Lunarchitects: the euro-style boardgame of moonbase planning

by Daniel Cunningham

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    1. Jesse Pudewell on

      Oh, hey, is that Madison group my Madison group?

    2. Jesse Pudewell on

      After going back to the Update where I asked, I see it is! Awesome!

    3. Tim Kizer on

      How bout hitting up The Twin Cities with some demos? Tower Games in Minneapolis on Mondays of Fantasy Flight pretty much anytime.

    4. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Tim Kizer— I'll definitely see what I can do.

    5. J Pierce on

      If you do go to the Twin Cities, I'd probably recommend FFG Wednesdays or United Geeks of Gaming Open Gaming (1st and 3rd Saturdays). They're probably the largest open gaming meetups. UGG runs from 10am to (at least) 10pm.

      Of course, you're always welcome to my Northside meetup on Monday nights. We get about 7-10 people on a regular basis.

    6. Mark Thomas on

      I'm not advocating complacency, but the 9-day Kicktraq predictor has the project funding comfortably. Of course it would be great to smash it into the stands, but *funded* works for me.

    7. Daniel Cunningham Creator on

      Mark— The funny thing about the Kicktraq is that it just takes the average rate of all previous days, and applies that rate to the rest of the campaign. While that's great, our rate is still on a slight downward trend (that mid-year slump). If there is NO uptick towards the end (which there always is, granted) - my own power-fit decay curve puts us to a total just over 25k.

      I'm certainly not worried! I don't want it to sound like that. There are some exciting things still coming up (demos, videos, stretch goals) that'll help. But keeping and regaining momentum is necessary, so I certainly won't be complacent :)

    8. Keith Matejka

      Nice update, Dan. And thanks for the mention of Roll Player. Good luck!