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Pre-order your copy from my shop!
Pre-order your copy from my shop!
750 backers pledged £17,595 to help bring this project to life.

12k Stretch Goal Reached!

Posted by James Chapman (Creator)

The total crossed over the 12k line last night, so that means that fridge magnets are comingggg
There's only a few goals left, and they're all very exciiiiting. Hopefully we can make your rewards even bigger!

As it stands, £25 gets you a book with a personal doodle, some stickers and badges, postcards, a little sketchbook, some temporary tattoos and two digital downloads.
But with these goals even more will hopefully be added!

£15k - Physical copies of Soundimals.
There's been a lot of interest in the first book (international animal sounds) as a reward, so if we reach this, I'll send out a copy to everyone backing £20 or more

£17K - An Embroidered patch for everyone who's getting rewards shipped to them!


£20K - A comic! Translated TV shows
This third one is a compilation of illustrations of the titles TV shows have in other languages. For example...

International versions of The Fresh Prince, Mad Men, Buffy, Doctor Who, and many more, all translated!
So you'll get a lil' book of things like that if you backed £25 and up.

Thanks again, everyone! This project would be nothing without yoooou.

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