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Pi3Cart is a custom kit that allows you to install a Raspberry Pi 3  into any classic NES cartridge.  Perfect for retro game emulators.
Pi3Cart is a custom kit that allows you to install a Raspberry Pi 3  into any classic NES cartridge.  Perfect for retro game emulators.
Pi3Cart is a custom kit that allows you to install a Raspberry Pi 3 into any classic NES cartridge. Perfect for retro game emulators.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Steve Braaten on

      Can someone direct me on how to get the power button to work on my PI3Cart? I am unsure of the best way to add this. A quick google search suggests adding a script, but I am unsure if this is correct. Please advise.

    2. Missing avatar

      yoda-sama on

      Holy crap, you waited THIS long to bring up you didn't get your order? I just can't understand that...

    3. Lewis Waddington on

      Hello! I never received my kit, anyone know what I need to do to resolve this?

    4. Zach Hollowell on

      Hey! I'm realizing I don't have time to put my kit together... would there be a way I can send it back to you and have it assembled for a cost? I have all the parts unused and a blank nes case.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bob Z. on

      @TeamTJ - I didn't. No notifications on here for posts so I know it's been awhile. You looking for one?

    6. TeamTJ on

      @ Bob Z. - Did you ever sell your extra one?

    7. Missing avatar

      Mike Mead on

      I just want to thank the creator for this project. When the NES classic edition came out, I was really disappointed with the supply shortages. This project (I got the kit) took a day for me to make, and multiple evenings for me to "procure" the Roms. I am so pleased with what I now have. It has come with me on 3 business trips, and one camping trip. I also have it setup in my home for whenever the urge arrives. Many thanks for the awesome project.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mike Mead on

      Like Pernicious Ducks said, there are tools to "enhance" the image so it looks good on our HDTVs. Here is a good article to get you started: I noticed, especially on Genesis games, that HD makes the image look bad.

    9. PerniciousDucks

      @Mark what do you mean by enhanced graphics? Most of the ROM community focuses on trying to make them as retro authentic as possible. I'm using retropie and a shader to add screen lines and screen curve at the edges to make it feel like I'm playing on an old CRT. Sure is making Secret of Mana fun to play again...

    10. Missing avatar

      Bob Z. on

      So...anyone still need one? My extra one is now up for sale - just for cost and shipping. Let me know if so and we can connect offline.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Cummings on

      Anyone know any tweaks for SNES and Genesis to enhance the graphics? Not to familiar with playing with the imbedded software. Any help would be great.

    12. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      @Super Kicker - are you located in Germany? Dutch customs doesn't act like that, so you could have it shipped to me and I'll have it sent to Germany. If that's where you're from of course :)

    13. Missing avatar

      yoda-sama on

      That really does suck... I'd say if William does most of the work on the item and sends it not encased, they'd have little ground to stand on to deny it... though it would be woefully less protected... That's a really tough position to be in...

    14. Martin O

      @Super Kicker: This sucks.
      Would it be enough when William separates the cartridge and PI and sent it again?

    15. Missing avatar

      Super Kicker

      Well, customs wont let my assembled unit through as it has no CE sign on the outside and no instructions, told me its the law...
      It will be sent back =(
      Damn it!

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Mead on

      I think I had just installed the fan too close to the Pi, and the Pi card was blocking the fan blades from moving. A few minor mods, and all is good again.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mike Mead on

      I think I broke my fan in the cart. Naturally, I'm on a business trip, but thankfully it is a short one. I don't have access to a screwdriver until I get home on Thursday. Just in case my assumption is right, what is the part number of the fan?

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael D. Norys on

      am i the only one finding it impossible to desolder my ports? lol

    19. Hyper on

      Germany, Berlin
      It arrived last week in custom-office.
      Today I got it, after I paid the taxes.
      No one understood what it it was, so they gave it to me :-)


    20. Missing avatar

      yoda-sama on

      I'd imagine that'd be enough. It would suck if they want to make sure a Pi3 is what is really inside, and manhandle the thing... Also, why would anyone expect something without a power supply or an operating system to have instructions?

    21. Martin O

      @Super Kicker: Well, there is a CE sign on the RasPi if that helps...

    22. Missing avatar

      Super Kicker

      My Pi3Cart is stuck in German Customs and they wont give it out to me as it has no CE sign and no instructions with it � they have past it on for check ups, but i dont think it will get to me �

    23. RetromanIE on

      Never mind, i dont think that was covered in my pledge. I have plenty of card around here anyway :)

    24. RetromanIE on

      Just to check, was i supposed to get an SD card? My pledge was the $85 one and I didn't get a card with it.

    25. William Mauldin Creator on

      This is an excellent guide on setting up a shutdown button:

      The only change that needs to be made is change every "18" in that script to "17". I don't think I could write a better guide, but I plan to post an update soon with some helpful information and links to useful resources.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt Hutaff on

      Has William provided a specific script to run the shutdown/power button? I got it installed per his tutorial but he doesn't mention next steps.

    27. PerniciousDucks

      I'm using the 8bitdo snes30 wireless controllers. They feel fantastic to me for classic gaming

    28. Missing avatar

      David on

      Anyone have suggestions on controllers? Wired or wireless.....

