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Planets³ is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).
Planets³ is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).
10,357 backers pledged $310,708 to help bring this project to life.

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Building contest: a Treehouse, 6 days left to participate!


We are on Steam!


We are really proud to announce that Stellar Overload is now on Steam! 


Steam store:

Thanks to all of you, who preorder the game on Kickstarter, you really helped us to get here today!

"Where is my Steam Key?"
Each player that already has an access to the game here (via our website) can get the steam key associated to his license.

If you are a backer (>=$20) that never registered his account on our website, please follow this process, and then please go to your account page : you will see the "Display Steam Key" button.

If you are a backer and chose the first Kickstarter tier ($15), but want to test the early access, you can (with some $) transform your "release license" to an "alpha license". To do that :
- You need to register your account on our website by following this process
- Then please go to your account page, choose your license and click the "upgrade" button.
- You will see the "Display Steam Key" button

On Steam, you need to add the key.
To do so: 
- open steam
- click the "add a game..." button on the bottom left, then choose "activate a product on Steam..."
- enter the key, and the game will appear in your game list.

official news :

Summer news



Here are the latest news:

Vaalac, CodingMarmot, R0d, BlockBuster
Vaalac, CodingMarmot, R0d, BlockBuster


First official building contest!


Did you see the latest news?

The first official building contest is about creating a spaceship.
Winners will receive a 3D printed version of their ship!

All information on Stellar Overload website's homepage.


Blocky Blockade : a new alpha is available


A big day today: you are able to access to a new alpha version of Stellar Overload !


All information about this new alpha here.

If you miss the news that explained why this version is not on Steam, it's here.