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In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
In Lunarchitects, players are architects trying to design the most successful moonbase according to varying scoring criteria.
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Graphics Poll results, and tweaks preview

Posted by Daniel Cunningham (Creator)

More than 200 of the backers have responded to the graphics poll I sent out yesterday, and the opinions have been great to read!  One thing the results emphasize is that there'll never be an option that makes everyone happy.  Despite that, here are some of the results, and where I've decided to take the direction.

Clearly there are fractured tastes, but people just want it to look like a blueprint while still being as clear as possible.  Using the voting, I hybridized the (barely) winning "white block" option a bit, in order to really evoke the blueprint feel (look, it's the bottom edge of the paper!) while maintaining a clean line.  I think it's pretty snazzy.

As for the symbols, there was a pretty even split between circle and square.  But either way, the symbol still kinda looked like the Air resource...  so thanks to one participant, I made the connection that there are domes on all the quarters, so why not make the symbol look dome-like?  It also gives it a very unique-at-a-glance shape, too.

Flipping the direction of the triangle allows it to nest into the other symbols a bit better, for those rare tiles with all three symbols.

Finally the color yellow: interestingly (and coincidentally) the two base tones I picked for the blueprints (that blue and red) are exactly 1/3 the way around the color wheel.  Guess what color is exactly their triad?  Yep, this particular yellow.  I think it looks pretty nice on the tiles, once you see them all together.  Additionally, having them be a different color than the building name emphasizes the fact that the symbols matter in a way that's different than the name.

Take a look at a sample moonbase below, or click for a zoom-able image.

What about Topic 2: "Activate Another" icon?  Well, the polls were very split.  I have a feeling there is no great solution there, so I'm working with my graphic designer on some tweaks to find something that will satisfy most.

Now, I do have to point out that all of these graphics are still just DIRECTIONAL. Tweaks will be made to the icons to allow for better spacing and fitting - it's very unlikely that exactly what you see here will make it through the entire graphics vetting process.  But I love what they've evolved into, and much of that is because of YOU!

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    1. Gabriel Rahn

      @Daniel interesting, thank you for sharing that. Maybe an idea for a future deluxe edition ;)

    2. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      John— Hooray, we found the participant! I actually had no way to associate results with people, so I'm glad you spoke up. Thank you for the idea, I think it helped solved it well!

    3. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Gabriel— Actually, it was even more interesting than that:
      Early on in the polling, the curled corner was winning by a good amount! It wasn't until about 6 hours in that white block caught up, then overcame.
      My theory is that heavier gamers in generally are the ones who took the poll early (more involved, active), then the more casual people tool it later. Maybe the heavier gamers are used to complex tiles, and liked the extra little flourish? Maybe the more casual gamers weighed clarity over flavor? Who knows, but it was just an interesting thing I noted.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Breckenridge

      Glad you took my dome suggestion

    5. Gabriel Rahn

      White block beat curled corner!?!?......heathens.

    6. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      J Pierce - I don't mind at all! I was working on uploading a copy myself, but now I'll stop :) And I'm glad you like it, so do I.

    7. J Pierce on

      I missed the poll, but am very happy with the results. Kudos to whoever suggested the fantastic dome icon (or helped suggest something that led to it - I'm not clear on exactly which), and to the creator for taking that solution on board. It really resulted in a much better look. Overall, I really like the final look. It pops far more than many of the other images I've seen. I hope you don't mind that I went ahead and uploaded it to BGG:

    8. Mark Palframan on

      Awesome, thanks for sharing, it's what makes the Kickstarter process fun!