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Rice on

      Look back at my comments. Since the pi is in a shutdown state, there no way to run a script. However, there's a pin that will rest the pi if put to ground. There's also a "run" header on the board that will do the same thing. If you do shutdown via the GUI, you can tie your button directly to that header and it becomes a reset switch instead.

    30. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Simpson on

      Just recieved mine i was in wave 3 assembled. Beautifully done. How much would a label be if i wanted to switch labels? Thinking Clear.

    31. Missing avatar

      yoda-sama on

      In theory, the shutdown button, when pressed while in a shutdown state, should invoke a script that would start the software back up, yes. There's no real problem with leaving the Pi in the shutdown state, unless you dislike fan noise, or worry about prematurely wearing out the fan.

    32. PerniciousDucks

      Is it a problem to leave power going to the cart in the shutdown state? Also, would it be possible to then power it back up with the button?

    33. Missing avatar

      yoda-sama on

      Also, it needs to be understood, the shutdown script is not able to physically cut power to the Pi, its point is to get the Linux filesystem into a safe state before powering off. If you just yank power all the time, the OS would easily get corrupted before long. So, instead of having to go through menus and specifically issue a shutdown command every single time you want to turn it off, you can hit the button and let it command a shutdown for you, then you can remove power when done. At no point while the Pi is receiving power will the 5V or 3.3V to the fan be cut. You should expect the fan to run at all times while it is plugged in.

      (By the way, 500 comments! Wooooooooooooooh!)

    34. PerniciousDucks

      @Yoda that power button seems like a nice feature. I'm waiting for William to give us a script for the button on the picart to solve that issue with mine. I'm patient, and have lots of snes rpgs to get through in the meantime

    35. Missing avatar

      yoda-sama on

      I went this route, it works fine and has nice extras like a power switch.

    36. Missing avatar

      Bob Z. on

      Ok, last post - should have tested. Seems it also doesn't turn back on when I press again. :/ What pins need to be used for the shutdown/halt scripts to work AND the button work to restart again?

    37. Missing avatar

      Bob Z. on

      Well, that was an easy fix. Used this guide instead: and use GPIO Pin 17. However...the fan does not turn off when you turn it off. Wondering if there's a way to have that happen as well.

    38. Missing avatar

      Bob Z. on

      Anyone get their power button working? Tried this:… and it doesn't seem to work...

    39. PerniciousDucks

      @Robert I got the assembled version and use this:

      CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply / Adapter / Charger (UL Listed)

    40. Missing avatar

      Robert Turman on

      Can anyone recommend a good solid working power source for this bad boy?

    41. Mr.Schroeder

      Got mine here in Luxemburg, nice black in black.... will try it later this week! I'm impressed ....

    42. PerniciousDucks

      Got mine yesterday, after a couple hiccups I got it all working with retropie and sparked up secret of mana. I haven't been this excited about new a toy for years.

    43. PerniciousDucks

      @Spencer I to had issues with HDMI to tv's. After digging around it seems to be a thing with HDMI and older TV's. You need to edit the /boot/config.txt and enable:


      (basically delete the # from the front of that line and save it) that solved my issue. They also seem to recommend enabling hdmi_drive=2 to force sound to go through the HDMI...

      I'm using retropie, but I think this setting is independent of that

    44. Missing avatar

      Evan ODell on

      Chat Conversation Start
      I just got my pi3cart. I'm quite new to all this. I got one built. I need instructions for this part of the assembly, "Due to licensing issues the SD cards can not be shipped with software included. A detailed instructional video will be created showing exactly how to download and install the operating system onto your SD card. This process is very easy and only takes a few minutes."

    45. Missing avatar

      yoda-sama on

      @Bob Z. While William is backed up getting these things out, I'm sure you could pretty easily find someone wanting to get in on this project (or would be interested once they find out about it), but otherwise has to wait, to sell your extra kit to. I doubt William would mind you doing whatever you like with what you bought. Perhaps a RetroPie group on Facebook would be a good place to post it for sale, for instance. I wouldn't consider having an extra of this kit much of a problem right now (especially with how many people are otherwise making ones out of PiZeros and just don't know there's a better option).

    46. Sean Boehm on

      I decided to put my Pi3Cart in a official clear NES hard shell case. It should be nice protection for traveling. Hope you guys like it :)

    47. Martin O

      @William Mauldin: I've received my shipment on Friday and it looks (mostly) great!

      I didn't have time to assemble the kits yet but one thing I've checked are the fans:
      Two worked normally but one had the same issue as Marc M. Kloosterman had (…)

      After unsuccessfully trying to bend it back I've used sandpaper on the lower side of the crooked fan (which was touching the bottom of the case). The fan now seems to be working without problems!

      In the package the plug of all three fans were always on top of the fan instead of beside it (leaving marks on the plastic bag and the fan sticker).
      I'm not sure if this was the problem since the fan casing actually seems to protect the fan quite well. If it didn't happen during shipping maybe some fans are just badly manufactured to begin with.

      Anyway: Everything's great now! And congratulations to having a baby!

    48. Martin O

      @Spencer Curry: Never had a problem with RasPi3 and monitors.
      Are you using TV or a computer monitor? Can you try another one?

    49. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      @Spencer - I have had trouble with HDMI output to my tv as well. Then I took a HDMI-VGA adapter that I had had laying around and used that to a monitor. Oddly enough, that worked for me. It could be some video setting in a config-file, probably.

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