at the same time:  

  • Be sure supply power to your items with batteries and powercables (otherwise they may not function that well). 
  • Control your items with switches through logical cables.

You can have more information in game pressing F1 (or TAB), we added a specific part in the codex for the electricity.  


A new type of vehicle is coming: a motor on a rail. We decided to call it "Motorail"! To function, it has to be connected to a battery and to at least one switch…  

Those two elements (motorail and electricity) can seem pretty trivial but it actually multiply the creative potential of the game.

We cannot wait to see what you’ll do with it!  

The HookBlade  

It’s been a while since you have been asking us to add melee weapons. There you are: there is a blade in the game! At the same time, we added a functionality to it: the grapple. The grapple allows the player to have more mobility. 

You will find the Hookblade in the inventory in the creative mode (use the new “weapon” filter). In story mode, you’ll find it during your adventure. 

For now, the grapple only functions on walls. But we are planning on improving its uses and making it possible to target enemies.

Novo Ares

An update = a new planet. This time, we progressed pretty well on the Novo Ares planet.

Novo Ares is a very specific planet: very arid in the surface and tropical at the bottom of its canyons.

 Syntonized Stellarium Lab 

Here is the true dungeon of Merx: the Syntonized Stellarium Lab. Robots took over an ancient human lab where humans did some research on Stellarium. Stellarium is a material about which we do not know much. We have to take back this lab! 

Do not look for the old fortress, we erased it from the game.

Other interesting functions 

  • Share universes on Steam Workshop

Did you create a big dungeon? You can now share it worldwide! Everything happens on the universe loading screen. 

  • Hunger

You asked for it, it finally is in game. Some items now restore hunger, others restore life. 

  • Difficulty levels

When creating a game (or loading it), you can now configure several difficulty options (such as having easier enemies to kill, activate hunger…) 

  • Block physics

It is still at an experimental level so it is not activated by default. However, you can test it by activating it in the game creation window.

All that is only a part of the main new features of this version. You can find all the latest novelties in details in the updated release note here

Note for all AZERTY players: you have to reconfigure your keyboard. You will find a new button, at the top right-hand corner of the option window to setup all the shortcuts into AZERTY. 

As usual, do not hesitate to tell us what you think on our forum or on social networks. We gladly read all of your remarks. 

But above all: have fun!


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    1. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Hello Kyle,

      We actually would like to release the game this year, but above all we want the game to be the best possible.

    2. Kyle Norton on

      What is the latest estimate on a release date?

    3. Ender on

      Oooh yeah!, ive been waiting/hoping for such features :D