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In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
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Lunarchitects shipments underway! And Gamehole Con

Posted by Daniel Cunningham (Creator)

I'm happy to say that as of right now 872 out of 888 shipments are in process! Over the last week, Shipwire's warehouses received and readied all the game pallets, and I shipped two test orders successfully.  Today the "orders" were submitted to Shipwire, so now they'll box up and ship the packages ASAP.  Over the next few days, you'll receive three communication emails from Shipwire / shipping@ironkittengames:

  • 1. Warehouse Confirmation email: this will let you know that the "order" has been received by their warehouse, and will list its contents and address.  It'll also include an estimated delivery date.  This will not include tracking... yet.
  • 2. Shipping Confirmation email: this will confirm that your package has been handed off to UPS / Fedex / Royal Mail / etc... and most will include a tracking number.
  • 3. Delivery Confirmation email: finally, this will let you know that according to the shipper, the package has been delivered to your doorstep (yay!).

If there is wrong information in any of those three emails, reply and let me know!  We'd like to hear sooner rather than later if an address is wrong, quantity is wrong, etc.

 872/888? What about the other 16 orders?  Well, unfortunately not everyone has responded to my nagging.  One backer has never responded to any messages or emails (not even the original survey), while 15 others have not given me their phone number (and my google-sleuthing hasn't gotten me anywhere).  It would have been more than 16 were it not for reverse-address search on the whitepages site!  But anyway, if by the end of the week you haven't gotten at least a Warehouse Confirmation email from, please contact us- you might be one of the 16 (but I'd bet if you're reading this, you're not).

This coming weekend, the local-ish convention GameHole Con will be held in Madison, WI.  Last year (it's third year) they had 1,300 attendees with over 4,000 event tickets sold, so it's not HUGE, but it's big enough!

Iron Kitten Games will be there, and I will personally be hosting 6 Lunarchitects events, teaching at least the 26 people who pre-registered for the events.  We were at Gamehole last year, right before this Kickstarter campaign launched, and tons of people saw Lunarchitects, many played it, and I know the exposure helped the campaign momentum.  So if you're in the area or are already going to the con, feel free and stop by and say hi!  You might even have your copy in-hand by then :)

While this is the culmination of lots of work (and waiting), we're on the last step!  But if there are ANY issues with your games, please feel free and contact us via Kickstarter, via the website, or via email at  We did receive some replacement parts from the factory, and if there are issues we will work hard to make everything right.  You backers have been great, and making you happy is our #1 goal.

Thank you all, again!


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    1. Christian A. on

      Got a fresh new game in the mail today

    2. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      All 71 EU backers orders have been released to the warehouse! I expect them to send out the step 1 "warehouse confirmation" emails today. FYI: 42 are going Parcel Force EU, 17 are going Royal Mail International Tracked, and 12 are going Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed For. Some places Shipwire really encourages getting them signed for, maybe there are issues with the post there? I don't have a TON of experience shipping to the variety of countries this fulfillment required, so I'm erring on the side of caution. That said, because those pricing issues weren't actually worked out (I just figured you had waited long enough), my razor-thin margins are now nano-thin or probably negative-thin :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Agustín Jiménez Benito on

      Any news about de EU backers?? Could you solve the hiccup??

      I haven't received any mail yet.

    4. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Except for a hiccup due to inter-EU pricing, all packages have been handed off to shippers! Tracking numbers / confirmations should have been sent to all US and any other country not in the EU. I am working through the pricing hiccup with my rep and will have the EU backers shipped out tomorrow.
      It looks like your games will arrive right around Nov 10th (or before)... which is a fun coincidence because that is the date the Kickstarter first launched last year! While my October delivery estimate was off by a tiny bit, in KS terms it's not that bad :)

    5. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Ok, I think the UK warehouse is done updating today's shipments. We have 102 handed off to shipping: All the UK addresses, all the Australia addresses, a Chile, an Indonesia, a New Zealand, the one China, and a Singapore.
      And while the Shipwire backend hasn't updated the US shipments, I heard from a little birdy (one backer with a FedEx notification setup) that FedEx has gotten at least one of the shipments. I'll update when I get clarity on the backend.

    6. S. Cunningham on

      As two of Dan's proud family members, we just wanted to say that we've received our amazingly beautiful copy of Lunarchitects and can't wait to finally play on the REAL THING, rather than a prototype. Did we say "PROUD"! Congratulations to Iron Kitten Games for the past 3+ years of creativity, perseverance, and play-testing!

    7. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Wow, 87 packages have already shipped out of Laughton, UK! 39 UK addresses (Hermes Standard shipping), and all the Australian destinations (TNT Pakket shipping). Unfortunately I have no control on what order they pack and ship them in, but it's lunchtime now for the UK, so I bet there'll be more this afternoon.

    8. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Actually Drew, you submitted back in September, so nope, you weren't one of them! But I do have your old address as the corresponding address for the order... I've changed it in my system but I'll see if I can change it on the Shipwire order (I'm not sure I can).
      In other news, I'm down to just 8 now! I guess there are people who read these but not other contact methods :)

    9. Drew Scott on

      I'll bet I was one of the 16! I switched e-mail accounts and addresses, and even though I updated SO MANY THINGS, I think I missed my good friend Kickstarter. So now: e-mails retrieved, responses sent, wrongs righted. Looking forward to it!

    10. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Travis, you're all set. I've sent messages via KS and via email to the 16 (now 15!), so if you haven't gotten one of those messages, you're good. I thought about "public shaming" by putting their names on the update, but I won't do that. Maybe they just lost access to their email/KS! And if they don't read the messages, they won't get the updates either! :)

    11. Travis Pogmore

      I keep getting paranoid that I left my phone number out since the form always shows it as blank even though I'm fairly confident that I put it in the first time the survey was sent out and then again after one of your reminder updates.