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In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
922 backers pledged $40,449 to help bring this project to life.

Post KS Update #1: Pre-order website, last hours, manufacturers details

Posted by Daniel Cunningham (Creator)

Wow, last week was pretty crazy.  I'm still blown away by the enthusiasm shown, and because I share that enthusiasm I want to update backers regularly.  To start, as things get moving, I'll likely update weekly—but of course it'll depend on what's going on.

As you probably noticed, the last 12 hours of the campaign were pretty crazy.  We went from getting funded and then knocking down stretch goals a few days prior, but the last 12 hours were fun to track.  Check out how these last 12 hours looked:

You can tell where some of the stretch goals were ($37,500, $40,000) because there were quick upticks through those goals, then a slowdown a bit after.  Especially the $40k one: it was crazy how quickly those pledges came in to meet that last stretch goal!

Being a nerd myself, numbers are fun:

  • 912 total games pledged for (756 Fancy Tray, 156 Basic) from 843 backers
  • 50 backers receiving just the Print-and-Play
  • As of 12/14, only 7 payment errors
  • Backers from 31 countries, but 75% from the US

As of yesterday, the Lunarchitects website has been accepting pre-orders for games.  Because of minimum-order quantities from manufacturers, there will be a few extra copies of the game—but this quantity is very limited!  And because you backers put your money toward helping make Lunarchitects a reality, the pre-order price is higher than the KS price.  And finally because I said that the fancy tray will only be available through the KS, pre-orders are for the "Partner" level of the game (no fancy tray).

If you know of people who want to secure a copy of Lunarchitects, send them to the site!

The two manufacturers who I have been working with previously now both have all final part counts and specs, and we are working through details.  The final decision of who to print through will come down to these details, but I'm confident either will do a great job with Lunarchitects.

Now that tile/coin counts are basically finalized, I've had some fun laying out the punchboards (it's like a little puzzle with no clear final state).  Getting those figured out has let me work to finish up the fancy tray, starting the prototypes, and really seeing how awesome it's all going to be.  More details to come in future updates.

 Keep your eyes open next week for further updates!

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    1. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Well, or at least a Mechanical Engineer... :)

    2. The High Frontier

      It's as if the box insert was designed by an architect ...

    3. Paul Smith


    4. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Mark, Paul— The instructions will be to punch the pieces, then put the empty "sprues" under the tray. This will keep the height the same, as mentioned.
      BUT ALSO, it's still pending finalization, but I've designed small snap-features on the tray to hold the board down to the tray - creating a "lid" for all the components. For those of us who store gameboxes on their sides, gravity alone is often insufficient to keep all pieces in their right places, and that's a pain. I intend to fix that problem :)

    5. Paul Smith

      Mark - I don't know the answer, but if there is, to stop that happening you can probably put the punched out boards underneath the tray to keep the total height the same.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Wu on

      Hi Dan - thanks for putting together this great looking game!

      Quick question, if we opted to not get the fancy tray and we are immediately regretting our decision, will we be able to change the backer level we've chosen?

    7. Mark Palframan on

      Question: will the lid sit flush with the punchboards in it for the fancy tray version? Let me rephrase that. Once we get the game and punch the punch board, when we put the board on top on the tray and close the lid, will there be slop from where the punchboards used to be allowing pieces to slip between compartments?