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In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
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Production, post Gen Con, and schedule

Posted by Daniel Cunningham (Creator)

Hello backers!  After a crazy week of games at Gen Con, then receiving the MPC (details below) with some good news from the manufacturer, it is time for an update.

First of all, thank you to all of you who met and played Lunarchitects at Gen Con!  I had a couple dozen players over three days, about half of which were backers... and the other half were learning about Lunarchitects for the first time!  There were games of different player counts, some really close scores, and it seemed like everyone had a blast.


The only thing about Gen Con that wasn't AWESOME was that all of the Lunarchitects events were scheduled in Hall C :: Blue tables. Looking at the map below, there were TWO sets of tables that could clearly be identified as Hall C, Blue. Additionally, the "wrong" tables (on the right) were directly underneath the hanging Hall C banner! There were a good number of people who had signed up for Lunarchitects that didn't play, so my guess is that they were at the other set of tables and couldn't find me. If you were one of those people, I'm sorry I missed you! But I think most people found the table, as I had a big "Lunarchitects" sign set up.


But what about production?  I'm happy to say that all of the components have completed production, and they sent me the MPCs (Mass Production Copies) to approve last week.  They look great- perfectly aligned spot-gloss on the cover, vibrant printing on all, good fit between board and fancy tray, etc.  The only surprise is finding out the preproduction wood bits I approved last time were "hand-made", so the production parts do vary from the picture I posted in the last update.  They're still majorly cute and I still love them, though!

So after getting one last question answered, I'm approving today.  That means it will take about 2 weeks to finish assembly and packing, then they'll be ready to hit the water.

We're getting so close!  The final milestones are upon us, so I wanted to communicate what's going to happen between now and you having the games in your hands:

  • August 15th: Completing assembly, shrink-wrapping, palletizing — 2 weeks
  • August 29th: OTX overseas shipper pick up, traveling on two ocean freighters (one to UK, one to US West Coast) — 5 weeks
  • October 3rd: Arrival in US/UK, traveling to Shipwire Fulfillment centers in Chicago/London — 1 week
  • October 10th: Acceptance to Fulfillment centers, working their way out TO BACKERS — 2 weeks

Dates above are estimates, but back during my initial supplier schedule meeting in May, we figured I'd receive the MPCs on August 10th... and it was the 9th!  Therefore I trust the numbers above won't change THAT much :)

So that's all I have for now... stay tuned for the next update when the games hit the water!

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    1. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Farid- at this point, decent news. There was a little delay on getting all the dice in-house (apparently they were finished production, but at a different facility), and games will be on pallets at the factory and available for shipper pickup on the 10th. We won't know exactly how long it'll take to load onto and travel on the boat until it's loaded, but the shipper is anticipating arrival of maybe a week later than the above-stated October 3rd. So still fairly reasonable, but I'm pushing everyone to hurry hurry :)
      I will have another update in about a week, where I send out an address confirmation that'll ask for a delivery phone number as well (I didn't include that in the Kickstarter Survey, and those surveys are one-and-done). But I'll get a form all setup for easy entry. Stay tuned.

    2. Missing avatar

      Farid Hashemi

      I assume no news is good news regarding the schedule? Any chance of getting the ship names so we can track them?

    3. PixelartMeeple on

      Hey! That's my wife and I in that picture up there! :D

      It was really nice meeting you at the con, and we both had a ton of fun with the game. We can't wait to get our hands on it!

    4. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Bruce & all- Addresses are still editable through revising the survey, I haven't locked it down yet. I'll give you plenty of warning, it'll be sometime while the games on on the water. So until then, address changes to the survey notify me and will be recorded.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bruce G

      I am moving soon and will need to update my address. Should I email you directly or revise the survey or what? Thanks.


    6. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Jesse- ha yes, I see now you meant to "pick up" your game there!
      All- In the next update I'll most likely be arranging times and dates for some local pickups, for sure in the Madison area, and likely in the Chicago area. But details will be coming soon.

    7. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Jesse- oh, and I'll be running 12 hours of Lunarchitects at Gamehole myself :)

    8. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Stacy- whoops! It makes me feel a bit better that Lunarchitects weren't alone in the arbitrar-ity. I really do hope Gen Con fixes that for next year.
      Jesse- very likely! Email me at and we can discuss. I'm always happy to play pickup games (I'm at 99 bgg-recorded plays, waiting to get that 100th!)
      Louis- I'm happy to give updates- it's my job :)

    9. Stacy Read

      We encountered the "Hall C, blue" problem, as well, for our session of Tesla Vs. Edison!

    10. Jesse Pudewell on

      Oh man! Much excite!

      If I wasn't already running 14 hours of Risk: Legacy at Gamehole Con, I'd be tempted to run a game or two of this.

      For those of us that are local to Madison, any chance of pickup at I'm Board?

    11. Missing avatar

      Louis on

      Thanks for the regular updates! I'm glad to hear things are going so smoothly.