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In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
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End-of-February Update: Preproduction, Rulebook, Tabletopia

Posted by Daniel Cunningham (Creator)

Whew!  February was a month of detail-oriented tweaks.  Finalizing all the little things made it feel like a slog; now that we're done with almost all of that, we can look forward toward production!

Final-versions of all the digital files have been sent to our manufacturer, Panda GM (of course, edits are still possible along the way).  Right now they're working through the pre-press details, and will be doing the normal pre-production process over the next few weeks.  That should include component prototyping / tweaks, printed parts color checking, chipboard testing, etc.  As things come our way we'll certainly show them off.

The above images are still just renders, but it's certainly very exciting to see it all coming together.

The bulk of our work since the last update has been on the rulebook.  As great as any game can be, IF it doesn't have a clear and complete rulebook (with examples) it can make the whole experience fall flat for players.

With the number of eyes on our rulebook, we are making it the best it can be.  In addition, a great team of translators (and proof-readers) have really come a long way to making the Stretch Goal of multiple languages come to life. English + German + French, here we come!

Want to take a look?  Below is a link to the directory with the most up-to-date pdf versions of the rulebook, in three languages.

There is one more pair of teams that are proofing the translations (I don't speak German/French to proof so I'm being extra thorough), but I don't anticipate many, if any, changes.  And as the pdfs aren't FINAL, please don't copy them elsewhere (like bgg, for example- we'll take care of that when we print).

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Tabletopia is a cross-platform boardgame simulator that funded via kickstarter last September.  It provides a PC-based (and soon Steam-based) way of playing your favorite games with others online.  We were granted early development access, and implemented Lunarchitects!

The game is 99% implemented (no expansion tiles yet, but soon) EXCEPT it only plays up to 3 players.  If you're interested in getting a flavor of Lunarchitects before you receive your physical copy, you can check out the rooms at:

Solo-play Setup:
2-3 player Setup:

If you have any questions in regard to playing on Tabletopia (or are interested in a game with me), shoot us an email at or message me here.

We've now had the opportunity to work with all five backers who pledged to put a logo/image/whatever on the Backer Quarters domes, and I believe we are all happy with the result.  Here's what you'll see when you receive your game:

I know the estimated date for the Print-and-Play was February, and we're past that already.  But every project has to have SOMETHING that runs late, right?  Which means if the PnP is a few weeks late then the game will be early, surely.

Anyway, now that the files and art are finalized it's a matter of putting everything together into a nice package to send to all backers.  We're now working out the details of that and should have it completed in the next couple of weeks (after proofing and testing the cutouts, of course).

I am very happy to see that the original print-and-play has been getting a few plays around the world, and I wanted to thank bgg user "mccrispy" for introducing his copy of Lunarchitects to lots of new players at Chineham Board Gamers events and others.  As far as I know he's introduced it to the most new players (other than me, of course) and I really appreciate the publicity!  I'm glad you're enjoying the game, keep up the awesome work!

And that's all I have for now, stay tuned for more updates as we kick off the fun part of production :)

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    1. Missing avatar


      package is looking really solid. good work mate!

    2. Mark Thomas on

      Excellent, that's great to hear, thank you.

    3. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Yes, and yes!
      You are correct about the p24, it is the back of the rulebook... so easily referenced during play (as most players are English-speakers). The same reference page is present in other languages, just listed with the respective language. I printed the pdfs by language for convenience.
      And yes, I am putting together a low-ink version of the rulebook as well, with white background with some blueprint accents :)

      I'm glad you like the way it looks, I'm pretty happy with it too!

    4. Mark Thomas on

      Any chance of a low ink alternative for those PnP craters who like a printed rule book? The current (gorgeous) version is going to drink all my ink!

    5. Mark Thomas on

      I just wanted to point out that the last page of the rulebook is numbered 24. I suspect that this is to accommodate the French and German language rules pages in a single book, but just wanted to point it out in case it is an oversight.