Lunarchitects: the euro-style boardgame of moonbase planning

by Daniel Cunningham

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    1. Mark Thomas on

      I just wanted to point out that the last page of the rulebook is numbered 24. I suspect that this is to accommodate the French and German language rules pages in a single book, but just wanted to point it out in case it is an oversight.

    2. Mark Thomas on

      Any chance of a low ink alternative for those PnP craters who like a printed rule book? The current (gorgeous) version is going to drink all my ink!

    3. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Yes, and yes!
      You are correct about the p24, it is the back of the rulebook... so easily referenced during play (as most players are English-speakers). The same reference page is present in other languages, just listed with the respective language. I printed the pdfs by language for convenience.
      And yes, I am putting together a low-ink version of the rulebook as well, with white background with some blueprint accents :)

      I'm glad you like the way it looks, I'm pretty happy with it too!

    4. Mark Thomas on

      Excellent, that's great to hear, thank you.

    5. Missing avatar


      package is looking really solid. good work mate!