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Planets³ is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).
Planets³ is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).
10,357 backers pledged $310,708 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. david lewis 5 days ago

      Hello, I was an early KS backer but never got a steam key. The site I was directed to went straight to the game's steam page, no keys. How do I go about getting my Key?

    2. Red Eagle LXIX on

      You think they'd give a proper update here. Then again they are still selling this on Steam.

      Development stopped September 2017.
      Officially posted February 2018.

    3. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras

      seems like development is 'on hold' since last fall : (in french)

    4. Missing avatar

      William John Guichard Jr on

      Hey, I pledge for this and completly forgot about it. I have a 35 dollar pledge is there anyway I get any help getting my rewards?

    5. Eric Zag on

      Hello, I've a 35 $ pledge.
      I see the game is on steam now, where can I get my two digital copies ?
      Have a nice day!

    6. Lord Lethris on

      I gave up on this a long time ago. Things have moved on since Voxel style gameplay. Its overly complicated and I got bored real quick (sorry guys)

    7. Missing avatar


      Just for all the backers that keep coming to this site in search for updates. They do all the updates on Steam now. Well "updates" might be the wrong term, more like "changenotes" or "stuff added" (last items added: a Flashlight and a bag!!!!).

      Not sure why they can't mirror their updates here on Kickstarter but here you go:

    8. JGO


      Thank you :)

    9. Lord Lethris on

      Planets3 (Cubed) was the preparatory name only. Bit like a “codename” given to a project.

      Some if us preferred it ;)

    10. JGO


    11. JGO

      Cool, so where did planets3 come from?

    12. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Hi JGO!
      No, our game is still called Stellar Overload, and it is not going to change :)

    13. JGO

      Silly question but is this game now called Stella Overlords?

    14. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Helloe Mattew,

      Thank you for your comment!

      The game is released for Mac ;)

      To get your game, you need to register on Stellar Overload website by filling the following form:

      - Login to your Stellar overload account: (
      - Click on "Display Steam Key" to get the associated Steam Key.

      Please note that you need to use the same email address you used on Kickstarter when you backed Planets³. If you changed this email address in the meantime and do not remember it, or have not access to it anymore, you can contact us to solve the problem.

    15. Matthew Stevens on

      Hi there. I was a backer, but between the time I backed and now my life was kind of crazy but is not returning to normal. Now I feel like the whole project has changed so much I have a lot to catch up on. Did the game ever get released for Mac? Also, I am not sure how to claim my reward. Can someone point me in the right direction? Also is there like a beginners guide or some sort? Thanks!!

    16. Tony Baldhead on

      Games feeling much more polished and immersive! when I first downloaded the alpha I could barely play due to my pc, but now trying it since steam kickstarter access has been released it's great, keep up the good work :)

    17. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Hello Frederik,

      Can you please contact us on the link and give us your name and your new email address :…

      Thank you!

    18. Frederik Kristiansen on

      So I have this problem. I used an email which have been closed for years now, so when i try to recieve my steam key by your wepsite, it says it cant find my new e-mail address which i use for kickstarter now.

      Can you help me with this?

      Kind regards

    19. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Dear backers,

      As you can see on our last update, we've decided to offer all the backers a Steam key of Stellar Overload for the early access.

      For all the backers who gave 20$ and more, we will add a little suprise to the access, stay tuned!

      What is the process?
      You need to register on Stellar Overload website by filling the following form:

      - Login to your Stellar overload account: (
      - Click on "Display Steam Key" to get the associated Steam Key.

      Please note that you need to use the same email address you used on Kickstarter when you backed Planets³. If you changed this email address in the meantime and do not remember it, or have not access to it anymore, you can contact us to solve the problem.

    20. Khrizart on

      I really want to play it, but is not fair that I back the project and cant play it while they already have it open for everyone years ago, I know about the upgrade... but come on is been years now...

    21. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles

      When everybody can simply buy the game at steam, it's a public release...

    22. Khrizart on

      Im lost, can i play now the game or not? is been a long time...

