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Planets³ is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).
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We are on Steam!

Posted by Cubical Drift (Creator)

We are really proud to announce that Stellar Overload is now on Steam! 


Steam store:

Thanks to all of you, who preorder the game on Kickstarter, you really helped us to get here today!

"Where is my Steam Key?"
Each player that already has an access to the game here (via our website) can get the steam key associated to his license.

If you are a backer (>=$20) that never registered his account on our website, please follow this process, and then please go to your account page : you will see the "Display Steam Key" button.

If you are a backer and chose the first Kickstarter tier ($15), but want to test the early access, you can (with some $) transform your "release license" to an "alpha license". To do that :
- You need to register your account on our website by following this process
- Then please go to your account page, choose your license and click the "upgrade" button.
- You will see the "Display Steam Key" button

On Steam, you need to add the key.
To do so: 
- open steam
- click the "add a game..." button on the bottom left, then choose "activate a product on Steam..."
- enter the key, and the game will appear in your game list.

official news :

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    1. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Dear backers,

      As you can see on our last update, we've decided to offer all the backers a Steam key of Stellar Overload for the early access.

      For all the backers who gave 20$ and more, we will add a little suprise to the access, stay tuned!

      What is the process?
      You need to register on Stellar Overload website by filling the following form:

      - Login to your Stellar overload account: (
      - Click on "Display Steam Key" to get the associated Steam Key.

      Please note that you need to use the same email address you used on Kickstarter when you backed Planets³. If you changed this email address in the meantime and do not remember it, or have not access to it anymore, you can contact us to solve the problem.

    2. Cubical Drift Creator on

      @Felicia : indeed pets will come at the final release or just before it, we will warn you when they will be available.

    3. Felicia Hudson on

      Sorry, I'm a little behind the power curve. What's the deal with the pets? Is there another key for that? Do we not get it until the final release?

    4. Cubical Drift Creator on

      @Timothy : Sure, yes, all $15 backers will get access to the steam release when the game leaves early access.

    5. Timothy Lose on

      If us $15 backers do not upgrade will we get a Steam key when the game leaves Early Access? Or not at all?

    6. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Indeed a lot of things have not quite turned out as I planned during the last 2 years.
      But we are still here!
      There is today more people in the team, we are able to produce more content, more features, quicker and we are able to improve our engine at the same time.
      We hope this Steam EA release will help get bigger so we can be much more faster.

    7. Cubical Drift Creator on

      @Thimothy : yes.

    8. Romulus on

      @Rob Hamilton @Maximilian Schmidt
      I won't debate whether Kickstarter is actually worth the risks/delays/... or not, but I believe there are a few objective points:
      - I don't know exactly how much $ is the tier 1 to 2 upgrade, but Cubical Drift gets paid in euros while the ratio dollar/euro has changed since March 2014 (1.38 to 1.10), so comparing prices in $ of Kickstarter vs Steam is partially flawed.
      - When backing the 1st tier (full release), I imagine it's not to get spoiled and experience a "final product". The early access being 10% of the final story (first planet), you get spoiled with a few bugs and missing features...
      - Don't forget that Kickstarter backers will get access to the 2 opuses/games, not just the first one. I know the 2nd opus is not for today, but still...

    9. Seir on

      Congrats guys! Have enjoyed following this and look forward to playing more.

    10. Maximilian Schmidt on

      I think i will stop backing games with "steam sales" like that, where it is cheaper to buy a game on steam than to buy and then upgrade it. You really should give it out for free to all backers, since you promised a RELEASE a year ago at the beginning of the campain.

    11. Timothy Lose on

      I backed at the $15 level, if I upgrade to alpha on the Stellar website will I get a Steam key?

    12. Jerker Måntelius

      Awesome news -- keep up your great work, loved the video on the Steam page.

    13. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Mac version will be pushed on Steam as soon as possible.
      As I mentionned in the news on our website, we have a major problem on mac that make the game random crash. We do not have a solution at the moment but are working hard on it.

    14. David Reeves on

      The Steam alpha is for Windows only. When will the Mac version be ready to test for backers?

    15. Missing avatar

      Afterlifebroker on

      Sounds great, congrats on the early access release! Haven't had the time to try earlier versions, but will definitely play around with it a bit now. :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wilson

      Oh, great. Another "Early Access" non-release. Don't you think that since you're monetizing the game and selling it to the general public, all backers should get access?

    17. AngoraFish on

      Ah... another shitty dev offering late comers a better deal on day one than the original backers got (or get, given that upgrading now will cost backers more in total than the current advertised price on Steam).

      Well, can't say I'm shocked since it's far from the first time, but it sure is the reason why I largely stopped backing Kickstarters, and why this will most certainly be the last game I back from Cubical Drift.

      Why take a risk on the devs doing a runner and/or producing a rubbish game when I can just wait for day one, read the actual reviews first, and get a better deal to boot?

      When this game inevitably goes for 25% off in a couple of months for the Steam Winter Sale, I'd like to think that $15 backers will at least have seen their keys four weeks prior, although under the circumstances I'm not holding my breath.

    18. Shannon Hamilton on

      Congratulations on your Steam Release. I look forward to diving back into this.