    23. spacedyemeerkat on

      @Chris Paterson, spot on. At this state, given the delays in the project, it would be a good way of regaining some trust.

      Re the creator's post, those people have already had the benefit of either paying more or upgrading.

    24. Cubical Drift Creator on

      For the sake of all other backers that supported us with $20 (or more) or all $15 backers that already choose to upgrade there license during the last years (or week), we decided that we cannot give this upgrade "for free".

    25. Chris Paterson on

      Hey Guys,

      Great to see you make it to Steam

      Please consider allowing the $15 tier access to the early access its pretty frustrating to see early access "only" cost $18 and yet you want 4 Euros (about $4.42) to upgrade?

      Support the people who supported you.

    26. Cubical Drift Creator on

      You need to follow the registration process explained here :

      I can not give you an exact date for a release. We hope that the Steam Early Access version will help us accelerate the development and reduce the delay for the release.

    27. Ryan Geffert on

      What's the estimated release date for the $15 digital copy?

    28. Wilson Briggs on

      Hello, I never got round to play this game but now it's on steam I would l like to get my key. I've had a look at my account on your website and it shows that I don't have a license. Could you let me know how to get hold of the my steam key. Thx.

    29. Romulus on

      @Arie Hofland
      Game has just been released on Steam early access ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      Arie Hofland on

      Hey there, any ETA on the Steam version of the game? I tend to forget anything which isn't bolted down to my Steam account...

    31. Cubical Drift Creator on

      Hello Thomas,

      You didn't choose a name yet, you can do it on our website, here : , on the Kickstarter Tab .

    32. Thomas Mon on

      Did I name my monster?

    33. Lord Lethris on

      Feels like this has gone stale... Whats the latest.?

    34. InvaderRJ on

      Oh man, i really just want a date for the Steam access. =)

    35. garkham

      Bon. Très cordialement et parce qu'il faut que ça sorte sur un projet ou un autre. Je commence à en avoir plein le cul de me faire enfumer sur les 3/4 des projets que je soutiens tout ça parce qu'un gros tas nombriliste à un jour décider que le futur du jeu vidéo PC passerait exclusivement par sa plateforme de merde. Si le jeu était destiné à être steamworks, il fallait le dire tout de suite (ou au moins expliquer clairement que vous y comptiez), ça m'aurait économisé quelques dollars. Je ne dis pas que je ne vous aurez pas soutenu, mais je n'aurais certainement pas acheté une clé dont je n'ai cure.

      Ceci étant dit, j'espère vraiment que vous saurez trouver d'autres distributeurs. J'avais beaucoup aimé votre passage à Nolife.

    36. Cubical Drift Creator on

      To get access to the alpha, please follow this FAQ answer :

    37. Jacob Briggs on

      how do i get alpha access? I did not receive anything.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ritchie on

      I also did not get my alpha invite and I backed this as well. Is there someone that can help?

    39. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      How do I get my Alpha invite? haven't gotten one and I backed this quite a long time ago.

    40. Cubical Drift Creator on

      The price you saw is not in the same currency so it's not the same price.
      Everything is fair so far and in addition to that, on our website, you do not have any "choice" and rewards.

    41. Missing avatar

      Rachel on

      If we pre-order a copy through your website for approximately the same cost as the lowest level kickstarter pledge, we gain access to the beta and alpha, but if we backed via kickstarter, we have to wait until the final product comes out...? This seems a bit unfair...

    42. Cubical Drift Creator on

      We will investigate this issue with you as soon as possible (and we will continue with private messages).

    43. Morten Nyrup on

      I never get the confirmation email to activate my account and get my alpha versions. been trying to contact you, but have not heard from you. what´s wrong with your email system?

      i have no email in spam, so i´m not hiding your responces.

    44. Cubical Drift Creator on

      You should find it there in your account page :

    45. Ozan Yücel on

      How can i get the prototype?

    46. BoardGameGuy on

      Glad to see you will be using the Unreal engine. Lots of work ahead. Can't wait for an alpha release with the new engine.

    47. Cubical Drift Creator on

      The next release (the pre-alpha) should be 32bits compatible.

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